Monday, December 1, 2014

Haven't We All Seen This Before?

Why so late for a Monday???  I was holding out for the press conference that never came.  I was hoping against hope that the news would report that Brady was gone.  I was letting myself believe that I could write great things about the accomplishments that Brady had and how we would miss his “folksy”, Big-Boy style, but at the same time, I wouldn’t miss his clumsiness with words, his stubbornness and complete lack of ability in front of a group of people.   I was waiting….

But it hasn’t happened.  Which means, Michigan might be stuck with this guy for one more year….or more?  Can that even be possible in today’s collegiate football world and in the search for excellence that Michigan is conducting? But I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself….

I’m gonna’ confess:  I let myself get excited Saturday.  Even after the opening 2nd play from the line of scrimmage interception, after which I think I could hear the entire state of Michigan mutter the “Queen-Mother of all Swear Words”.

I let myself believe when Funchess made that early catch.  There was a chance.  Michigan could come out swinging, hit them early and hit them hard and there would be a chance.  There was a chance with 5 minutes left…and then the wheels came completely off….

And really, I think we were all expecting that.  Yes, it took until the last 5 minutes of the game…in fact, I had texted that “I think Michigan is going to cover” the 21 points…and suddenly, in the time it took to use the restroom and grab a beer, Michigan was down 21 and NOT COVERING…..This is something we expected…and we’ve seen it before

Michigan lost.  But the game was nearly a microcosm of the Brady Hoke Era:  Michigan started out with a bang (Hoke’s first season was 11-2) and then the middle of the game started looking shaky (an 8 win followed by a 7 win season)…to be followed by what can only be described as a completely and inexplicably blown play (this 4th season should have produced positive results – inexplicably it didn’t resulting in a 5-7 final record) and more bed-crapping by Gardner and others….

The Game 2014 was, frankly, the perfect ending…to a movie we’ve all seen before.

Brandon was a relatively new AD at the time when Rich Rod was crapping the bed…But the Rod made a bowl game giving Brandon the excuse to wait on the firing and saving the University a cool $1M clams…Hackett, on the other hand, doesn’t have the luxury of that excuse.  Still, there’s no word out of Ann Arbor.  I was kind of waiting to post this and hoping that Monday’s presser would reveal some information or insight as to what can be expected.

I’ve been saying that Hoke’s firing is a foregone conclusion….Butttt…..And that’s not a Jake Butt….

With plenty of time to look at what’s happened, why hasn’t a decision been made?  I don’t like it….not one little bit.

Florida has acted.
NEBRASKA has acted.

Recruits and more importantly, fans that support your program and buy tickets, see that.  And right now, there hasn’t been much of anything to see at Michigan.  That’s a problem.  And it needs to be fixed….right now.

I’m starting to sense that Schlissel may not have the stomach to be a Big Time Athletics University President.  He should have had the wherewithal to understand that taking this position at Michigan was going to require athletics time commitment and making sure that was handled in a proper fashion.  If he didn’t know that or isn’t going to work on it…I’m not sure where Michigan goes from here.

The fact that Hackett’s title may change from interim to permanent also brings me absolutely no comfort whatsoever.  We’ve been down the CEO-AD path too many times…Sailboat Bill, BranDictator….Haven’t we seen this movie before?

And there’s good ‘ole Rich Rod out there fighting for a Pac12 Championship at Arizona…The guy Michigan canned because he didn’t know what defense was (and…the Josh Groban thing , among other issues, was unforgivable) is now about to vie for the first Final 4 in the CFP.  Yep, he figured out he needs some defense….   And the guy were gonna’ keep is swirling downward in a whirlpool of old style “power” football that has such a miserable chance of success in today’s college game that even Satan realized he needed to change and evolve….I dunno’ what the deal with Michigan is…The search for excellence seems to be all words at this point.

This Literally Just In (10:10AM):  Drake Johnson did tear his ACL….Drake had become the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal season….and now he’s going to miss Spring Practice…

I think I’ve said before that life would be so much easier if I wasn’t a fan and didn’t care so much.  That I could walk around and not care about the calendar in the fall…not care about who was going where…But, I can’t.  I’ve accepted that fact.  But I’ve also accepted the fact that I don’t have to love it with all my heart anymore.  I’ve finally learned that Michigan Football, to steal a well-used phrase, is never going to love me back.  I’ve learned that winning is a gift and you need to cherish the times when your team is doing well.  And get through the rest….Through the rest of the times when your team is abusing you like this….

