Friday, November 21, 2014

FMQ - Maryland

Maryland Tickets

Presented without comment:

Okay – a COUPLE of comments:

1. Do I EVER feel like a Big Ole’ Doofus holding two Maryland tickets valued at $75 each.  Oh wait…..make that $75 PLUS the 1/7th portion of the $150 PSL for each ticket….So, if I’m doing the math right…carry the one…yeah, that’s close enough to $200 for two tix that I could have “enjoyed” for the 90% discounted Stub Hub price of $20.

2.  What really grinds my stones is the 3:30 PM BTN dictated start time.  That makes the whole thing even worse for getting out of Ann Arbor, etc.  Of course, based on what we’re seeing available ticket wise, traffic really shouldn’t be that bad!

3.  Got the PSL renewal notice in the mail this week.  January 31 is the deadline for your PSL’s….My guess is that will get extended – multiple times.  My notice went into the Circular File.    

ACC Commish Say’s “Huh, 8 Teams Makes MORE SENSE.”

I don’t really know what to contribute here except to say, “DUH.” 

Jennifer Lawrence seems to agree (PSA- “The Mockingjay” starts today!  I’ll be dragging a gaggle of girls to that tonight…)

Everyone said that 4 teams wouldn’t work when every year a power conference gets screwed.  The only way it WOULD have worked was for the Play-Off money to be distributed evenly among the Power 5 (Everyone getting an equal share regardless of whether you had a team in the Final 4 or not) with a smaller portion going to the group of 5 2nd tier conferences.  Yes, we’ll be looking at an 8 team play-off soon enough. 

However, this poses several issues.

  1. When and where will you play the 4 “first round” games?  Right now, there’s one weekend left before “Finals” and that has always been dedicated to “Army-Navy”.  Are you going to break that tradition and have games on the 2nd Saturday in December?
  2. If you go to 8 teams, do conferences REALLY NEED to have Conference Championships?  Remember:  Conference Championships were created to generate revenue.  But now the Conference Champions (and possibly the runners-up) would be looking at playing up to 15 games if they make it to the Championship Game!  You’re talking NFL numbers here….
  3. And don’t even THINK that schools are going to sacrifice a regular season “Cup-Cake” revenue generating game and go back to 11 games….Not gonna’ happen.
  4. Where are you going to play those first 4 games?  Neutral sites?  Top ranked teams’ home fields?  (My preference – home field).  But THAT will stir up a bunch of controversy because the conferences will all want a piece of that money as well. 
  5. So, 8 will happen…but it has a lot of hurdles to overcome.

This Week’s Picks!

There was a slight clerical error in the report out last week and you will see that corrected in the BANK numbers below.  Sorry for any confusion to anyone that follows the FMQ this closely.  Hopefully we can get something going here in the last three weeks that matter!

Minnesota @ Nebraska (-10):  Well, The Cornsuckers really screwed me last week.  I thought they would have at least showed up and made it a game…but NOOOOOOO….So, do I take revenge on them this week or do I fade the 10 points?  My guess is Kill’s Heroes are going to learn from what Wiscy did to the Cornsuckers and do more of the same…

Take the Gophers and the 10 for $60

Indiana @ ohio (-34.5):  Isn’t there a law against clubbing baby seals?  There oughta’ be….

Take ohio and lay the 34.5 for $30

Rutgers @ Sparty (-22):  What a weird spread….I mean, I get 21 and I get 23…but 22?  What is Vegas trying to tell me here?  A Safety is coming and that’ll be the difference?  The kitchen in East Lansing is going to get hot with Cook abusing that secondary….

Take Sparty and lay the 22 for $30

Colorado @ Oregon (+32.5):  Last chance for style points and Marcus Mariota will take it.

Take the Ducks and lay the 32.5 for $60

Maryland @ Michigan (-5):  I have absolutely no feel for this game and should probably NOT be wagering on it….however, it’s Michigan and it’s the last home game – Senior Day, bad weather, playing for their coach’s job…Still, I got nothin’…..I feel like Daffy Duck banging my head against the same wall expecting different results...Heads or tails….and it’s heads…

Take Michigan and lay the 5 for $30


Big Point Spread combo!

Miami (-5.5) – Oklahoma (-25) – ohio(-34.5) – Oregon (-32.5) $20 pays $270

Starting Bank:         $466

Total Bet:                  $230

Bank:                         $236

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