Friday, October 17, 2014

Bye Week - FMQ!!!

 Regents Meeting - Student Survey

The regents met and I've linked to the Daily article that covered the meeting.  Schlissel disappointed - tell us something we don't know?.  Everyone evaluating the situation - yeah, but what are you going to DO?  Time is bought....But the end may still be near for BranDictator.  The student survey is pretty damaging....

Every time I think today’s youth is wasting their time or has no clue about what is going on, my faith is renewed in them with something like this.  I’m not asking everyone to read it in its entirety, but it’s enlightening and it’s something the ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT should have issued themselves vs. Michigan’s Student Government putting this together.  It really makes me feel good about the true Michigan community and I believe it objectively points out some glaring issues that BranDictator has created over the years.

I really don’t see how BranDictator survives this.  And the only way to mend the student and fan relations is to eliminate him and whoever else he may have brought in to be his “yes” men and start fresh.  There’s been too much damage.  Again, read the report for yourself to determine your own opinion, but none of this is good for BranDictator.

Some highlights:

Students rank what’s “Important to them” for buying tickets (lower the number, more important).  SOS, Price and Tradition are the top 3!  Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!!  In other words, if it’s not broken BranDictator, you shouldn’t break it!

Looks like if you do a Pareto of the population, 80% say that student tix need to be priced under $180.  $150 gets everyone back.  And that sounds about right, when compared to the rest of the B1G.

And, when the open ended question were summarized in word bubbles....the students absolutely NAILED IT!!!!

Homecoming Is Looking Up!

But for all the wrong reasons…Indiana lost their Starting QB Sudfeld for the season and he had been “the offense” in the Kevin Wilson scheme.  Wish guys didn’t get hurt in this sport, period.  But it’s a big part of the game.  Good or bad….

Of course, I don’t know who the back-up is, but Wilson will have some time and the QB will have a couple of games under his belt by then…

The Selection Committee Plot Thickens….

The latest:  S-O-S is out (That’s Strength of Schedule – Not SAME ‘OLE SPARTY!!!).  As is margin of victory  - OUT.  As is a bunch of other valuable stuff that would make the decision on the 4th team that gets in easier.  Because I agree with Bill, I think the top 3 are going to be fairly straight forward and no brainer type picks…Its number 4 that’s going to present a whole lotta’ issues….So, in the spirit of this blog…

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot….Why not use everything and all the data you can find???

Actually, the article is a good read and for anyone that has a team that might be sniffing at the play-offs, and especially that 4th spot in the playoffs (sparty, domers).  You may want to peruse it as part of your lunch time reading material to begin to prepare how you want to tear apart the selection committee for not using X and Y at the holiday cocktail party/beer fest where the issue may come up in conversation.  Scratch that, it will come up in conversation because that’s all you’ll be thinking about after Thanksgiving so read the article and be prepared!

A New Twist – “Hire” Instead Of “Fire”!

There are now two websites that are taking an opposite approach to the “Fire Whoever” website mania that is all over the net. “Hire Mullen” and Mullen related themes having beenpopping up in Gatorland.  Clearly, thefan base is simply fed up with Muschamp, rightly or wrongly, but as we know here in B1G country, and especially Michigan’s fanbase, well, when they’re unhappy….Its going to take something big to make them happy.  Mullen might be the guy for Florida – if the fans are already behind it.

This Week’s Picks!

All right.  Time to either Get Busy Winning or Get Busy Losing….I guess it must be some anniversary of the Shawshank Redemption because I’ve seen it on a couple of time in the past week or so.  You are what you are after 6 weeks of play, so the spreads should be pretty accurate.   I’m not super excited about any of the picks, but we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna be aggressive!  Taking points has really burned me lately…So guess where I’m going?  You got it…

Baylor (-7) @ WVU:  Something about Baylor’s defense…one week they show up…the next week, nothing.  Baylor escaped TCU with the win, but I think that was their wake-up call.  WVU still hasn’t turned the corner…at least not enough to handle keeping up with Baylor.  I can’t remember seeing an o/u number of 80 on a college game.  But I can’t touch that one, so

Take Baylor and lay the 7 for $40

Sparty (-15) @ IU:  I would have been ALL OVER Indiana and the points in this one if Sudfelt was still the QB.  Now…not so much.  Sparty covers easily in this one after their wake up call against the Boilers. 

Take Sparty and lay the -15 for $60

Texas Tech (-13) @ Kansas:  The Best looking coach in CFB is going to be loving a trip to Midwest.  It’s exactly what the doctor ordered to get on the right side of a losing season…

Take Texas Tech and lay the 13 for $40

Texas A&M (+14) @ Bama:  Let’s see.  Saban on the hot seat for not winning by a large enough margin.  Texas A&M trying to keep hopes alive.  Offense is funny…when you want to produce…you can’t.  I’ll

Take Texas A&M and the 14 for $40 (only points were taking this week!)

FSU (-11) vs. domers:  Initially, I was in  love with the domers and this spread.  Then I looked at the domers ATS numbers and lately, they’ve kind of sucked.  On top of that, Gholson was turnover free his first three games and now has 9 in his last three.  Which Gholson and domer defense shows up?  The line movement indicates a lot of love for the domers...I don't always like following the money...

Take Famous Jameis and lay the 11 for $50

No parlays...

Starting Bank:           $680
Total Bet:                   $230

Bank:                          $450


G Money said...

Dear FMQ,

I think you are making mistakes with your WVU/Baylor Pick. WVU may win this game outright. Only losted to Alabama and Oklahoma. BTW WVU probably has the toughest schedule in CFB.

Also think your FSU/ND pick is risky at best. FSU will win but Domer magic keeps it close at the end.

MMQ said...

I really struggle domer pick....I wanted to take the domers and the points SO BAD!!!! But, they really let me down last week against tarheels and they have NOT Performed ATS all season. Still, when domer's backs against the wall and all that...So, yeah, vulnerable. I also wanted to take WVU, but Baylor is just too good on offense. WVU could be exposed....