Yes, you just try and survive the on-slaught of hate….

Yes, a sad entry for the last regular season Monday, but what else did you expect?

The Rest of the Mess

The domers …hee-hee!  Misery LOVES company and this team has just completed the worst slide of ANY domer team ever in history.  And they dotted the I with an embarrassing loss to their “Arch Rival” that had just crapped the bed the week before.  B. Kelly may not have a job that much longer, depending on how the domers do in their bowl game.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if $warbuck$ decided to make a change due to the every growing hate that the fan-base has for Kelly.   Just sayin’…..

The Gophers were not expected to be that great this season…but Kill is for real and he has them playing over their heads.  Had it not been for a couple of plays in Madison, Wiscy would not be going to the B1G Championship- The Gophers would be.  Don’t be surprised if Kill is recruited to another University in the near future….

Iowa and Nebraska went to OT on Friday and I had to follow the end of that game on my phone….Family time, you know.  But the win didn’t save Pelini, which, I don’t get.  The Cornsuckers did the same thing (yes, we’ve seen this before) when they canned Solich after five 9 win seasons.  Callahan was brought in for the “3 and out” stretch and Bo has been a decent coach.  Yes, he’s brash and says crap the fans don’t like.  He’s also a bit of a sideline hot head….But my guess is he lands on his feet…somewhere. 

Sparty won….congrats on 10 wins and the Peach Bowl bid….I’m guessing here…just makes sense as I’m sure you guys are tired of Florida and Minnesota hasn’t been to Florida in years….Besides, you can drive Atlanta in a day and you don’t have to worry about all the warm weather issues you get in Florida this time of year!

The Iron Bowl gave us all a little hope, but in the end, Satan’s Warriors were simply too much for the Tigers.  And the Tide did it with offense.  Is Lane Kiffin really a bad guy?  My guess is there’s a team or two out there that’s willing to take another chance on that guy…Gatorland?

Speaking of Gatorland, they couldn’t slay the giant, either, making the Seminoles the ONLY TEAM in the ACC to have two consecutive undefeated seasons….Love them or hate them…That’s impressive.

The Ducks made quick work out of Mike Riley’s Beavers….and don’t be surprised if a lot of teams come knocking on Riley’s door for their open head coaching positions. 

The Egg Bowl was, I’m hoping, a good thing for Michigan (or somebody else) as Mullen is now just an afterthought and praying for a New Year’s Day Bowl…somewhere….But Mullen will be getting lots of looks, you can bet on that. 

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1.  Denial and Isolation:  It’s either TCU or Baylor fans sitting anxiously and glued to the TV awaiting Tuesday’s big reveal.  Sorry, ohio fans are going to hear that the injury to Barrett is a bad thing for them and they are completely out of the Final 4 discussion, regardless of what happens in Indy on Saturday. 
  2. ANGER:  MICHIGAN FAN….Still here…AIN’T LEAVING!!!!  So, Florida acts.  Nebraska acts.  Illinois and Indiana act….What’s a guy gotta’ do around Ann Arbor to get canned?  Like I said, I have a very sick feeling right now that will probably get worse the longer the silence from 1000 SSS remains….
  3. Bargaining:  Not sure there’s really anyone left to Bargain at this point.  The season’s over and you are what you are.  Meaning most fans have probably fallen to the
  4. Depression:  stage.  Cornsuckers, bulldogs of all kinds, Tigers, domers, you name it, they’re all here and wondering why they are fans…and wondering what flea-bag bowl their team is heading to?
  5. Acceptance: This is actually not a bad thing.  Accept and move on…accept and move on.
The MMQ’s Top 10

Well, with games still to be played, things are firming up.  Don’t be surprised to see Wiscy in the top 10 this week. 

