Monday, October 27, 2014

What More Is There To Say? I've Got Nowhere Else To Go!!!

First of all:  (Cue the voice of Brent Musberger) Coming to you live from the continent where bratwurst, sauerkraut and beer were born (or so it’s claimed) Wie Gehts!   It’s the MMQ writing on the road from Dusseldorf, Germany! 

Okay….that was the happy part.  It’s not going to get much better than that for folks looking for a yuck this AM.

I thought about ranting.  I thought about getting into this whole thing they are dubbing “Stake-Gate”.  I thought about dissecting the apology because there was nothing good about the game to go over, unless you were wearing Green and White.  I thought about listing off all the reasons why that Michigan Performance didn’t look like two weeks of practice went into it.  I thought and I thought…Then I thought some more.

And you know what?  It’s all been said.  I can’t add anything to it.  What more is it going to take?  When do the powers that be (yes – I know it’s complicated) wake up and realize that the Football Program at the University of Michigan is a disaster. Wait- it’s worse than a disaster.  It can’t even pretend to have some swagger and pride.  It fails horribly when anything is on the line.   Embarrassment after embarrassment?  What, really, is it going to take?  I really wanna’ know.  And I want to know now.  Not at the end of the season.  Not when it’s so obvious that it’s over.  And you can’t point and say, “Well, how do you explain 2011?”  And I say, “Easy – They rode DeRob until they ran him into the ground and hoped and prayed a lot everywhere else.”  And now, the former is long gone and the hopin’ and prayin’ just ain’t cutting it…

5 wins in the last 16 tries? That’s not a trend.  That’s contagion.  That’s the beginning of something that could end up being very dark and sinister for Football in the State of Michigan. 

I don’t have a lot of answers.  Except for two:  I know you have to get rid of two people before you can hire two new ones.  BranDictator has to go simply because I don’t want him making the decision on the new coach.  And Hoke has to go because of what he represents on the field.  I have more questions than ever.  Who will be the new AD?  The new coach?  Can any of this get fixed.  I commented to one of the friends I was watching with that at some point, Michigan would be back.   His response?

“Well, maybe.  But will we still be alive to see and enjoy it?”

I mean, is there anything more that needs to be said?  Is there anything like a fan base that is feeling as low as any fan base has ever felt?  And I lived through 2008.  That was supposed to be the low.   This, I truly hope this..this season, is the low.  Another mercy killing at the hands of ohio and then probably a loss to one of the other, lesser conference foes and they’ll be no bowl game and no more worries.  And sheer idiocy.  I’m tired of the idiocy….

I don’t need or want any more stupid apologies for something that was orchestrated and obviously known about before it was done.  And so what?  Sparty was the king of planting crap for years.  Just do it, fail, and move on.  Let it be part of the rivalry.

Instead, not only do they get their jocks handed to them, they apologize for…nothing.  Dantonio’s feelings got hurt?   Boo-hoo….

I will say congrats to Sparty.  They’ve earned the praise.  But, as was also said at the party I was at,

“I know what it was like to be you guys when you beat us when we sucked (Sparty) all the time.  It’s not as much fun beating Michigan when you’re supposed to win.  I get why playing us years ago was just another bump in the road.”

That statement…That statement coming from a Sparty:  Just another bump in the road….that hurts.  And was probably the most hurtful thing I heard all day. 

I tweeted on Satruday as to why I was and still am a Michigan Fan.  I added the clip of Richard Gere from “An Officer and a Gentleman” because I thought it was appropriate. 

I can’t quit because I’ve got nowhere else to go…

Special NOTE:  For those that follow M-Victors – I earned my first Dr. Sap’s Helmet Sticker/Decal for my Tweet!  That’s something to get excited about!!!

The Rest of the Mess

Penn State let the REST OF THE WORLD down by not pulling off the home upset of ohio after coming back from being way down.  They kept us up well past midnight and then they couldn’t deliver…damn.  But I guess I feel a little better about Michigan’s win over the Nittany Lions…So there’s that.

Ole Miss went down to Death Valley and did what most teams do when they are facing the Hatter as a road Favorite in Baton Rouge…They lost.  But, man, they made it interesting and it was close.  But, they still lost.  What I don’t get, is how does Bama in ANYONE’S Poll, move up ahead of Ole Miss seeing as how they lost to Ole Miss?

Miss State took care of business….But I wonder if Stoops from Kentucky would consider Michigan…sounds like Bob Stoops is going to get courted HARD by Florida.  Rumor is that Florida’s AD and Mullen don’t get along.  And he doesn’t want Mullen, much to the chagrin of the greater Florida Fan Base. 

