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Mid-Week Round Up - Bye #2

I was sitting last night as I was typing this and a thought hit me:  There’s really a lot that happened last Saturday and because Michigan is such a small part of everything else that actually matters in College Football, I almost feel like I’m wasting my time when I comment on Michigan’s game on Mondays.  And to repeat myself:  That wasn’t a game.  It was torture.  I’m actually glad I was doing something productive for the first and part of the 2nd half.  That way I can say that the time wasn’t completely wasted. 

However, let’s get to everything else that is either current or that we can have some fun with!  In no particular order:

MMPG – Austin Hatch Makes a Free-Throw!

If you’re a Michigan Fan and want something to feel good about on a Wednesday, well, here you go.  If you’ve already seen this on the multiple news sources and even the Today show… my apologies…no, I’m taking that back.  Watch it again.  It will make you feel even better.  Hatch got into the Wayne State Exhibition game on Monday night in the last two minutes….and, well, the Video says it all. 

(Reset – Hatch is the Indiana kid that went down in his Dad’s plane, lost his family and Beilein went ahead and honored the scholarship he offered Austin.  Hatch wasn’t supposed to be able to play hoops due to the injuries he suffered, much less on a college team.)

And Beilein has the presence of mind to sub him out so the Crisler Crazies can give him a much deserved ovation!!

Good Job Austin and Coach Beilein!

Brian Kelly Hangs Gholson Out to Dry!

In case you haven’t see or heard it…It’s bad.

 I mean, I get that a coach can get frustrated.  And anyone who is frustrated will say bad things or things that shouldn’t or otherwise wouldn’t be said, even though you know exactly what the person is thinking when they say the politically correct thing.  But Brian Kelly sounds kind of like the “Drunk Uncle” in the post-game presser when he calls out Gholson and says the kid needs to stop turning the ball over!   And when a reporter tries to give him an out by saying the tipped ball INT for a TD wasn’t Gholson’s fault, Kelly body slams Everett again!  Classic Kelly….Yeah, I wanna’ go play for this guy!  Gholson admittedly took responsibility for the turnovers and the loss, however, so he has no issue with his coach….

Dan Wetzel Nominates Bob Stoops For Michigan Job

This….Is weird.  Read the article. 

I’m not saying I wouldn’t take Bob Stoops.  I just don’t like people in the press randomly handing out the Michigan job to every Bob, Jim, and Harry that is out there.  First, you have the San Fran bear writer saying the Jim Harbaugh will be the next head coach at Michigan.  Then Wetzel with the Stoops thing and also stating that Harbaugh is a pipe dream for Michigan.  I guess it’s just easy to figure that Michigan is a pretty good gig for a coach that can coach and recruit and Wetzel figures a change is good for….everyone.  Hottest rumor on all the Gatorland message boards:  Rich Rodriguez is in play and is Florida’s next head coach if Muschamp gets fired….Hee-Hee.  They get an offense back in Florida…but kiss that killer “D” good-bye with Rich-Rod, Gator Fans!

So, Who IS Michigan Going to Get?

Ah….Great question… 

I almost want to follow up with “Next Question” because I really don’t have a clue.  I could make a list, put odds on it and follow along like I did when Bill Martin finally got Rich Rod, or I could go the route I took when it was sort of obvious that BranDictator went with someone he could control and be “Bigger” than when he hired Hoke, but this time I think it’ll be different.  Meaning that the coach could come completely out of left field.  Of course, that assumes that Hackett is going to do the right thing and let Brady go, which still has to happen.  Let’s face it:  The only B1G team Brady has been successful against is Northwestern (no losses).   Add to that and one of this season’s B1G losses is the only B1G victory of the season for that institution:  Rutgers (1-4 in B1G play).   Michigan has sent out the early renewal notices and rumor has it that the Football renewals for next season are way down.  Not surprising when you learn that Stub Hub would have saved you about $600 on the price of an average End Zone Ticket.   Expect a lot of non-renewals.  Too many people have found more attractive options for watching College Football on Saturdays.  And going to Ann Arbor and spending an entire day 6-7 times per season turns into a chore vs. fun for many of the fans.  In the less is more world, it was better for the fans when there was only 5 or 6 home games…  So if you want to get fans back, you need to get rid of Brady, make going to the game affordable and most importantly, fun again. 

