Friday, October 24, 2014

Sparty Friday!

   From a Loyal Reader

I received an e-mail early this AM……

Dear FMQ,

How far we have fallen that Vegas believes these "football powers" have better chances of winning against their ranked opponent this week than Michigan does.

Michigan +17.5 vs #5 Michigan State
Kentucky +13.5 vs #1 Mississippi State
Washington State + 2.5 vs #15 Arizona
Tennessee +17 vs #6 Alabama
Colorado +14 vs #25 UCLA
Illini +5.5 vs #24 Minnesota

My response?

A long way.....A Damn Long Way....

That's how far....

BranDictator Tweets

I suspected BranDictator couldn’t be quiet that long and he would be the one who would “announce” the official reduction of the Student Ticket Prices for 2015.  And he tweeted it, the first tweet since the midnight tweet after the concussion press release.  If you follow BranDictator, there’s a dedicated group of response tweeters that are more or less telling him to get lost.  Some are written quite well, others, as you might expect, not so much.  At any rate, the Student Tix price dropped from the $295 level to $175, or $25 for a home game. 

So, if I’m doing the math right, the students always got a 50% discount from the face value of the tickets.  Does that mean I can expect my season ticket to drop to $350 for the same 7 games?  Ha-ha….probably not.  There was some comment that “prices for regular season ticket holders would not increase.”  Yeah…thanks a lot.  You’ll probably not get my renewal come the winter-spring.

#SpartansForLacey – CHADTOUGH

Submitted by a reader of the Blog.  Both of these stories are tough.  Lacey’s battle ended this past spring, but Chad’s battle continues.  

Doug Karsch, our beloved side-line reporter (Michigan’s) is actually, believe it or not, a SPARTY GRAD!!!  He is heading up this activity and is spreading the word:
 Doug Karsch contacted me yesterday about our fundraising efforts for #SpartansForLacey and has chosen to promote our cause (as the MSU charity) for their "bet" for the game this weekend. The uofm charity supports Lloyd Carr's grandson and his fight with cancer. The show is betting on their own and will be donating to both causes. They are encouraging their listeners to make their normal bets with friends, but regardless of the outcome, donate to both these great causes in the end. More details below.
Here’s the links to the charities!

This Week’s Picks!

Brother…What is a good sports bettor to do?  I’m really baffled lately and I haven’t been able to put even a break even week together in some time.  The bank is nearly broken, but hopefully, we can rally to the end of the season.  (Do I sound like Coach Hoke or what?)

Maryland @ Wiscy (-10.5):  Wiscy coming off a bye week is 8-0 since 2009…Even better?  Wiscy off the bye week is 8-0 ATS!!!  That’s enough for me…
Take Wiscy and lay the 10.5 for $40

UCLA @ Colorado (+14):  So, UCLA barely beat Cal and they can’t seem to find an offense, no matter how hard they try.  And this is their 2nd week on the road?  I’ll 
Take Colorado and the 14 for $30

Miss State (-14) @ Kentucky:  Is the new number 1 team for real or are they chokers?  My guess is they used the bye week to get healthy and get ready for the Wildcats. 
Take Miss State and lay the 14 for $40

Ole Miss @ LSU (+3.5):  The Hatter getting Points at Home?  Against a suspect defense?  Yeah…I’ll take Les and hope for the beginning of the end of the SEC West!
Take LSU and the 3.5 for $40

Michigan (+17) @ Sparty (MONEY LINE - $600):  I know I’ve said it would take a miracle for Michigan to win…but dammit, this used to be the time when I would say that it’s going to take a miracle for Sparty to pull off a victory…and they’d do something stupid and pull it off.  So

Take Michigan and the 17 for $30.  AND $20 on the MONEY LINE (Pays 6-1)

Starting Bank:           $564
Total Bet:                   $200

Bank:                          $364

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