Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throw Back Thursday!

Regents Meet!

The Pizza Wars continue….Denise Illitch in her never ending fight to eliminate and banish the name “Dominos” from the entire English Language, gave a big juicy tidbit to the news yesterday that spread like wildfire on the internet and social media.  IF you haven’t seen the statement, here it is:

“The systems failed and there are a lot of issues we have to review.”

Reading between the lines:   

“Heh-heh, Dave.  I just got the most wonderful piece of news and MY bid for governor, if I so choose, or my guy that I want to back is now one up on you!”

And another source close to the Athletic Department confirmed that contact was made with 3 individuals about the AD job.  Don’t know why you’d be talking to someone without a move being eminent.

I received an e-mail from Jim G. commenting on my last post regarding Nick Roumel (I had no idea Jim and Nick were roommates!) and he also hoped that today would bring some sort of direction in the BranDictator situation:


I had a great time at your tailgate on Saturday, hope to make another this season.

I'm glad you mentioned punt/counterpunt. Nick was my roommate freshman and senior years and afterwards we rented houses together with Ken (counterpunt).  Ken and my tickets are together, Mike Clark and John met  Ken at the Neb. game last year.

Today is a big day, Regents meeting. Maybe we will get lucky.


Maybe we will…..

I’m Really Starting to Believe All Those “This One Time At Band Camp…” Stories

Jeez…ohio is going to extreme lengths to make sure there is no sexual tension or emphasis anywhere in its Marching Band.  Maybe they will start to separate the bandsentirely and have the “male” marching band to be followed by the “female”marching band? 

EDSBS’s Spencer Hall Attended the Michigan – PSU Game…

Andwrote about it and it’s a good read.  The sort of “objective”, non-connected and nothing to win or lose sort of take on Michigan and where it currently stands.  It’s long, but again, if you’re not doing anything at lunch…

My take on Spencer’s take?  It’s unfortunately incredibly accurate.  Too many issues to list and they’ve all lead us to HERE…Where ever that is.  And how we get back to anything resembling Michigan Football is going to take years…maybe a lifetime at this point.  I dunno….but bringing winning and domination back to the Big House would be a good start.
Throw Back Thursday?  My Kids Were Shocked When I Knew What It Was

Damn kids think I’m an old man and out of touch.  Well…Maybe…

But I know what Selfie-Sunday & Man-Crush Monday are….I’m ashamed to admit that on this particular blog…But, yeah, when you have girls, you end up knowing this kind of crap.  It just goes with the territory…

So here’s a Throwback Thursday thing….It’s a Favorite ESPN commercial from my college days….I remember seeing it for the first time wondering “Why in the hell would somebody make a commercial like this and what the hell are they advertising?  This is just WRONG!!!”  And then when the tag line finally appeared…it all made sense!
It’s a classic!!!

You had to love the ESPN “Without Sports” theme they had for a while.

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