Friday, October 26, 2012

Cornsucker Friday!

Well….A few people e-mailed and said I was too hard on Sparty in Monday’s write up. A LOT of people e-mailed and said, “YEAH, BABY!” So, the Ayes have it with respect to how Sparty needed to be put in their place after 4 years of misery in the State of Michigan.

Kind of makes you wonder how Sparty will deal with that against Wiscy this weekend. Did you kow: The Italian Stallion (Dantonio) hadn’t lost BACK TO BACK B1G games in his 4 years at Spartyland? That’s kind of an impressive statistic. And now, he has an opportunity to lose 3 in a row. Wiscy is playing better than the early season and Sparty NEVER does well in Madison. Those are some of the worst blow-outs in Sparty history. So, again, I ask the question: Is this SOS or are we going to see something special Saturday?

I want to type GO TIGERS with enthusiasm, but anyone who watched the first two games knows what I’m feeling right now - and I know how you're feeling, too. After witnessing what can only be described as a Six Sigma event on Wednesday night (Ball hitting the bag and Kung Fu Panda hitting 3 HR’s...Like ANY OF THAT that happens all the time…) we had to endure Thursday night and the freakish line drive that went off Fister’s melon and into the outfield. How that guy was still standing and was able to keep hurling it is amazing to me. I guess it looked worse on TV than it actually was? But how?

Anyway, I haven’t given up hope on the Tigers and can only speculate that the colder weather will help us more than it does San Fran….

Enough about all that’s happening in Sports and on to this week’s picks!

(Side note: I don’t know what is happening with the Hot Seat Mascot Voting. I have an inquiry in to figure out what happened and hopefully get it corrected.)

This Week’s Picks:

Ducks (-45) at Colorado: Ducks will roll the Buffs…But can they cover? I think this game is going to get ugly. Colorado ranks DEAD LAST in Defense in Division 1A (that's number 158 - and they are probably worse than that). And we know what the Ducks can do on Offense. Not to mention that Chip Kelly is PISSED that the Ducks dropped in the BCS Standings. Look for an ugly, ugly beat down of the poor Buffs….Seriously. It could get to triple digits. I feel so strongly about this that we’re going a little off the page here and betting more than we should…Something about never looking a gift horse in the mouth….
Take Oregon and lay the 45 for $100
Take the over (67) for $50

Sparty at Wiscy (-6.5): Sparty has ALWAYS had a hard time playing in Madison, as mentioned above, and SOS is back in the HOUSE! Let’s just lock this on in at 6.5 and go with the Badgers! I did that on Monday and the line has moved to 6. I thought it would move the other way (the Badgers having to lay more) but Vegas is impressed with Sparty’s ability to keep it close. I still like the Badgers in cold weather in Madison
Take Wiscy and lay the 6.5 for $50

OSU at PSU (-2.5): Is Braxton in or out? Frankly, doesn’t matter. In what is being tabbed as the B1G’s “Violation Bowl”, I’m thinking that PSU might be the better team, but I simply can’t trust them to do what they are supposed to do. If Braxton plays, that will be the first time PSU has seen him and it may pose problems for that defense. PASS

Michigan (+2.5) @ CORNSUCKERS: I think Michigan is on a roll…This would almost put B1G Legends out of reach. I always like Michigan getting points, especially with DeRob at the controls and even though we whiffed last week with the Maize and Blue, after watching part of last year’s game against these same Cornsuckers, I’m liking Michigan. Look for the Defense to get after Martinez…
Take Michigan and the 2.5 for $60

Domers (+9.5 – Opening. Today: +12) @ Laters: I’m glad I jumped on this line early on Monday. That’s a huge point spread move and that means wise guy money is betting the Laters HARD. This game has been talked about and built up so much that I think it’s beginning to look like the classic “Close match-up on paper that turns into a blow-out.” Stoops needs a BIG WIN to settle his critics and nobody thought the Domers could run the table this year. I had them at 10 wins thinking they could beat the Laters, but now….Not so much. Still 10 wins, but this is the week the Domers go down…Bad.
Take the Laters and lay the 9.5 for $60


I’m avoiding Michigan this week, but going with three that I feel most strongly on:

Ducks – Laters – Ducks & Buffs OVER for $20

Starting Bank:   $832.50
TOTAL BET:    $340
Bank:                 $492.50

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