Monday, October 8, 2012

Black Saturday Redux - 2012 Style!

Wow….What a Saturday for College Football! That is, if you like seeing ranked teams play against each other and other ranked teams lose to teams they had no business losing too!

First, Michigan. That was a game that did three things:

1. Re-established the confidence of De Rob. That was a MUST after what happened at the Domers. A few fans texted (and called!) and stated that Michigan didn’t throw the ball enough. Well, based on what happened last time out, I think they threw it exactly as many times as needed.
2. Truly established the Defense and gave them a load of confidence looking ahead to the B1G schedule. I was totally jacked when Taylor grabbed the pass into the flat and went for 6. That’s Michigan Defense of old.
3. Gave Michigan a 1-0 record in the B1G. Which is much better than starting with a loss. Which, I guess, goes without saying. But if you watched Game Day and the pundits, you would have thought Purdon’t was going to win the B1G this year. I’m not exactly sure where that was coming from, but I’m glad to see that Michigan was the first to expose Purdon’t for what they are: Charlatans.

Anyway, I ‘m suddenly extremely confident with Illinois coming into the Big House for Homecoming and I am also looking forward to Sparty for the first time in a long time…But before I get too far ahead of myself and based on the fact that the Michigan – Purdon’t game was more or less off in my house for the 4th quarter, let’s get to
The Rest of the Mess

Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) vs. Convicts: This game, I will state right here, would have ended a lot different had Dorsett caught one of the two passes that he dropped in the first 6 plays of the game. I think the Domers have yet to be tested by a really good QB and this observer believes the secondary is incredibly suspect. With Stanford and the Rubbers coming up, I think the Domer fall from grace is going to be ugly when it happens….

Sparty vs. IU: I guess Sparty watched last year’s tape of the 53-3 game and figured, “These guys really suck and we don’t have to show up.” After spotting IU 17 points, they kind of woke up and started playing. I’m really wondering what kind of team Sparty is this year. To play the Suckeyes close and then come out against a team that hasn’t looked like anything but warmed up dog doo all season and go down 17, well, I just don’t know. It’s clearly not the sign of a B1G Champion.

GATORLAND vs. LMU: It would appear that a huge pre-season favorite, LMU, is simply another average team in the SEC West based on the fact that Les has either had to throw too many key people off the team or GATORLAND is back! I’m not ready to state that GATORLAND is alive and well, but they beat a team they needed to beat to remain undefeated. LMU now has an SEC loss and will probably just eek their way into the top 10 of the BCS. Speaking of dropping out of the National Title Hunt..

FSU vs. NC State: Jimbo Fisher’s seat just warmed up a bit, but it’s not yet “Hot”. I expected an “Oops” from the Seminoles at some point this season as they have always found one game on the schedule to lose. I didn’t think it would be to NC State, but hey…You never know, do you…

Suckeyes vs. Cornsuckers: Urban wins a points race in his 2nd B1G game. Is anyone going to step up and spoil this Cinderella season in the B1G? Bo is one of the coaches that can expect a visit from the AD this week. Fire Bo Pelini (Who is a Nebraska Man) websites have started popping up. Can’t win the Big Game is the claim. And is now out of the top 25 and scrambling in the B1G. If you recall, Bo Pelinin could’ve probably had his pick of one of several jobs in the SEC when he was the Defensive Coordinator at LSU. MY guess is that part of the reason that Ozzy retired is due to the fact that he doesn’t want to have to be the one that let’s Bo go….Going to have to add him to the Hot Seat.

I had to add this due to the fact that I was alerted to it and reminded of some of the GREAT halftime shows that Michiagn USED to put on.... when the school of animal husbandry would get involved....Michigan Marching Band!  Are you up to the Challenge?  I have to admit:  This is pretty cool!  Even for a bunch of Suckeyes....

HAWGS vs. Auburn: Gene Chiczik’s name is going on the Hot Seat this week as well. Gene has lost the Auburn faithful and nobody looks very good on that team. And if you lose to a 1-4 Hawgs team in what can only be described as humiliating fashion, well, you have to figure the AD might just be coming to give you a progress report sometime this week. And a final “Add” or move up for the Hot Seat:

GAMECOCKS vs. puppy dawgs: The “Fire Richy Rich” bandwagon is getting prepped for the coming week of “GET RID OF THIS GUY!” I figured the Cocks were going to have their hands full with the puppy dawgs based on the Cocks performances against Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Talk about your week to week teams…The Cocks looked good enough on Saturday to win the SEC. Which means one of two things: They are good or the puppy dawgs are indeed, really, really bad. I wish I knew which.

