Monday, November 17, 2014

It Was a Bye - But So Much Action!

 Where to begin?  How about this:


Here’s my entry as an Amateur into the “Siesta Key Sand Castle Crystal Classic!”  You could have up to two people on your sand castle team and up to 5 hours to complete your entry.  Unfortunately, Eann wanted to walk and do a little shopping and told me to “Have Fun!” which, I did.  But these people had no idea that alcohol and football was on at noon.  I did give up a morning of “Game Day” to play in the Sugar Sand of Siesta Key…My entry “Fantasy” was supposed to be a mythical sea creature that roams the ocean with a kingdom of other mystical inhabitants on his back…Looked great in my mind’s eye…not so much in the actual sand.

The winners for the amateurs were right next to me….I shoulda’ done a mermaid…always a crowd pleaser…

Next year, I have to say, if you’re looking for a nice weekend in Florida, this event was a lot of fun to hang out and and just be a beach bum – Great food, music, sun and sand….Again…Just sayin’…


No Michigan stuff to report…Except that Clark Domesitc Abuse Thing…And he’s probably off the team.  Oh, and that Schlissel comment on the football players not meeting academic standards that he later took back after getting the right information.  And the fact that Hackett still hasn’t made a move yet on Brady.  Which, after the Gators canned Muschamp, the Clark stuff….

How can Hoke still be the coach of Michigan? 

Can anyone riddle me that?  Please?

Sigh….I guess we’re in the “Wait and see what happens in these last two games.  But that’s not going to change any of the fans minds or the data and statistics that show a coaching regime that has steadily regressed from the Rich Rod days in terms of offensive performance.  The wins and losses aren’t any better, either.  Yes, defense.  But when you are trying to run a TOP type of offense, well, defense is always going to benefit from that.  But, enough. Let’s get to

The Rest of the Mess

I have to start out with Wiscy’s SUPREME DOMINATION of their newest “Arch Rival” for the “Freedom Trophy” and the fact that the Cornsuckers just didn’t show up.  I mean, Melvin Gordon is a name we all know and rolls off the tips our our collective tongues when it comes to the all_time dominant running backs of the B1G and all of NCAA football….NOT!  But what he did on Saturday (408 yards in only 3 quarters) was a NCAA record!  Ladanian Tomlinson held the prior record at 406 yards….Cornsuckers more or less never knew what hit them….I wonder if Wiscy fans are a little more than pissed that Gordon only got the ball for one carry in the LSU 2nd half?

The Gophers tried to take care of the suckeyes…but it wasn’t meant to be.  I do believe Minnesota gives some other teams fits in the West however….

Penn State – Congrats!  They are Bowl Eligible which is great for that school and Franklin in particular.  I’m happy that the Lions are finally turning a corner on one of the darker periods of that institutions history.  With a rag-tag and scholarship depleted team, no less!

Northwestern…seems like they played somebody that was supposed to kick their butts by like 3 TD’s…Who was that?  Oh, Yesss…..the domers laid the proverbial “Egg” at home in what can only be considered the worst home loss under the B. Kelly coaching regime!  I’m looking for other candidates for “Most embarrassing loss at Domer Stadium under Kelly” and if you have any you want to send in, please do so.  How absolutely wonderful this loss was to watch…in OT no less and with two fumbles to seal the domers fate!!!!

Miss State couldn’t deliver the goods in Tuscaloosa…But no one really expected them to.  Again, this loss was necessary for the great “Everyone has two losses” SEC West master plan…so, that’s okay.  I still think Bama struggles with Auburn in the Iron Bowl.

If you stayed up for FSU and Miami, well, you saw that FSU did it again.  Down early, stayed in the game, and came back and won.  Say what you want about Famous Jameis, but the kid wins.  Wonder who’ll be lucky enough to grab him if he falls in the NFL draft?

And right after beating up on the dick-tripping domers, the Arizona State Sun devils promptly go up and lose as double digit favorites to Oregon State up in Corvalis….It’s the whacky world of college football which eventually leads all fans to

