Monday, November 3, 2014

Hoosier Hoopla - Sorta'

Michigan Beats the Hoosiers!  

Yea Team!!!  

(Imagine The MMQ Waves little Maize and Blue “Block M” flag).  And they looked decent doing it…But IU is on its 4th string QB, and doesn’t have much of a defense.  So again, you better win if you play them from here on out.  I believe it’s written somewhere in Michigan’s Football history that you have to beat the “I” schools…Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.  It’s just the way it is.

I was gone and traveling for a major portion of the last part of last week – Thursday and Friday to be exact…Did I miss anything?  (And you know what really bugs me about travelling in Europe?  We’re showing all their crap regarding Soccer over here on our Sports Wraps and even live feeds of games and tournaments, etc.  Would it KILL THEM to have one out of the 150 or so stations that they have over there dedicated to AMERICAN SPORTS?  Or just one hour of Sports Center on a channel…somewhere?  Sheesh… 

I missed a Game 7 of the World Series – which really bugged me because, well, Game 7 of anything is worth tuning in for.  I missed the FSU-Louisville game on Thursday night because it came on at around 1 AM my time and I sat on a bar stool web-casting it via my phone and ESPN (which I will say this for Europe – EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, has Wi-Fi, or as I like to say, just to piss my daughters off, “whiffy” – short “I”), but after Louisville went up 21-0, I figured that it was over and called it a night.   Surprise, surprise, surprise.  The Noles just do what the Noles do…Win baby!

Then…Huh…seemed like something was happening (or rather – HAPPENED) Friday when I got back on US Soil and I turned off the “Airplane Mode” on my cell phone and the phone practically vibrated its way up the aisle and off the plane all by itself around 2:30 Friday afternoon.

Yes – thank you for all the texts and Twitter was overloaded.  Ding-Dong…The Witch is Dead.  BranDictator had decided to do whatever was in the best interests of Michigan and move on in order to restore the faith in the fan base.  Well, at least that’s what he said.  I noticed ole’ BranDictator made sure to take his last pound of flesh out of the Wolverine’s Athletic Budget and take $3M over the next three years with him.  It seems that if he truly wanted to do what was best for Michigan, he would have just said, “I’m leaving, keep the severance.”  But, for the almighty “Bottom Dollar Dave”, that wasn’t an option.  In fact, I thought if you resigned you weren’t even entitled to severance?  I guess if your employer wants to give it to you out of the goodness of his heart…

I will say here that I truly believe that “E-Mail Gate” accelerated this action.  Once Olbermann reported it and Brian at hit us with his summary of all the different e-mails he received from all the different, un-related parties…well, you kind of knew that the “Writing was on the Wall”.  I received several great e-mails from people who all said, “If you don’t want it to be found, don’t put it in an e-mail or a text.”  This next e-mail was “e-mailed” to me by a loyal reader (TJH) who has some experience in this area:

Based on the Legal cases I was involved in where email is the Valhalla of the Plaintiff lawyer

I predict

-One of Brandon’s spokesmen will issue a statement denying everything and state that they are conducting an internal investigation
-They will try to destroy everything they can, but invariably miss something because they are clowns and won’t get the experts involved because they know better.

-All his computers are Discoverable if a Legal Case is filed and if it is found you destroyed things after there was even the faint hint of potential future litigation you are liable if you destroy evidence. The discovery experts can unravel an amazing amount of “deleted” email especially when deleted by the actual guy or his toddy secretary.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Class Action Law Suit on behalf of season ticket holders get filed. May not get far but with the right lawyer a lot of good stuff will get dragged into the public eye.

I’ve seen this a bunch of times, the arrogance is always the downfall of these guys

So, based on THAT, this really starts to smell like the following scenario:   “Gee, Dave, as The New Prez, I don’t want to have to fire you so if you’ll do me the courtesy of making this easy, I’ll let you.  And oh, if I fired you, I was going to have to pay you something anyway, so let’s make it right for you.” 

So, are we happy that BranDictator is gone? 