I will say that on a short list of “Flyers” that may not be on your radar but are other people’s who follow this kind of thing (These are all at least a 100-1 shot by the FMQ’s calculation):

P.J. Fleck – Western Michigan.  Has the Broncos doing pretty well this season and more or less turned the program around from 1-11 last season.

Jim McElwain – Colorado State.  When he left Alabama and the tutelage of Saban, everyone said watch this guy.  Well, we’re watching and he has the Rams at 9-1 and on track for the best season in a decade.  He’ll be a hot name for a big job when the time comes.

David Bailiff – Rice.  Don’t be surprised if he leaves Rice and tries to resuscitate SMU.  But, he has Rice winning and that’s not easy to do….

Pat Fitzgerald – Northwestern.  Yes, he has the backing of the AD and the President, but even Fitzgerald has to get tired of trying to make it all work at a University that just doesn’t care that much about football.  Would I take Fitzgerald?  In a heartbeat – even though Michigan just beat him.

Hey, ohio and Minnesota  - Do You Want These Games Back?

In the world of, “Jeez – I wish I could get a do-over”, ohio for sure wishes they could get another crack at Va-Tech and Beamer’s boys.  And the Gophers are still scratching their heads and trying to figure out how in the world they lost to the lowly Illini….That would have really made Saturday’s game in Minneapolis interesting with an undefeated suckeye squad facing a 1-loss Gopher squad with that only loss being to TCU, which, you know, legitimate.  Maybe even Game Day would have made another trip north….Now all we have is a 1-loss and two loss teams that are playing for national respect. 

Good luck with that….

This Week’s Picks!

The FMQ has been just awful this year.  I can’t think of a season where we’ve “posted” so many times – that’s hitting the number on the spread where it really wouldn’t have mattered who we picked, Vegas won because they nailed the spread.  That being said, I’m thinking of narrowing my picks down and laying heavier steam.  That sort of worked one year…so Why Not?

Nebraska @ Wisconsin (-6):  This one is hard for the Ole FMQ to wrap his little noggin’ around.  I figured that Nebraska was the better team here as I think Wiscy has had some injuries and Stave is…well…Stave and could have a mental meltdown at any moment.  So, that being the case and seeing as how this is the 4th meeting in this “RIVALRY GAME”, I’ll take the road dog and the points.

Take Nebraska and the 6 for $50

Ohio @ Minnesota (+12):  I really don’t know what to make of this spread, either.  Yes, the Gophers are 1 dimensional.  But they do that 1 thing pretty well.  And they passed like idiots against Michigan when Michigan made it clear that the Gophers weren’t going to run.  It’s the other side of the equation that I can’t figure:  Is ohio really for real on offense or did Sparty just not prep well?  And can the Gophers fare any better against Barrett? 

Take ohio and lay the 12 for $50

Miss State @ Bama (-7):  This is the game of the day and it’s on at Noon!  I’m going to have to drag myself away from Sand Castles and the beach and find a nice Tiki Bar and stool to plant myself on for this one.  I don’t think Bama is that good, based on the fact that LSU owned them in the 2nd half.  If theHatter had stuck with his game-plan in OT, you know, rushing instead of passing four straight times, I wonder if the outcome would have been different.  Mullen has been looking forward to this….

Take Miss State and the 7 for $50

FSU @ Miami (+2.5):  The Game that will knock the Noles out of the Final 4….NOT!  I’m not buying the hype that Miami is that great and that the Noles are ready to fold.  Famous Jameis, love him or hate him, knows how to win football games.  I’ll stay on the FSU train for another game, even if they are playing on the road…It’s still in the same state!  And have you seen Miami’s fans during home games???  The team hasn’t, either.

Take FSU and lay the 2.5 for $50

Parlay ALL (4 way Parlay pays 12-1)

FSU-Nebraska-Ohio-Miss State   - $30

Starting Bank:           $506
Total Bet:                   $200

Bank:                          $306

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