The Utes took care of business against USC.  Sarkisian is having a rough first year back as the head coach of the Rubbers.  And Kyle Whittingham is looking better and better all the time.

Colorado did what they were supposed to do and not only did they beat the spread, they almost beat UCLA straight up.  Jim Mora’s seat might be getting a little warm in Westwood….

The Ducks took care of business on a weird Friday night game….

Getting down to the important stuff..

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1.  Denial:  Sparty – I feel really bad for you guys…I really do.  Even handing Michigan, an arch rival, a more than the spread beat down doesn’t move you up in the polls.  That and ohio didn’t do you ANY favors by nearly losing to scholarship depleted PSU.  Keep believing all you want that the B1G will get one of the 4 seats, but right now, I have you as first team out.
  2. ANGER:  Michigan Fan.  Still Here – Ain’t LEAVING!  Wow…I’m just about all angered out and I was really just ready to heap ALL OF US (Michigan Fans) down in the Acceptance area until “SpikeGate” took over.  At first, when I heard about it long after the game, I though Michigan had planted it AFTERWARDS to celebrate the first TD in 3 years.  Than, I found out it was before.  Bush league…..Stupid.  Even if they would have won….
  3. Bargaining:  I think there’s both some ohio and sparty fans down here believing the game in East Lansing in 2 weeks will somehow fix everything with the polls and move whoever up into the top 4.  Keep thinking that…and let me know when rainbows come out of your butt. 
  4. Depression:  Yeah, I’m here.  For sure here.  I’m depressed and I don’t know what to do about it.   I’m not even sure firing two people makes me happy because I know how long the road back is…
  5. Acceptance:  Anyone with less than 3 wins, 5 games left trying to figure out if there’s a bowl in the future.

The MMQ Top 10

  1.  FSU:  Still going to make the Top 4 unless something really unusual happens…and this season, who knows?
  2. Miss State:  If they would have shot out Kentucky, they would have been #1
  3. Auburn:  I should put Bama, Miss State and Auburn as a tie as one should knock out the other, but I’ll put it this way for now
  4. Oregon:  Again, until they lose and remove all doubt, they’re in
  5. Sparty:  First ones OUT…and case is getting tougher to keep you at 5.
  6. Domers:  If the keep winning…they will overtake Sparty….
  7. Ole Miss:  Could have dropped lower…But Egg Bowl with Miss State may still decide the West
  8. Bama – could or should be tied for 7th
  9. TCU – Just cause….
  10. ASU – See TCU
The Hot Seat

Well…The HSM has been getting a big workout this season.  And its been justified.  Hoke and Muschamp have been swamping the “It’s a Foregone Conclusion” spot it seems like on a weekly basis.  And the Mascots have been right there for us!  Last week, Nicky Whelan walked away with the voting.  This week, let’s see how German Hottie Joanna Krupa does against the field!!!!

You know what?  Just two coaches are on the Hottest Hot Seat:


Do you want to play a game?  Which program will hold out the longest before they can their Destination Coach?  The winner gets dibs on best available candidate out there!


Well….Not terrible….Gotta lay off Michigan and points.

Maryland @ Wiscy (-10.5):  Take Wiscy and lay the 10.5 for $40

WIN!  Bank $76

UCLA @ Colorado (+14):  Take Colorado and the 14 for $30

WIN!!!  Bank $56

Miss State (-14) @ Kentucky:   Take Miss State and lay the 14 for $40

Damn….Vegas Wins….LOSE

Ole Miss @ LSU (+3.5):   Take LSU and the 3.5 for $40

WIN!!! Bank $76

Michigan (+17) @ Sparty (MONEY LINE - $600): 
Take Michigan and the 17 for $30.  AND $20 on the MONEY LINE (Pays 6-1)


Starting Bank:           $364
Total Win:                   $208

Bank:                          $572


Msuperfan said...

All of the despair is justified EXCEPT the idea of how long it will take to fix this. Look at Wisconsin, Boise State, TCU, Baylor, Northwestern, Colorado in the 90's AND MSU (both of them). All of these football programs were perenial LOSERS (mostly in hoops as well) and now they are top tier, or close. The right leadership can have M back to relevance in 2-3 years. It can be done....IT MUST BE DONE!!!!!!!

MMQ said...

Couldn't agree more...but there's more wrong at Michigan than just the coaching. I think the culture has changed and fans aren't as nuts as we had been getting in the Lloyd later years and even under Rich Rod. Blogging under the Rod was never as depressing and as bad as it is now blogging under this clown. Yes, I'm one guy. But something has changed.

They need a coach and an AD that gets Michigan and they mostly need to figure out how to win again. I would take 10-2 from here on out. We never knew we had it so good...