I for one couldn’t be more tickled.  And it took way too long.  The embarrassment was for real and he needed to go. 

I do, however, still believe that there’s enough of the BranDictator “Pizza-Natzees” that are still around and a little more house cleaning needs to be done within the Athletic Department.  Not to mention that the Coaching Staff on the football team will need a cleansing, also.  I’m not accepting nor expecting any kind of “November to Remember” to save Brady.  Too much has happened on and off the field there as well to let a couple of more wins over Maryland and Northwestern convince me otherwise.  Those two wins only get you to the Little Ceasar’s Pizza Bowl and that really, should be enough to sharpen the ax and get him out.  I never thought I would root against my own team or for that ohio team – and I probably still won’t, but I guess I will do whatever needs to be done for the good of the program overall.   I hope Hackett makes it easier for all of us by announcing the end of Brady before ohio so we can cheer like idiots and hope against hope that we beat the Suckeyes...that would be fitting. 

The Rest of the Mess

OOOOOOUUUUUCCCHHHH!  If you haven’t seen the last play of the Ole’ Miss –Auburn Game, Laquon Treadwell reminds us why A.)College Football is a violent sport even when it’s played correctly.  B.) Student Athletes need some sort of insurance and long term medical coverage for life-altering type of events C.) you probably shouldn’t eat anything prior to watching a game that doesn’t sit well in your stomach when something like this happens.  And finally, D.) How quickly things can go from elation to absolute depression in the span of microseconds.  What everyone thought was the game winning score turns into losing a player, a turnover, and losing the game.   Too much emotion and I’m really glad I’m NOT an Ole’ Miss Fan this AM…I think I’d still be too stunned to talk about it.

WARNING- IF you haven’t seen this, it’s a little graphic. 

In another epic clash between Duke and Pitt…Oh, what am I saying – There haven’t been that many “Epic Clashes” between ACC newbie Pitt and Duke, but the Pitt Kicker couldn’t seal the deal and the defenseless Pitt let Duke walk in to the endzone in double OT to keep a pretty clean record in the ACC Coastal.

Miss State took care of business over still SEC Win-less Arkansas.  Beliema may really want to take his wife’s cell phone away and never, ever, let her text the word “Karma” again….

Illinois is so bad that I can see now how they lost to Purdue.  That ohio team keeps looking better and better all the time.

Maryland and Penn State now have a “Rivalry” thanks in part to Maryland winning the game where they have more or less been a “road bump” in Penn State’s history of success….but the real issue may have been the decision on the Maryland side to not shake hands at the coin toss…..Not sure what that proved, but whatever.

The Ole Ball Coach is simply exasperated with his team..So much so that a loss to the Vols left him in a mood that he simply came into the post game presser, spoke about how crappy his team played for 45 seconds, and then marched out.  Spurrier is a guy that likes to hear himself talk and even he’s a little fed up….and marching right into retirement.

The Gators somehow had a “Save the Coach!” rally and beat their arch-rival but Gurley-less BullDawgs at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party by running... a lot.  I mean… REALLY a lot.  2nd most yards against Georgia on the ground.  Ever.  And it looked like they kept running the same play.  Constantly.   If I’m a Georgia fan this AM I can only think of one thing.  And that that thing is the same wailing sound you heard from the Georgia fan base screaming Fire Richt!  Which is a great lead into

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1.  Denial and Isolation:  Sparty, domers and Georgia.  Sparty loses ground by not playing…domers lose ground by being behind a Navy team in the 2nd half that they should have domintated.  And Georia?  Those fans have endured a lot…Don’t know what to say there except it COULD BE WORSE!!!
  2. ANGER:  MICHIGAN FAN….Still here…AIN’T LEAVING!!!!  BranDictator resigning was half the battle.  We still have a ways to go and I don’t think Brady will do the “Honorable” thing and quit.  So, he will need to be evaluated at the end of the season. 
  3. Bargaining:  Ole Miss – only lost two games by a total of less than 5 points I think?  Fans still believe that with some help, they could be the SEC West Representative….
  4. Depression:  The Depression stage would like to welcome:  Michigan, Georgia, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Stanford, Okie State, Arizona, and Utah to the group.  You’ve all got nothing but flea-bag bowls to look forward to, assuming you make it.
  5. Acceptance: Northwestern, Vandy, Texas Tech, UCF and others…many, many others…

The MMQ’s Top 10

So, the CFP is ranking ‘em one way – Here’s how I see it with the first two being “Easy – Peasy, Lemon Squeezy” or whatever…its after that it gets tricky.  My BOLDS are the teams that I think have the most like or favorable chance to make it in if anyone else stumbles….

