Monday, October 1, 2012

Bye's Are A Good Thing…..

Bye weeks are always fun! I get to enjoy college games without having a vested, emotional interest in the outcome of one particular game and I think it allows me to watch the weekends match-ups with a little more objectivity.

What I learned: The B1G isn’t good. The good teams are bad…The losing teams are worse. But I want to see this conference in 2 to 3 more years…

SEC: The Good teams are AWESOME and the bad teams are going to surprise some people.

Big 12: The Good teams aren’t that good and the Bad teams are looking more and more like good teams in an upside down conference.

Beast: You figure it out….

PAC 12: There are teams in the PAC 12 that play really well certain weeks and then look like warmed up dog doo-doo in other weeks. With the exception of 1 team and their 2nd half performances: Oregon. I’m convinced they are too small and undersized at several positions. But they continue to run a sprinter’s pace at you until you collapse sometime in the 2nd half. Amazing team to watch….

ACC: I’m really not sure WHO wants to win this conference besides FSU and Clemson. VaTech is looking worse each week….But I’m sure they are going to spoil it for somebody.

It’s going to be a roller coaster of a middle season with Conference play getting into full swing this coming month. A lot of deciding games will be played and leaders will pull ahead in the standings. But I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see not so “Shocking” late third of the season upsets by the bottom tier teams…Of course, I guess you can say that every year about this great game!

The Rest of the Mess

Sparty – Suckeyes: How screwed up is the B1G that Michigan fans have to root for the team we truly hate against another team we hate? Normally, I’d like to see the Suckeyes lose to everybody…. Somehow, I guess this is supposed to make me feel better. A division loss for Sparty is better for Michigan that an OSU loss…But I hate the Suckeyes….

Cremesicles vs. Dawgs: Dooley still hasn’t won an SEC game, but this was closer than what most folks predicted. I suspect that Mr. Dooley’s Ice Cream spectacular is going to surprise somebody this year…And I have an idea as to who that someone might be….

Wiscy - Nebraska: It’s too bad that Nebraska hasn’t come in and owned the B1G…I think that would have more or less convinced everyone that the B1G isn’t that good…Now, there’s doubts when a double digit dog Wiscy team rolls into Lincoln and almost pulls off the upset. If I’m a cornsucker this AM, I’m a nervous nelly for the rest of the season…
Northwestern – IU: Talk about your reversals…the Lazy Z’s actually have a pretty good team this year and Indiana looks like something from the FCS conference. I guess now that basketball is somewhat back at IU people simply don’t care….But where were the Northwestern fans? It was a gorgeous day in Chicago…Come on fans! You have a top 25 undefeated team here!

Okie State – Shorthorns: Yes, it was a fumble. Yes, Okie State fans have a right to bitch. Yes, Texas is “sort of” back, but they won’t win the Big 12. If I’m an Okie Stater, I’m pissed this AM….

Oregon – Wazzzoooooo: Mr. Leach – Welcome to the PAC 12. Colorado somehow beats you and the Ducky Machine ran up your back side and treated you like a rag doll in the 2nd half. Will the Ducks survive the PAC and get the nod (again) for the National Title game? And can that offense work against Satan’s Warriors?

WVU – Baylor: Thanks a lot you idiots. Michigan vs. Illinois held the previous record for the most points scored in a football game when they left their defenses on the bench. Why even put a defense on the field? Amirite????

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-"Game Day" signs are ALL hating on Michigan.
-Instead of just displaying signs for their own teams…
-What do you get when you put a field of OSU and Sparty Fans and Grads together on Saturday morning?
-Besides obnoxious boos whenever Desmond is on?
-A bunch of closed McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, and Duncan Donuts….
-See, that’s where Sparty Grads and OSU grads work
-(Sorry Michigan Fans et al, I have to explain these subtleties to the Sparties and Suckeyes reading this.)
-I know, I know....we should all just be happy they can read.
-What’s on at noon?
-Iowa is DESTROYING Minnesota. I thought Iowa was bad?
-Not when Floyd’s on the line, I guess.
-Northwestern is just beating up on Indiana…
-The FMQ is looking smart! Finally….maybe it’s ‘cause Michigan isn’t playing?
-And Michigan doesn’t play Indiana on the schedule again until when????
-I’m ready for round robin B1G play….
-Of course, that’s the year IU will be good…
-Sparty’s Offense looks…in a word…Offensive.
-Their defense seems to be shutting down Braxton.
-Will Braxton ever finish a season in the B1G un-injured….I mean healthy?
-This is a conundrum. Watched part of OSU-Sparty with Sparty slappy…
-Told me I had to root for Sparty because I hate OSU.
-Went through the division thing with him…
-Then asked him who HE rooted for when Michigan played OSU…
-I didn’t get a response.
-Screw Sparty.
-How did Wiscy-Nebraska get the night slot?
-I figured Sparty-OSU, too.
-Except that would have been Sparty’s third night game this season.
-That’s probably why…
-Wiscy rolling. The FMQ is looking smarter!
-The Ole Ball Coach got a bit of a scare from Kentucky…Just a bit…
-Oregon is not clicking in the first half….
-Nap Time…
-Oregon 2nd half – WHEEEEEEE!!!!!
-FMQ is a friggin’ genius!
-Parlay too!
-Jeez…I hate Chip Kelly’s defense…
-Methinks, and I’m not going out on a huge limb here, but it could be an Alabama-Ducks National Title.
-Wait a minute…There’s still WAY too much football to be played before we go making dumb predictions.

