Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Looks Like I Picked A Helluva' Week...

to be in Germany.  I’ll bet you thought I was gonna say, “Quit drinking!”  On the contrary, when in Germany, the beer just tastes better.  Can’t explain it except for the simple fact they’ve been making it longer than we have.  We need to send over an expert to figure out exactly how they make their full bodied pilsners.  

Chad Tough

Sent by several readers and also tweeted by the MMQ on Saturday.  The Michigan and MSU bands got together post game and did a march for Chad Carr, Lloyd’s grandson.  Chad has an inoperable tumor and his time left is limited.  But all the thoughts and prayers and gestures like this have powerful effects.  Let’s keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

CFP Pisses Off Everybody – Even SEC Faithful

So, much like everyone figured, and as I’m sure will become an extinct exercise in future years, the CFP Committee release it’s “Ranking”, which, by any mathematical account, is an impossible thing to do.  

But, release it they did, these academic and other high level thought process minds.  I guess I was expecting something a little more creative as they didn’t have any rules to follow and I really thought there would be more mystery surrounding how they ranked and what they were trying to show.  But, they more or less went with a strength of schedule and a win-loss analysis based on who everyone has played.  At least Ole Miss got the nod for beating the higher ranked Bama (who’s fans about lost it last night on the internet and twitter) and didn’t get beat up too bad for losing on the road, the way it should be.  Domer fans have to be disappointed that the committee more or less killed them for their SOS and the one loss is actually worse than a lot of other 1 loss teams.  Oregon wins out, they will be in by virtue of default.  Sparty needs some help, but maybe not as much as we all thought. 

What I can tell you is that the top 4 will NOT BE the Final 4 come December 7th.

BranDictator E-Mail Gate

Brian at mgoblog had alluded to a developing report that would include e-mails sent by the BranDictator himself.  After reading the post (I’ve linked it here and in the side bar “The Case Against BranDictator”), I was surprised not by the responses, but when read collectively, by the truly superior – inferior underlying tone BranDictator has for the average fan. 

Yeah, I get that the fans are unhappy and you’re going to be getting a lot of hate mail.  But there’s a way to answer these, even if they are the “Sales” approach, which, frankly, I’m now convinced even more that DB never did a stint in any kind of sales, be it BTB or retail or whatever.  I’ve learned a lot in sales, and Dave could have learned a lot by being a sales guy for a brief period in his career.  He doesn’t have any people skills, period.

Adam Rittenberg (reporter for ESPN) reviewed the e-mails with a “high level University representative” who’s only response was that if true, the e-mails are concerning.
If you choose to read the article, Brian felt comfortable posting only because he was able to verify the e-mail address from several sources that had no way of knowing each other, meaning that any kind of elaborate hoax possibilities are pretty remote.  Therefore, we can conclude that the e-mails are real.

That being said, what more evidence does the “high level University representative” need in order to make an informed decision regarding at least some of the actions of BranDictator?

Yes, some of these things are incredibly trivial and could easily be dismissed as borderline ludicrous and non-essential to …..Anything.  But, when taken in the entire context or BranDictator’s performance overall… well, they have to be held up as another measurable where there’s been an utter lack of respect for fans and students alike.

And that’s a problem.

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