Friday, November 19, 2010

Cheeseheads Tight? Can the Wolverines Pin Their Ears Back?

Wow…An 0-fer…I haven’t had an 0-fer in I don’t know how long. If ever. I mean, usually the blind luck of the whole damn thing usually means you get 1 right. Add to that some insight and a little analysis and you should be able to make educated guesses that are at least better than a coin flip. Why else gamble, right? Sports betting has to be one of the toughest propositions going which is why you never meet any rich, retired sports bettors. The house eventually takes it all at 10% per win…

But that’s why were doing it fantasy! It really doesn’t matter. Unless you were one of those people that decided to put all your hopes and dreams on the FMQ at the beginning of the season and went to a website and signed up for an account. If you did, I will do my best to make sense of this mess and get some of that back. And things are getting more interesting in Mid-November. Bigger upsets occur…Underdog Teams are playing with a “nothing to lose and everything to gain” attitude. At least they SHOULD be….

So, we’re down to $639.50 after getting back to almost even. Let’s try for broke. No, let’s not. But any thought we have today, let’s re-think the opposite side.

Cheeseheads @ Michigan (+6): Immediate thought: Bet the farm on the Cheeseheads and lay the points. But that got me in trouble last week. I can see the Michigan argument: Home, big game for Wisconsin on the road if they want to win the Big 10 outright. Michigan still would like to have one more win to secure a New Year’s day bowl – Ears pinned back, nothing to lose…the Wisky offense just looks like too much for the Michigan defense. But the Cheeseheads played awful in East Lansing. Is it possible? It would be an upset for the ages…All Right:
Take Michigan and the 6 for $60

PSU @ Indiana (+10): Was Indiana embarrassed enough by Wisconsin to rally this week? I’m not sure. First instinct was to take PSU and lay the points on a team that has more or less given up on making a bowl game. The other side: IU might have one upset left in them. But it’s really hard to see. I’ll take PSU and lay the 10 for $40.

Stanford @ Cal (+6.5): I think Cal can play at home…But is Stanford still thinking BCS style points? Rivalry game….First instinct is to take Stanford and lay the points…I guess that means I’ll take Cal and the 6.5 for $60.

OSU @ Iowa (+3.5): Was Iowa embarrassed enough last week to screw up the nerve to upset the Suckeyes at home? First instinct was take OSU and lay the points, therefore:
Take Iowa and the 3.5 for $40.

No parlay this week…Let’s get a little back….

Total Wagered: $200
Bank: $439.50

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