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1.  Denial and Isolation:  Well…Arizona State has to be here.  After looking like a pretty good candidate to sew up the Pac 12 South Bid…You know those fans are thinking they still have a shot.  Miss State fan is here as well.
  2. ANGER:  MICHIGAN FAN….Still here…AIN’T LEAVING!!!!  The Clark fiasco really needs to reflect on Hoke here to a certain extent.  I mean, we just can’t let that slide.  Cornsuckers HAVE to be here after giving up that many yards on the ground.  Black shirt…What’s that even mean?  Domers are in the angry section in FORCE.  I trolled over to ndnation on Saturday night and the “Fire Kelly” haters were all alive and well.  The domers that can’t stand Kelly want him gone…and they want Harbaugh!  Or Stoops! Or anyone that’s “proven” they can do it at this level…..I just don’t see the Irish paying for Three coaches at once.  Let’s not forget they are still paying Charlie…. 
  3. Bargaining:  I wanna’ say that if your TCU or Baylor, you know you’ve got more than a fair chance of making the Final 4.  And frankly, I still think it should be based on the head to head match-up.  Not some other game against some common opponent.  That’s just dumb…..
  4. Depression:  Michigan would like to welcome the domers, Auburn tigers and unfortunately..the Georgia dawgs with the loss of Gurley….ACL – out for the season.
  5. Acceptance: Everyone STILL sitting at 5 wins figuring out whether or not their team can win 6. 
The MMQ’s Top 10

Okay – Miss State losing makes for an interesting 4th team in….And I’m going to use some of the same logic that the committee is using just to show THEM how screwed up what they’re trying to do with Baylor and TCU is!!!!

  1. Oregon – Mariota for Heismann…Just cause…
  2. FSU- Until they lose…I don’t care how they win.  They’re in the Final 4.
  3. Baylor – They are the best one loss team with the best performance Saturday,
  4. Miss State – Yep – They are still in because they have the better record over tougher opponents.  Bama still not there until they beat Auburn!
  5. Alabama – First team Screwed – even though they won the head to head…If you’re not putting Baylor in, I don’t have to put Bama in….Not convinced they can win out…If they do, they’re in.  Relax Bama Fan….
  6. TCU – Not seeing how they get in….just not seeing it…
  7. Ole Miss – Best 2 loss team out there.
  8. Ohio – Really don’t see how as a 1-loss team from the B1G can make Final 4…lost to Va-Tech hurts…bad
  9. Auburn – Wanted to rank lower….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-You can't Drink All Day....
-Unless you start in the Morning...

-Sand is nicer than snow…
-I mean, yeah, it gets everywhere, but Siesta Key sand is like Powdered Sugar…
-Voted one of the world’s 10 best beaches.
-Hard to argue.
-Unless you like sea shells….
-Not a lot of those here.
-But great sunsets…
-And views.  The views are awesome.
-And, well, you know….Other views…
-Oh wait – I’m supposed to be idle thinking football.
-Yeah, that’s not going to happen right now.
-Nice tiki bar with a view of the ocean…
-Cold Margarita…
-On the rocks…None of that frozen crap….
-Jimmy Buffett would be proud.
-Okay – It’s now snowing in Minnesota
-And they keep showing a Gopher Coach eating a Dilly Bar.
-That’s ice cream…and Gophers for you.

-I really am finding it more and more difficult to not find an excuse at some point and just say, “Screw it.  I’m moving.”
-And looking at the temps and weather in Michigan do that to me…
-I mean, the holidays with snow are nice and all…
-I just want winter to be over on March 1.
-I mean…OVER.
-Okay….Am I really going to watch football here?
-Aren’t there better things to do?
-There’s a party with Sand Castles…
-Yes – That’s better.

The Hot Seat

Barbara Palvin was in a contested battle this week and tied with Emily Ratajkowski.  They had three votes each….so Barbara will still be on the ballot or will need to win another week when she’s not the nominee….And it’s going to be tough this week as the MMQ is rolling out a slightly oldie, but a goodie….UFC Ring Girl Brittany Palmer!!!

Gone List:

  1. Muschamp
  2. Weiss
  3. Jones
  4. Others….

Hot Seat Rank

Brady Hoke – It’s a foregone conclusion…         

  1. Beckman:  He’s got problems….
  2. Hazell:  Purdue beat Illinois….
  3. Norm Chow:  Hawaii. 
  4. Mike London:  Needs wins…


Man….I was this close to making some money this past weekend…And again, it just didn’t work out perfect.  Oh well….That’s life in the Big City…

Nebraska @ Wisconsin (-6):  Take Nebraska and the 6 for $50

OUCH!!!!!   LOSE BAD……

Ohio @ Minnesota (+12):  Take ohio and lay the 12 for $50

DOUBLE OUCH!!!! I should have taken the Gophers….LOSE….

Miss State @ Bama (-7):  Take Miss State and the 7 for $50

WIN!  Bank $95

FSU @ Miami (+2.5):  Take FSU and lay the 2.5 for $50

WIN!!! Bank $95

Parlay ALL (4 way Parlay pays 12-1)

FSU-Nebraska-Ohio-Miss State   - $30


Starting Bank:           $306
Total win:                   $190

Bank:                          $496


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