Friday, October 12, 2012

Illini Friday and.....GO TIGERS!

Coming to you almost alive as I might have had one or two too many cocktails last night as I watched the TIGERS beat Oakland. For anyone that couldn’t make it through the entire game, I stayed awake and made sure the Tigers didn’t screw it up….I think this is my favorite photo (and caption) of this guy!

Anyway, on to more important things like College Football and who I’m taking this week. I had some early picks that I’m not entirely sure about at this point based on weather reports all over the country. However, that can’t stop us from wagering! Last week’s results were abysmal and we will try to rectify the situation and get into the black as we head through the half way mark of the season.

This Week’s Picks:

NWU (-3.5) @ Gophers: I got the Kitty Kats on Monday and only had to lay 3. This is another one of those games where weather could be a factor. However, I believe that NWU got the wake up call at PSU that they needed and they will be back with a vengeance looking for a bowl bid.
Take the Kitty Kats and lay the 3 for $40

Gamecocks (-2.5) @ LMU: This one is on my radar…If it goes to even…I’m taking the Ole Ball Coach. Unfortunately, this line hasn’t moved…But the early line on this game two weeks ago had LSU GIVNG 7! Which means there’s a ton of value taking LSU getting points at home…Problem is, that Gatorland game is too fresh in my mind to forget how truly awful LSU looked as is the Puppy Dawg BEATDOWN that happened on Saturday. As much as I would love to take the Madd Hatter and the points at home….PASS

FSU (-28) vs. BC: Boston College sucks…And FSU is going to be looking for Style Points….Here’s another one that I would probably jump on were it not for the fact that FSU looked awful at NC State. And I can’t seem to shake it. Yeah, they’re home and they got their wake up call….But can they cover the 28? And I just can’t bring myself to flip and take BC and the points on the road….PASS

Stanford (+7.5) @ Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): The line opened at 10 and I didn’t jump….I truly believe that the Domers are beatable and not worthy of a top 10 ranking. In fact, if you have seen any of the BCS ranking previews, several of the computers have the Domers in FIRST PLACE! I really think that Stanford’s Defense rises to the occasion and shows the Domers that their offense isn’t all that….Against an ACC team, yes. Against a stingy Stanford “D” that held USC to under 250 yards….I’m liking Stanford here.
Take Stanford and the 7.5 for $40.

Michigan (TODAY: -25 Monday: -21) vs. Illini: On Monday I said: I’m taking the points here…up to 24.
So, I took this one on Monday and laid the 21. I was lucky I jumped on the 21, but now with the call for rain, I’m really concerned about how the weather could impact the scoring in this game. The Illini are toast, but that’s usually when they rear up and give Michigan a great game making me think the Illini can cover the 21. I’m stumped here as I would like to hedge my bet, so I’m doing something I normally would NEVER do with DeRob driving the bus. I’m going to take the UNDER which is sitting at 48.5 points in addition to the line bet. If Michigan doesn’t cover, my guess is that neither team ends up scoring that much. Of course, these are the two teams that recently held the record for the most points ever scored in a football game…So am I an idiot? I think Michigan, at least, shows up with a defense. Which should make the difference.

Take Michigan and lay the 21 for $30
Taking the under (48.5) for $30


No Parlays till we post a winning week.

Starting Bank: $535
Total Bet: $140
Bank: $395

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