Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ohio FMQ


God - I hope you were all able to watch the Villanova-Michigan game last night.  I hate the fact that it started at 10...But what a game if you made it to the end.  I will admit I napped a little - GAMES SHOULD NOT START AT 10:00 PM!!!  But even though the Wolverines lost, it was a valiant and entertaining effort.  Michigan is going to be good this year....Look Out!

This Week's Picks!

Not that any of this matters at this point.  Michigan has NEVER in the life of the recent history of the Game, been a 21 point dog to ohio….In a way I guess it’s fitting…there’s one more “fact” that you can slap on the Brady Hoke list as to why he’s not quite ready for prime time….

I used to wax nostalgic this week.  It was always fun to look back over the years at some of the great games that went down.  As a Wolverine fan, you loved the Cooper years.  Cooper never figured out how to beat Michigan…and he was a great coach!  But they hated him in ohio…just hated him because he couldn’t finish the season.

But, it’s a short week and rivalry week so let’s get on to the picks!

Minnesota @ Wiscy (-10):  I know Wiscy is tough at home…but the Gophers and 10 points is too much to ignore.  I’m not saying they can go into Madison and take the Axe, but there’s a chance!

Take the Gophers and the 10 for $50

Sparty @ PUS (+13): This is a tricky, tricky game.  In Happy Valley, Sparty is trying to play for style points but their hearts are not going to be in it…still, they just romped over a team that PSU had to work pretty hard to beat…

Take Sparty and lay the 13 for $50

Florida @ Florida State (-7.5): Hmmm…Another tricky spread.  I think the game is closer than this…I also like Gatorland to win one for the outgoing Muschamp on a fluke….What’s the money line

Take Florida and the 7.5 for $50

Domers @ USC (-7):  I like USC at home….But do I like them to cover the domers by a touch?  Is this the game that the domers finally wake up or are they just mailing it in at this point?  USC is not as bad as the shellacking they just took from UCLA….Hmmm…

Take the domers and the 7 for $30

Auburn @ Bama (-10):  Auburn getting double digit points in a game where the last several outcomes have been 7 points or less?  Easy peasy…

Take Auburn and the 10 for $30

Michigan @ ohio (-21):  Does Urban turn off the machine or does he run it up?  Is there a chance the Wolverines can catch everything and not drop the ball?  I dunno…but I like 21 points in a rivalry game…don’t care who it is…

Take Michigan and the 21 for $30


Big Point Spread combo!

Auburn – Gophers – Sparty – Florida

$30 pays $425

Starting Bank:         $521

Total Bet:                  $280

Bank:                         $241

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