Monday, October 29, 2012

Heartbreak Saturday

It’s kind of amazing, really. I couldn’t believe that at some point on Saturday night, the realization washed over me that 7 days and roughly 3 hours prior to the exact moment in time that I was presently in, roughly 11:30, I was one very happy person. That a mere week ago all was right with the world and I was actually looking toward the future and the potential that existed…

7 days and 3 hours later….

Not So Much…

Multiple reasons for my morass of emotion were playing out on TV screens all over the place. Visions of disbelief and worse, people who seemed genuinely happy with several outcomes that were completely baffling to me. One Michigan fan (which I had to explain to him that he was NOT a Michigan fan because of this) kept celebrating every Domer (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) score and fantastic play. Finally, unable to contain my frustration after another Tigers three up and three down coupled with a Michigan turn over and I confronted the guy.

“You call yourself a Michigan fan?” His reply. “Yeah, why?” I said, “Then why on God’s Green Earth are you HAPPY that the Domers are beating the Sooners? You should be pulling for Oklahoma if you’re a true Michigan fan.” And in response I got, “I don’t mind seeing Notre Dame win if they beat us and MSU. It makes us look better.”

My mind, or more importantly, my jaw stopped working. I simply didn’t know what to say or I was simply too drained to formulate an un-emotional, objective response to what I could only describe as a “Casual” Michigan Fan. Worse, I got the feeling this individual was a “casual” football fan as well. Meaning that he wouldn’t mind at all if the Domers played in the National Title game…And I so wanted to go where I’ve gone for the last 10 years. To explain how bad it would be for College Football to let Notre Dame into the National Title Game…

Which led me to the following thought picture:

Yeah…I know…It’s not pefect as the intersections assume some things that will neve be, but you get my point. On top of that, you had the Tigers getting beat again by the Giants…What’s happened to offense in this state??

I knew when DeRob went down that Michigan was in deep doo-doo. I was getting the feeling earlier when they couldn’t punch it into the end zone. Which makes (I don’t even like to type this) two games in a row where Michigan has NOT FOUND the End Zone…You know, that little strip at the end of the field with the writing in it…. It was another one of those games where nothing seemed to go right, yet everything was there for the taking. (Insert “Tigers” wherever “Michigan” appears in the last statement and you have a synopsis of the entire World Series, also.

So, what does it mean for Michigan going into the Final 4? Well, they have to win out in order to even have a shot at the B1G Title game. And they need a little help from their friends…Yeah, suddenly I’m rooting for Sparty on Saturday. And Minnesota and Iowa in subsequent weeks. Which means that Sparty is Michigan’s best shot at getting Nebraska back behind them in the Legends…..Yikes.

At one point I received a text from another fan that simply stated, “Every team I want to win tonight is losing….” And there were a lot of games to choose from. How can that be? As an avid fan, there should be one game out of the 6 or 7 that were on that you could say, “Okay, well…at least there’s THAT.”

I couldn’t find the one game on Saturday night that made me feel better….

So, what now for the….

BCS Mess

4 weeks to go in the regular season and looky who’s in the top 3 of the BCS…Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!), Satan’s Warriors and K-State. Before we get into all of the details, I’m going to sit on my original observation and would just love for the Domers to go undefeated and not make the National Title Game – and IF EVERYONE HOLDS SERVE AND DOES WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO, that should take care of itself. But, I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that 2012 is going to be a weird year. And the weirdness has only just begun.

1. Satan’s Warriors: No surprise here. Until they are beat, they’re in the Championship.
2. K-State: Some are surprised by this rank, but when you beat the Laters in Norman, well, Computers like that. And Shellacking WVU didn’t hurt…
3. DOMERS: I don’t know what to say here anymore…We are ALL DUCKS FANS! OR K-STATE FANS! And Alabama Fans….
4. DUCKS: Need more quality wins and they have to hope that the rest of their competition wins out…And this is the week against USC.
5. LSU: In a great position as the first 1 loss team
6. Georgia: Just in case they win out, the pollsters want to keep these guys up there…
7. GATORLAND: Told you….Gatorland can only be a spoiler…
8. USC…Best 7-2 in the BCS
9. Florida State: Needs LOTS OF HELP
10. Louisville: Enjoy It. Charlie Strong will be coaching in the SEC next Season…

The Rest of the Mess

Sparty vs. Wiscy: What, did Wiscy figure this game didn’t matter this year as it has a paved road to the B1G championship? This has turned into a real rivalry when Wiscy used to own Sparty in Madison…Don’t understand what Bielema is thinking

GATORLAND vs. Puppy Dawgs: So, let me get this straight: First, the Dawgs lose horribly to The Ole Ball Coach, then the Ole Ball Coach loses HORRIBLY to Gatorland…..If A>B>C, shouldn’t the outcome of this game been GATROLAND DESTROYS PUPPY DOGS? For the love of Mike….Where’s the logic anymore…

Ducks vs. Colorado: Beat the spread. Beat the over. And could have got to 100 as the final score was the same as it was to start the 3rd quarter meaning Chip Kelly called off the Ducks…..