Northwestern – PSU: Another undefeated and ranked B1G team gets knocked out of the top 25 by a team that, frankly, deserves a little love. PSU has taken so much crap (and the kids playing have nothing to do with any of it) that the MMQ finds himself in the weird position of rooting for this team. It’s really screwy based on the fact that I used loved to see PSU lose, but now find myself on the other side.

WVU vs. Shorthorns: Mack Brown’s seat just got a little hotter (again, top 25 team losing) and Geno Smith just moved to the front of the line, in my opinion, for the Heismann. Everyone else was anointing him, but, come on, WVU really hadn’t played anyone yet. Baylor wasn’t that good. However, sooner or later, Geno is going to have a bad day and the WVU defense is going to have to step up and win a Big 12 game. I’m not yet convinced that they can go undefeated in the Big 12.

Cal vs. UCLA: UCLA is ranked for the first time in forever and they lose to a CAL team that has a hard time figuring out who they are….Mora maybe isn’t the genius everyone thought he was….

K-State vs. Kansas: the Jayhawks finally learn why Chuckles Weis was available. I’d love to put him on the Hot Seat, but I believe that Kansas needs to give him at least 2 seasons….

Duckies vs. Washington: While Washington was ranked in the top 25, did anyone think that Kelly’s Heroes weren’t going to romp in this one? I wish I had laid the points here instead of taking Sparty….Learning my lesson the hard way…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

 -Sparty, what the hell are you doing?
-Imploding it looks like….
-I guess Suckeyes took more out of them than anyone thought?
-Finally getting your act together?
-De-Rob doing what De-Rob does best….Run first, pass second.
-I’m not saying he can’t pass, but the facts speak for themselves.
-D-Rob is 500 yards away from becoming leading QB rusher in the NCAA.
-He finally surpassed Antwan Randle El, who played 8 seasons at Indiana.
-1st all time in the B1G.
-Yeah, let’s make him a passer first and runner second….
-That makes sense…NOT!
-And the argument that he can’t make it through the B1G rushing all the time?
-I’m tired of hearing it. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t.
-Otherwise, don’t try to change the Tiger’s stripes…(More on that in a minute!)
-Defense is stepping up today.
-Where’s this Purdon’t offense that I heard so much about?
-Where again?
-Jake Ryan is all over the field…
-As was texted to me: I Like that Kid!
- That was fun! I can’t remember the last pick 6 Michigan had…
- I might have to look that up.
-Unless there’s someone out there that can remember…
- Kovacs playing banged up is still better than no Kovacs.
-Gatorland vs. LMU is an ugly brawl…
-The Ole Ball Coach is sticking it to Richy Rich
-Why does this seem to happen to Georgia once a season?
-They come out and look like total garbage and you figure they will lose to anyone tough…
-Then, then they play everyone close and upset somebody….
-Do they just need the wake up call every season?
-Auburn is in trouble. Check that: Chiczik is in BIG TROUBLE!
-SEC is kind of a mess.
-Unless you’re Florida or Satan’s Warriors.
-I’m starting to think that maybe, maybe Satan’s Warriors could have problems with somebody this season.
-Meaning: They’re gonna lose….
-CONVICTS! Catch the damn FOOTBALL!
-Especially when it hits you in the hands!
-Puppy dawgs can’t get ANYTHING going…
-Did they even prepare for this team?
-Can the Ole Ball Coach win the SEC?
-He has to be thinking end of career soon…Doesn’t he?
-And this team…With that Defense led by Clownet and Offense with Lattimore...
-Well, that’s a recipe that works in the SEC…Amirite?
-I wish they played Satan’s Warriors regular season.
-Quick Scan of the Schdule: Gamecocks only have LSU and Gatorland left that present a challenge…
-Oh, yeah, and those pesky Cremesicles who I said would beat somebody…And Clemson.
-Uh-oh…Mack Brown might have found himself on the Hot Seat List
-Texas fans are getting impatient.
-And it’s not good when one bunch of Hillbillies comes in and beats another bunch of hillbillies.
-Or are Texans more rednecks than hillbillies?
-Someone clarify.
-But Mack and his coaching ability in “the Big Game” is definitely going to be discussed this week.
-And really, he should probably hang it up.

More Idle Thoughts From the Weekend….