  1. Ole Miss – but the Egg Bowl and every other game on the Bulldogs schedule just got harder…
  2. FSU- ditto FSU.  Louisville showed them how
  3. TIE:  Auburn – Alabama – To be sorted out in the Iron Bowl, or sooner if the Hatter has anything to say about it with Saban Saturday…
  4. Oregon – Mariota for Heismann…Just cause…This hurts…domers…
  5. Sparty – Has to keep the record clean….and maybe there’s a chance.
  6. TCU – Cause Big 12 and I think they’re just a little better than
  7. K-State – Snyder is as Snyder does
  8. Arizona State…cause Pac 12
  9. Domers:  You have to destroy Navy…this one will hurt for a while.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-First home game I’m making a game time decision to not go…
-Too much travel and too much Halloween
-Bad excuse, I know.
-Early games kind of boring, except for this Pitt-Duke thing…
-I can’t believe I’m watching Pitt-Duke.
-But it’s a good game.
-Oh, Jeez…He missed the kick.
-And Duke wins….I kind of wish we played Duke in Football.
-Just cause.
-Okay, Michigan hot early.  Looking good.
-Who is the Drake Johnson kid?
-I mean, Indiana, but still…Doing WAY BETTER than anyone I’ve seen to date.
-Kind of a throw-back running style, too.
-Will really like seeing him in the games that are left.
-And is this just Indiana defense?
-Ah, yes.   There’s the Gardner we know and love (INT!)
-Has there been a game where he hasn’t thrown one this year?
-Besides the cream-puffs?
-It’s an epidemic.
-He’ll cost them one more somewhere…
-Middle – Late games are good! 
-Ole Miss in a game against Auburn.
-Miss State and Arkansas more of a defensive struggle, which, well, yeah.
-Ole Miss going to score!!!
-No!  Oh man….What happened there?
-Oh, please…Stop showing that. 
-OKAY, I know we’re supposed to look at the football here to see that it didn’t cross the goal line…BUT STOP SHOWING THAT!
-What a complete and utter crappy way to lose everything….if you’re Ole Miss.
-Miss State hangs on…
-Yes, it was Arkansas – so what? They’ve nearly beaten everybody that they’ve played.
-Navy coming back…Navy takes the lead!
-Too much Gholson. 
-But, Navy, good job.  That will hurt the domers later..might even drop them in the polls.
-(Say “Thank you” Sparty!)
-That’s it – another week of CFB in the books.
-And next week will be really interesting!

The Hot Seat

You know…The FMQ has missed two Fridays for whatever reasons (bad planning, just too much going on) but the MMQ and his HSM duties have not been missed..Ever.  I can’t remember when I didn’t have a Hot Seat Mascot and this week is no different.  Joanna Krupa eeked out a victory last week and made the finals.  For Week #10, in honor of her summer movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy” which I missed seeing on the Big Screen but caught on my flight home:  Zoe Saldana!!!


Hot Seat Rank

Brady Hoke – It’s a foregone conclusion…         

  1. Beckman:  He’s got problems….
  2. Hazell:  Purdue beat Illinois….
  3. Will Muschamp:  Hey – he finally wins the Cocktail Party…he moves down…
  4. Norm Chow:  Hawaii. 
  5. Mike London:  Needs wins…


The FMQ will return this week.  Sorry about anyone that makes his weekend bets betting the opposite direction that I do in order to win!  Hopefully, you made money regardless!

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