  1. Alabama – They’re in the final four, win or lose Saturday.
  2. Oregon – Ditto.  A loss to Arizona I don’t think changes much here…
  3. FSU- Definitely won’t change for the Seminoles….
  4. Baylor – HEAD TO HEAD….THIS HAS TO BE!!!!
  5. TCU – Head to head has to matter…
  6. Ohio – needs a lot of help.  I’m not sure they can beat Wiscy, anyway….
  7. Wiscy – Whoever wins the B1G will get the 6 slot….but no nod to the Final 4….
  8. Arizona….If they do pull off the upset….I dunno…..
  9. K-State – Just cause….
  10. Miss State – Have to hold serve and win the Egg Bowl.  If they don’t, it’s over for them….
Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-WTF is Devin doing….
-Are we just going to hand these guys the damn game?
-If you’re going to do that Devin, just do it. 
-Hand them the ball….
-Okay….defense is looking good.
-They don’t want to hand this away…
-Nice catch Funchess!!!
-Why not do that a whole bunch?
-Hey!  Can we possibly pull this off?
-14-7….Never would have guessed that…
-Bad ending to the first half
-And a bad start to the 2nd half…
-Okay – good score…
-What’s the matter with Drake?
-Okay – he’s up.
-But that didn’t look good….
-They took his helmet away…Damn…
-Ouch – Barrett just got bent over….
-Oh man…that had to hurt.
-And he’s done. 
-I’m trying to not let myself feel good about that…
-But I’m a fan for the other side and I’ll take whatever I can get…
-Of course, the 3rd string QB could be waiting for  this and kill us…
-Please don’t.
-Hey, class move be Gardner.
-Yes, he’s another nice guy….
-But that stuff doesn’t count on the scoreboard.
-This game much closer than the experts expected…
-And closer than I expected.
-Why doesn’t Michigan play with this effort every week?
-Again – goes back to the head Cat Herder….
-I like Hoke…but he’s in over his head…
-Okay – let’s stop them here.
-They’re loading up the right side….
-Don’t let him through there!
-I thought Jake Ryan had him….
-Well, if De-Rob was still here…I’d say there’s a chance…
-Now, not so much.
-And thank you Devin….That kind of punctuates the season.
-We couldn’t just lose the game, we had to let the final suckeye score be a defensive TD…
-Canteen – where have you been all season?
-It’s over….
-At least some good games on this afternoon and this evening…
-I can just sit back and enjoy and not think for a while….

The Hot Seat

Anastasia Ashley was an extremely popular pick…but Nicky Whelan keeps getting that one vote!  This week, we have to start our bracket and that will be posted tomorrow!!!  Be on the look-out and be prepared to do a lot of voting between now and the National Championship!!!  Some pics as a warm up!!!!

Gone List:

  1. Muschamp
  2. Weiss
  3. Jones
  4. Pelini – wasn’t even on the watch list….
  5. Others….

Hot Seat Rank

Brady Hoke – Why….WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG!???? 

  1. Norm Chow:  Hawaii. 
  2. Mike London:  Needs wins…
  3. David Shaw – Stanford fans not happy…
  4. Sarkisian – Neither are the Trojans…
  5. The Ole Ball Coach – He may just go golfing…
  6. Kelly – Irish fans are pissed….

Coach Watch

Under the category of “He ain’t coming”, here’s Schefter’s interview from Mike and Mike this AM.  Summarizing:  Harbaugh loves the pros.  Oakland makes sense if he doesn’t stay on at San Fran.  Which, I believe your own MMQ said quite some time ago….And Oakland Raider fan and players would probably love Jimmy….


Well, once again the FMQ picked a game that “posted” or hit the spread on the nose….unbelievable.   I can’t get over how many times that has happened in games that I picked this season.   I should track that…has to be a record of some sort….

Minnesota @ Wiscy (-10):  Take the Gophers and the 10 for $50

POSTED!!!  Lose…..Damn….

Sparty @ PUS (+13): Take Sparty and lay the 13 for $50

WIN!! Bank $95

Florida @ Florida State (-7.5): Take Florida and the 7.5 for $50

WIN!  Bank $95

Domers @ USC (-7):  Take the domers and the 7 for $30

LOSE….I can’t believe I took the domers…

Auburn @ Bama (-10):  Take Auburn and the 10 for $30


Michigan @ ohio (-21):  Take Michigan and the 21 for $30

Win!  Bank $57


Big Point Spread combo!

Auburn – Gophers – Sparty – Florida  - LOSE

Starting Bank:         $251

Total Win:                 $247

Bank:                         $498

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