-Coco Crisp flubbing that fly ball was awesome!
-Benoit letting a run score on wild pitch...notsomuch...
-Most important game in a 5 game series?
-Game 3. An argument can be made for game 4. And I get that….
-You’re either winning the series or forcing another game.
-I’ve been explaining to my daughters why game 2 (in a three game match) in volleyball is so important.
-Can’t get over the number of coaches (and parents) that think winning the first game is so critical.
-Sorry, this guy doesn’t see it that way.
-I have convinced half the crowd that my way of thinking is correct.…Isn’t that always the case though?
-There’s just some people whose minds you’ll never change…
-Game 2 in a three game series is it.
-Game 3 (or 4) in a 5 game.
-Game 5 in a 7 game series. That one has more to do with a series being tied and then being up 3-2 and having to win 1 of the last two….
The Hot Seat

Once again, the New Weekly Nominee holds serve putting 5 out of the 6 Hot Seat Mascots into the finals! That’s pressure for the new weekly nominee, I don’t care who you are! This week’s nominee, while not an uncommon name, was someone that caught my eye this summer in the Avengers (I know, another one from that movie). She was wearing an outfit early in the movie that the MMQ is just an extreme sucker for: Cut-off Jean shorts with a loose fitting top. I scoured the internet for a photo of her in that outfit and I’m still looking but suffice it to say that when I saw Gwynneth Paltrow in that white blouse / cut-off short get up, well, I knew she was going to be Week #6 Nominee!!!


1. John L Smith – He’s only on a 10 month contract, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they canned him before then…
2. Derek Dooley: Derek needed a W against Florida. He needed it really bad. I’m not sure he survives another season if the Vols don’t make a bowl.
3. Gene Chiczik: Losing to the Hawgs this year gets you on the list…National Championships be damned!
4. Mark Richt: Just because he will lose some game he’s not supposed to and the annual “Fire Mark Richt” bandwagon will get a spit polish and a coat of paint…
5. Mack Brown: I know, I know. But you didn’t think they would fire Joe Pa, either. Believe the MMQ when I say that his retirement or canning is nearer than you think…
5. (Tie) Bo Pelini....Can't go 1-1 in the B1G and lose to UCLA in the same season.
6. Brett Beilema – Wiscy. His fans have expectations now. Can’t lose to the Cornsuckers when you’re up 27-10.
7. Tedford: Only Hot Seat Coach to lose in Week 1!! But I can’t move him above Kelly.
8. Randy Edsall: Maryland is going to start thinking that with the ACC as screwed up as it is, why aren’t we winning more football games?
9. Kevin Wilson: But can Indiana really expect much more? Really?
10. Tubberville: Yeah, he’ll have a defense, but those people at Texas Tech are used to FIREWORKS!!!!!
11. Dabo Sweeney: Either find a defense or find a new job…
12. Joker Phillips: Because someone at Kentucky cares….
13. Frank Spaziani: BC is a proud school that doesn’t get a lot of attention….


The FMQ is in a slump. That’s all there is to it. I need a Slump Buster or something. And I’m open to suggestions…. I had such confidence in the Domer –Convicts bet. I watched the convicts against G-Tech and they looked good. It’s the case of yet another team being up one minute and down the next. My only good pick this past week was Michigan, and I wasn’t even that confident in that one. I had way more faith in Sparty than I should have. Let’s get to it and look at some early lines:

Miami (+13) vs. Domers:
Take Miami and the 13 points for $75
LOSE….didn’t see the Convicts playing this bad…

Sparty (-14) @ IU:
Take Sparty and lay the 14 for $60
Ditto For Sparty. What the hell….Is everyone playing to the level of their competition this year?

Michigan (-3) @ Purdon’t:
Take Michigan and lay the 3 for $50.
Should have bet the house here and I would have been a genius!

3 Team Parlay pays 6 to 1.
UM – SPARTY - MIAMI for $30 - LOSE

Starting Bank: $535
Total Win: $95
Bank: $630

Opening Lines:

Michigan (-21) vs. Illini: I’m thinking I’ll lay points here…up to 24. So, I’m taking this one today at 21.
NWU (-3) @ Gophers: I’m taking NWU this AM and laying the 3.
Gamecocks (-2.5) @ LMU: This one is on my radar…If it goes to even…I’m taking the Ole Ball Coach.
Stanford (+10) @ Domers: This is SO TEMPTING….
FSU (-28) vs. BC: Boston College sucks…And FSU is going to be looking for Style Points….

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