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-SEC is eating their own…
-But Alabama won’t lose to MSU….
-Maybe, but no…
-Gene C. is so done at Auburn.
-Even with the $4M or so buyout…
-Texas A&M had to enjoy that victory…
-Washington is beating OSU? Come on BEAVERS!
-I like the Beavers…Really.
-Corvalis is just such a cool name for a city.
-Michigan is not looking good early.
-Come on! Catch the damn ball.
-Not another Field Goal.
-I like Gibbons, but why can’t this team punch it in?
-I think it goes back to Fitz…
-I won’t be sorry to see him go.
-I know he’s a senior and all, but I’m tired of thinking he’s going to get better.
-Tippy-toe into the line every time.
-This is Big 10 football.
-Put your head down and go.
-De-Rob….Say it isn’t so.
-This is approximately when I gave up.
-I didn’t think Bellomy was that bad…all things considered.
-All right….Maybe 44 yards after Bellomy took the field isn’t good…
-It wasn’t a good game.
-Kudos to the Husker Defensive Strategy “All Blitz, All the Time” once Bellomy took the field.
-This is what happens when you don’t have a running game (or Back).
-Get Fitz out of there….
-Is Devin all done at QB?
-Don’t Show the Latimore injury anymore…PLEASE…
-My stomach has been queasy from the first time I saw it…
-And they keep showing it…again and again and again…
-That has to totally suck…
-I guess the bright side is he’s alive? And with luck…can maybe play again?
-I dunno…Violent, nasty sport when looked at from that perspective.
-All thoughts and prayers going out to Latimore family…
-Final 4…Michigan Needs to win them all.
-And suddenly, Minnesota looks good. Frosh QB lit up Purdue.
-And Iowa is always tough.
-And I was most afraid of Northwestern going into the last 4 games.
-Not to mention OSU.
-Jeez…Can Michigan win one of those to get bowl eligible?
-At least two are at home…

More Idle Thoughts From the Weekend….

-Tigers ran into a buzz saw…
-And its name was the San Franciso Giants.
-As good as it felt to sweep the Yankees…I now know how the Yankee fans felt.
-One game would have at least dulled the ache a little…

The Hot Seat

For the first time all season, the weekly nominee DID NOT HOLD SERVE! Which means that Lacey Chabert has a shot of winning in the last 4 weeks, but if you don’t win your nomination week, well, you can pretty much kiss the finals good bye…

This week’s nominee caught the MMQ’s eye in several movies where I went, “Hey…who is that?” She was in Couple’s Retreat with a huge ensemble cast, The Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller, and most recently, Rock of Ages as the Rolling Stone reporter that does the deed with Stacy Jaxx….Without further ado: Malin Akerman!


One big Change: I moved Chizik to Numero Uno in honor of the A&M beatdown. John L will survive his contract, but Chizik might just lose his job first. Also, we might change the name of this to the “Race for Charlie Strong list.”

1. Gene Chizik: Losing to the Hawgs AND MSU in the same year gets you on the list…National Championships be damned! Question is: Who does Aburn, actually, anyone get if they fire the guys on this list? Petrino?
2. John L Smith – He’s only on a 10 month contract, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they canned him before then…To hire….WHO?
3. Derek Dooley: Needs a MAJOR win in the SEC
4. Mack Brown: I know, I know. But you didn’t think they would fire Joe Pa, either. Believe the MMQ when I say that his retirement or canning is nearer than you think…
5. Frank Spaziani: BC is a proud school that doesn’t get a lot of attention…. Until you lose to ARMY….And get a new AD looking to make a name for himself.
6. The Old Ball Coach: Can’t lose to your Alma Mater by double digits and not feel some heat.
6. (Tie) Paul Johnson. GT’s season has been an up and down roller coaster and losing to Middle Tennessee State should have had him on the list earlier…But he’s here now.
7. Pasqualoni – UCONN This team has not gotten better and only gotten a LOT worse since their Fiesta Bowl appearance two years ago…
8. Randy Edsall: Maryland is going to start thinking that with the ACC as screwed up as it is, why aren’t we winning more football games?
9. Kevin Wilson: But can Indiana really expect much more? Really?
10. Joker Phillips: Because someone at Kentucky cares….
11Brett Beilema – Wiscy. His fans have expectations now. Losing to MSU at home?
12. Tedford


I know my Ducks and that’s all I can say. I don’t know Michigan, Wiscy or Oklahoma….How could all of them let me down? All I know is there’s some jack-ass out there cackling with glee on the other side of all this….

Ducks (-45) at Colorado: It turns out this was the only game I should have bet on!

Take Oregon and lay the 45 for $100…WIN: Bank $190
Take the over (67) for $50…WIN: Bank $95

Sparty at Wiscy (-6.5):
Take Wiscy and lay the 6.5 for $50…LOSE

Michigan (+2.5) @ CORNSUCKERS:
Take Michigan and the 2.5 for $60….LOSE

Domers (+9.5 – Opening. Today: +12) @ Laters:
Take the Laters and lay the 9.5 for $60….LOSE

Ducks – Laters – Ducks & Buffs OVER for $20….LOSE

Starting Bank:   $492.50
TOTAL WIN:   $285
Bank:                $777.50

Early Monday Odds

Texas Tech (+7) vs. Texas
Stanford (-27.5) @ Colorado
Iowa (+1) @ Indiana (I know…I had to read it twice, also)
Cornhuskers @ Sparty (-1.5)
Oregon (-7) @ USC Pitt (+17.5) @ DomersMichigan @ Minnesota (Pick-Em)….Jeez, This I can’t believe. I guess I have to take Michigan here today.

Special Comment: If you aren’t clicking on the “Great Moments in Michigan Football History” link, here’s what you either missed or are about to miss:

October 27th: Wrangler to Carter against Indiana, 1979
October 30th: Braylonfest against MSU
November 3rd: Clockgate

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