More Idle Thoughts From the Weekend….

-I believe the magic number is “2”. Wins for Tigers or losses for Sox….
-With 4 games left.
-Making the Sox magic number….6? Somebody else help me with the math here….
-Go USA! Ryder Cup looks like a lock….
-Wait a minute. WTF….Can’t we win one of these things?
-If I’m a kick-off return or punt return man, I can’t WAIT to play the Lions….
-Play-off clock is ticking with each loss…1-3 is a bad way to start.
-Mickelson, Furyk, Woods…Ya’ll suck…
-I guess Golf just isn’t a good team sport for the USA….
-Are the Saints out of the playoffs? 0-4 isn’t a good omen.
-It means you have to win at least 9 or 10 out of the last 12 to have a shot...Not good...

The Hot Seat

I love having to select a Hot Seat Mascot every week…But I don’t want to deny the fans from providing input in case there’s someone you want to see on the screen! Shoot me any suggestions and as always, they will be considered for weekly nomination.

Without exception, each Hot Seat Mascot Nominee this year has won her introductory week! That might be record…I would need to look it up. Which means that we have 4 nominees in the finals and a new nominee that will turn some heads in Week 5. Kristen Bell first caught my attention in the movie “Couples Retreat” and I actually caught it again on cable. She’s easy on the eyes and I think is worthy of nomination. As always, be sure to vote!

Well, not a whole lot of shake-ups to the rankings this week, but I guess I need to put Joker Phillips on the list because someone at Kentucky might actually care about winning….

1. John L Smith – He’s only on a 10 month contract, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they canned him before then…
2. Derek Dooley: Derek needed a W against Florida. He needed it really bad. I’m not sure he survives another season if the Vols don’t make a bowl.
3. Tedford: Only Hot Seat Coach to lose in Week 1!! But I can’t move him above Kelly.
4. Randy Edsall: Maryland is going to start thinking that with the ACC as screwed up as it is, why aren’t we winning more football games?
5. . Kevin Wilson: But can Indiana really expect much more? Really?
6. Brett Beilema – Wiscy. His fans have expectations now. Can’t lose to the Cornsuckers when you’re up 27-10.
7. Frank Spaziani: BC is a proud school that doesn’t get a lot of attention….
8. Mark Richt: Just because he will lose some game he’s not supposed to and the annual “Fire Mark Richt” bandwagon will get a spit polish and a coat of paint…
9. Kelly, Brian: I know…I dropped Brian down a long way…Had to. He went 3-0 vs. B1G. That’s huge in Domer land.
10. Tubberville: Yeah, he’ll have a defense, but those people at Texas Tech are used to FIREWORKS!!!!!
11. Dabo Sweeney: Either find a defense or find a new job…
12. Mack Brown: I know, I know. But you didn’t think they would fire Joe Pa, either. Believe the MMQ when I say that his retirement or canning is nearer than you think…
13. Joker Phillips: Because someone at Kentucky cares….

I wanted so badly for this to work. I can’t BELIEVE that WAZOO scored a late TD and screwed up what would have otherwise been a perfect week. Still, I like the way it worked out with three teams and got us positive for the first time this year.

Northwestern (-13.5) vs. Indiana:
Take Northwerstern and lay the 13.5 for $60
Easy cover by the Kitty Kats…Might keep them on my radar for the rest of the B1G season…WIN: Bank $114

Wiscy (+14) @ Nebraska:
Take Wiscy and the 14 for $40
Good call here, too. Wiscy should have won this game. WIN: Bank $76

Oregon (-28) @ Wazoo:
Take Oregon and lay the 28 for $60.
No….NO….NO!!!! Stop that idiot!....Jeez…so close. Lose….

3 Team Parlay pays 6 to 1.
NWU – WISCY - DUCKS for $10 - LOSE

Starting Bank: $560
Total win: $190
Bank: $750

Early Monday Odds (no picks YET):

NWU (-3.5 ) @ PSU…I’m suddenly a huge NWU fan…Or not
Arkansas (+10) @ Auburn…Doesn’t Arkansas HAVE to win an SEC game this year?
Michigan (-3) @ Purdue….Laying points on the Road?
Sparty (-14) @ IU….Does Sparty right the ship or do they lay down?
Miami (+14) @ Domers….This could be interesting. If I had to pick a winner, I pick Miami…but what do I know?
LSU (-2) @ GATORLAND….I’ll stick with Les until he proves me wrong…

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