Friday, November 7, 2014

Northwestern FMQ

Chatter, Chatter Everywhere….

Again, if you read the mid-week post to the end (sorry it was so long – I didn’t realize how much I had put in there until it was posted) you know how I feel about Harbaugh and the chances that he actually ends up in Ann Arbor.  Again, there are simply too many NFL teams that would take an attitude filled head coach in exchange for a winning season and a shot at the playoffs.  Not only that…but think about what San Fran could get in Draft Picks for a “trade” of Jimmy…And I’ll bet he doesn’t have anything regarding a trade clause in his contract.  So there’s that to think about, too.

This Week’s Picks!

Upset Alert!  I love a lot of dogs this week.  Everyone is in a “Need to Win” situation and when that happens…I favor home dogs or teams that have “Been there before.”  So….LSU getting points at Home…Utah getting points at Home both look good to me…So let’s get to it!

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-4.5):  Baylor is the higher ranked team and Oklahoma is giving points.  But, and this is just a hunch…It’s been a long time since Baylor has won in Later Land…I’m guessing they will pull off the upset…And I just can’t trust Stoops at this point.
Take Baylor and 4.5 for $40

KSU (+6) @ TCU:  This is one of the few teams I like laying points this week.  TCU can handle Snyder’s Cats…And I think they can cover…

Take TCU and lay the 6 for $30

Bama @ LSU (+6.5):  When is the score of this game ever more than a Figgie or a TD?  And the Hatter is getting points at home?  Yeah, I know which way I’ll go here: 

Take LSU and the 6.5 for $40

Oregon @ Utah (+8):  The Tease is on Utah.  But Utah at home against a team that gives up points….Well, yeah, I know they can score points, but still.  Pressure is on the Ducks and Mariota.  Do they come through…and more importantly, can they cover?  Ducks win a close one…. 

Take the Utes and the 8 for $30

Ohio @ SPARTY (-3.5):  Talk about another “perfect” line.  I believe it’s going to be an extremely close game.  In fact, I saw a recent Game Day Tweet that stated in the last 20, the score of the game day location was within a TD in 16 out of the 20 games or something like that.  In other words…it’s going to be close.  Will Sparty fans show up and stay for the entire game with an 8:00 PM start and 40 degrees dropping into the 30’s?   Does ohio still score 50 on Sparty’s defense?  No….Does Sparty do what Sparty does?  Methodically run their offense till something gives?  Probably…so, Yeah….

Take Sparty and lay the 3.5 for $30

Michigan @ Northwestern (+1):  the Purple Kitties literally got destroyed by Iowa last week.  So either Vegas thinks Michigan isn’t very good on the road, or they are thinking the score of this game has been a TD or closer the last 4 times these two have played…or all of the above.  Regardless, Michigan should be able to beat the injury plagued Kitties….

Take Michigan and lay the 1 for $30

Starting Bank:           $573
Total Bet:                   $200

Bank:                          $373

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