Friday, October 19, 2012


Sparty. A blip in this season’s journey or something else? Sparty’s defense is much better than what we’ve seen the last two weeks. But there was a LOT that was learned, also, with respect to what their weaknesses are this season and what they can and can't do. In addition, I believe that the snap count timing that Sparty used so successfully last year will not be available to them this year….All THAT being said, I think DeRob let’s out 3 years of frustration on the Green and White and they are this year’s Domer Dish for the offense…

Just a hunch. But more on that in a minute.

The Tigers are AL CHAMPS as of this writing and I’m happy to say I was a "witness"! Thanks to two tickets falling into a friend's lap I was able to be there and take in the moment. Having never been to a World Series game, I must say that being at Division Championship Clinching Game was as close as you can get. Fantastic moment and the Stanks never even showed up. With respect to the term “Mailing It In”, well, the Yankees just redefined it with 4 games of unspirited play. Most interesting stat: MVP of the AL Playoffs – Delmon Young. Delmon singlehandedly batted in more runs in the Detroit - New York Series then the Yankees scored in all 4 games….Incredible! Go Get’em Tigers! Bring on the Cards or the Giants!

By the way, here’s a little something to smile at on this Friday morning!

                                          AL DIVISION CHAMPS!
(Jeez....I need to lose weight!)
This Week’s Picks:

Cornsuckers (+4) @ NWU: Northwestern breathing easy after making a bowl…Cornsuckers need a W! I still feel this way and I believe that the TRUE BIG RED is going to show up in Chicago…Along with all their fans. Look for the upset here and this is one of those where I wish there was a money line…
Take the Huskers and the 4 for $50

BYU (+14) @ Domers: BYU was a pre-season top 10 this year….Is there value here? Domers might be looking ahead to the Sooners…I really, REALLY want to take BYU and the points, but the Domer defense and questionable road offense of BYU (I watched the Boise State game) gives me a reason to pause. But BYU has a stingy D, also, making me think there just might be some money to be made taking the points….
Take BYU and the 14 for $25

Sooners (-34.5) vs. Kansas: This might be a lock…Sooners looking for style points win huge or will they trip looking ahead to the Domers? I am thinking more the former and I think that Kansas is UNBELIEVABLY bad this year…aka: Illinois. This isn’t a question of how bad it will be, but when will Super Stooper put the scrubs in and how much will they score?
Take the Sooners and lay the 34.5 for $30.

MICHIGAN (-9.5) vs. MSU: Is it SOS or will this end up being a game? I only have to lay the 9.5 and I think this is a GREAT bet. The O/U is 48.5…which is also interesting. If it turns into a slug fest, which it could, our offense should be better able to deal with Sparty’s D this year and run a ball control keep ramming it down their throat type of game…. In addition to the fact that our D should shut down Sparty’s already anemic offense….

Take Michigan and lay the 10 for $45

Take the UNDER for $30

PARLAY! (6 to 1)

Huskers – Sooners – Michigan for $10

BANK:             $756
TOTAL BET:   $190
BANK:             $586

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