Monday, October 31, 2011

Purdue Doesn’t Spook the Blue

Michigan – Purdon’t was everything Michigan fans remember classic Purdon’t match-ups being: Boring, predictable, and spread beaters. I will admit that when the Spoilers beat the Illini, I started to sweat. I was thinking about the last 3 years and I was thinking that the beginning of the end usually started with a loss to Sparty and then spread like a Zombie Virus quickly after the fact….

But this isn’t the same team coached by the same mental midgets we had in there before.

This team and these coaches get a lot of things: Control the ball on offense, attack on defense. While I wish we could have done more against Sparty, it all seemed to come together Saturday. Tousaint had a great game and the defense played well without (gulp) Kovacs. I wasn’t even aware that he was injured. However, they continue to find kids that can play and play well. That’s all that counts.

The remarkable stuff from Saturday isn’t anything all that remarkable, except that we won with authority walking away. The garbage minutes at the end were just that and I’m convinced they do that crap to make anyone that has to cover the number sweat…

In a way, The Rod could have been so much better had he simply done exactly what Hoke has done: Surrounded himself with good coordinators. I don’t want to say too much as the “3 And Out” excerpts are out and I will definitely be commenting on those at a later date. But I have been following them…

The BCS Mess

Spooky Saturday takes victims…..

Sparty – Cornsuckers: Well, I could simply type SOS and be done with it, but that wouldn’t be right. It seems that Sparty got beat doing what it does best – jumping snap counts, aggressive play, and instant replay touchdowns. I invested time in this game after Michigan got a huge lead and Sparty is simply a Jekyll and Hyde team at home and on the road. I do believe this team will have difficulty in Iowa and maybe Northwestern.

Fraudgers-Ohio: Well, all I can say is that you CAN’T LEAVE A GUY WIDE FRICKIN’ OPEN IN THE END ZONE WITH 30 SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME!! I was shocked and dismayed at the end of this one. But, it was good in a way because Fickell may have kept the job for another year.

Clemson Kitties – The Wramblin’ Wreck: Yeah, the ACC is tough. But come on…If you saw any of that game, Clemson looked like the Clemson of old…Reading too much of their own press and bitching about how they wouldn’t-couldn’t get a BCS Title shot…Which just goes to show you:  Win ‘em all first, then bitch…Right Urban?

BCS Rankings

1. LSU – The “OVER RECRUITING BOWL” hype machine’s in full swing…I’ve heard that this is the game of the decade, century, millennia, blah, blah, blah…I only hope that LSU wins because that should drop
2. Satan’s Warriors – down below Stanford and they should stay there for the remainder of the season.
3. OKIE LATERS, Cowboys: Bedlam will take care of this bunch, I think, making way for
4. Stanford – and Mr. Lucky, who just did a WHOLE BUNCH to solidify a seat at the DownTown Athletic Club on Saturday. What’s more, he did a lot to help his team be in great position to get into the BCS Title game. Who da’ thunk that Stanford would play for a National Title in our lifetime?
5. Boy’s State – If you can’t find big boys to play with, NO BCS FOR YOU! These guys are praying for everyone above them to lose at least 1 or 2 games…
6. Laters – Creeping their way back up, but 1 loss is too many this year…
7. Arkansas – There’s a scenario that puts Michigan against this team in the Capital 1 Bowl…I don’t want to play them…
8. Oregon – Ain’t gonna happen….
9. South Carolina – The Ole Ball Coach might get some more love if he can win out…
10. Cornsuckers: How can a team that got SPANKED by the Fraudgers be in the top 10????

Clemson – You suck…They did not look good against the Wramblin’ Wreck…
Wiscy – TWO LAST MINUTE LOSSES???? Are you kidding me? I know the recipe for beating the Fraudgers: Let them get the lead with less than a minute to go and throw deep.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Seriously, I didn’t know he was injured.
-Weekends go faster when Michigan is playing.
-More to pay attention to.
-If I hear “Do you think Michigan should be playing Devin Gardner more at QB?” one more time, I’m gonna’ punch the TV.
-You want to take out a guy that was 300+ yards per game of offense last year?
-Okay, it was ALL him, but still….He’s valuable to have on the field.
-And he’s more valuable if he’s the QB.
-If Devin somehow earns it in practice, well, okay…
-But I would miss DeRob taking snaps.
-Don’t tell me he’s not the most exciting player in Football today…
-‘Cause he is.
-Sparty can’t find its jock strap.
-The Cornsucker defense is having it’s way with these clowns.
-the Ohio uniforms suck…
-Can we STOP with the alternate uniforms for awhile?
-It’s getting embarrassing…
-Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) lids look like they’ve been “pimped” with the sparkling Gold paint…
-Heh, heh…Pimp my uniform!
-What a great idea for a website.
-Make the most garishly decorated uni’s for your competition!
-Problem is, someone might actually wear them.
-Russell Wilson is the real deal.
-Scores twice in the last 4 minutes.
-Can he play Defense? Because Wiscy certainly can’t when there’s less than a minute left…
-Mr. Lucky, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???????
-Terrible time for a pick.
-I had to give 7.5, so I’m going to lose this stupid bet unless it gets to triple OT with a 2 pointer...
-TRIPLE OT! Here we come!
-Mr. Lucky wins again!

The Hot Seat

Katarina and Ali are really having it out each week. Ali again won by the other cherry, er nose, er, whatever….I see some of you are still pulling hard for Alexa Flutie, but it’s clearly turned into a two horse race at this moment in time. Yes, fine fillies they are, but maybe there’s one or two more mascots out there waiting to turn the tables on our blonde contenders.

In fact, I noticed our next mascot a couple of weeks ago and I had to look her up. She looked good on the sidelines and she looks even better when she’s not wearing her sideline gear! Introducing Week #9’s Hot Seat Mascot, Jenn Brown!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….

Hot Seat Rank

1. Neuheisel - Defying the odds….
2. Houston Nutt – I think this is only a matter of time…
3. Wulff – So is this one….
4. Turner Gill – Kansas has to be the worst coached team ever…Seriously.
5. Spaziani – BC – I don’t know if they love him and they are letting him off the hook this season or he’s truly on the seat. There’s no fans to bitch about him…
6. Fickell – Have to move him down, but I know he’s probably gone so I hate to take him off the radar.
7. Zook – Another Zook Crash and Burn Season on the brink?
8. Kelly – Destroying Army doesn’t get you any love in South Bend…

FMQ Betting Results:

Well, that weekend sucked! I had a feeling when I made the Navy over Domer pick on Friday. It just didn’t feel right. In fact, nothing felt right. I think I noted that I could’ve made an argument either way in a lot of the games I bet. I hate having the kind of indecision that can’t be helped by stats or figures. Anyway, no point in dragging out the review…At least we won 2…That does help.

Spoilermakers @ Michigan (-14)
Take Michigan and lay the 14 for $80
At least I’m picking Michigan right this year!
WIN! Bank: $152

Sparty (+4) @ Nebraska
Take Sparty and the 4 for $60
Same Ole’ Sparty….If Michigan beats Nebraska…Well, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it..

Stanford @ USC (+7.5)
Take Stanford and lay the 7.5 for $150
WIN! Bank: $285

WSU @ Oregon (-34.5)
I’ll take Oregon and lay the 34.5 points for $100
WTF?????? Ducks let me down big time here…

Navy (+22) @ Domers
I’ll take Navy and the 22 for $120
Well, I did say I could look like an idiot on this one….And I was right!


Three Team: Stan-Ore-Navy for $40


Starting BANK: $1,194
NEW BANK: $1,631

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

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