Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bye’s Are Nice…Except When Something Unexpected Happens!

Sorry for the late post, but a mid season out of town Long Weekend was just what the MMQ (and spouse) needed. Here’s a photo that neatly sums up my trip:

Yes, that’s the MMQ’s own Hot Seat Mascot standing on the beach in Long Boat Key, Florida! It was a great weekend and I tried to avoid/ignore football for the entire time.

I Tried. Really, I did. HONEST!

However, I let my eye wander a bit during lunch at the Tiki Hut Bar.  I was watching the ACC game between Clemson and North Carolina. I also caught the running score of the Purdue upset of Illinois, but didn’t see that fiasco until the ESPN highlights later. Walking the beach took precedent.

I did find other Hot Seat Mascot Worthy nominees, also, but they weren’t anyone that we would have heard of….So, I stopped taking sneaky pictures with my camera phone.

I would like to state here that byes are nice. No one is calling your team out and you can sort of breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, the other games that are played can play hell with your psyche and mind set, so let’s not waste any more time on what Michigan didn’t do.

After a wonderful dinner at a really cool restaurant on Ringling Boulevard in Sarasota, we went back to the condo and I turned on the Sparty –Wiscy game in the 2nd half. Needless to say, my meal did not settle well based on the outcome of that game.
Spary – Wiscy: Any hopes of a Michigan Legends championship pretty much went down the tubes with that catch. We needed Wiscy to win that game. Sparty is now firmly in the driver’s seat and Nebraska may pull the upset (if they are favored, which they might not be – I haven’t checked yet). What really makes me ill? That call goes the other way in Madison. That had to be the quickest review on a call that close that I’ve seen all season, make that ever. If I’m a badger fan today, I think I’m pretty livid. Scratch that. I’m totally pissed. If it had been a clear cut catch in the end zone, I walk away saying they beat me. With that type of call, well, I would have rather seen the issue settled in OT.

My re-newed hate for Sparty is growing….Keep an eye out…

The BCS Mess

Ah, the first Black Saturday is usually right after the ole BCS standings come out, and this year is no different!

1. LSU – Well, it’s only fitting that you should be ranked number 1 when you over-recruit every year and send the kids that can’t make the team packing for other programs when natural attrition doesn’t do it’s job for you.
2. Satan’s Warriors – Ditto. November 5th should be dubbed “The OVER RECRUITING BOWL!”
3. OKIE LATERS ..er, Cowboys: The 2nd “right now” team that would play in the “Big Game” if everything stays the same, the other Big 12 upstart. Jeez, these things practically write themselves…
4. Boy’s State – If you can’t find big boys to play with, NO BCS FOR YOU! These guys are praying for everyone above them to lose at least 1 or 2 games…
5. Clemson – Still have some time and opponents that might help them move up the ranks, but their nuts will be in their collective throats soon enough…
6. Stanford – Mr. Lucky deserves a shot now that Mr. Wilson and the Cheeseheads have taken themselves out of contention. Oregon victory should move them up over Boy’s State…Okie State needs to lose….
7. Oregon – Ain’t gonna happen….
8. K-State: this could get interesting as they are undefeated and doesn’t the Big 12 wish they had a play-off?
9. Laters – OOOOps! STOOOOPS! Must have been the mental anguish of his brother getting canned….
10. Arkansas – one of the better cheaters in the SEC that was beat by the Best Cheater…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Florida is gorgeous this time of year…
-Yes, it’s hurricane season, but when it isn’t, it’s incredible.
-So, you’re kind of gambling when you set a trip up for the fall to go down there.
-Take all your clothes ‘cause like Forrest says, “you never know what you’re gonna’ get…”
-I do enjoy the Bye Week…The reprieve gives you a chance to reflect.
-Will I be giving mid term grades?
-I wrote a piece up on it, but I never posted. Sparty was simply too depressing.
-But after watching them against Wiscy, maybe they are a pretty good team?
-They shot themselves in the foot against the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!)
-Speaking of Domers, way to go against a down USC team!
-I think you should bring Crist in on the 1 yard line more often!
-At least, the Rubbers are thinking that!
-That’s a real shame, losing to THAT USC team…
-At HOME no less.
-And so much for trying to “rally the old farts” to make some noise…
-$warbuck$ and Kelly using MICHIGAN STADIUM as an example of LOUD NOISE LEVELS!!!!
-Can you imagine?
-Could anyone else tell the difference between Spartan Stadium and Domer’s Field when you switched back and forth?
-I could …Sparty was louder…And usually is…which is annoying.
-NBC ratings for Domer’s are down this year….Too much of the same thing.
-Domer’s lose first two and then nobody wants to watch.
-Saturday should’ve helped, but I don’t know how much.
-Does Kelly make it back on the Hot Seat? Maybe…We’ll just have to wait and see.
-Where were all the Wiscy Razzle Dazzle plays that worked so well against everyone else?
-Where was the Wiscy defense in the 2nd half???

The Hot Seat

Wow! Voter turn out keeps getting better! Katarina walks away with it again….Not a record ( I think we had about 30 voters at one point last season) but still not bad. I guess everyone starts following more closely as the candidates start to improve.

But on a Bye Week, I’m almost tempted to not do a Mascot Vote as it’s supposed to be a bye, right? I mean, everyone gets a week off. Never the less, I figured I would throw in one of those Mascots that would have otherwise not made the cut and I would like to Introduce Fairuza Balk! Who the hell is she? Well, you will not doubt remember her from the “Waterboy!” with Adam Sandler.  She was also ni a risque movie with Nicolas Cage called "The Bad Lieutenant" that I did catch on cable late night a couple of months ago....  Remember, your vote counts. Vote Early, vote Often!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….

Hot Seat Rank

1. Neuheisel - He’s still got a job? Really? Double Check again…
2. Houston Nutt – Moving on Up!! This one is also baffling to the MMQ…the SEC usually acts much more quickly then this….
3. Fickell – Poor Fecal...Urban is just waiting to see what the NCAA is gonna do…At least that’s what OSU fan thinks…
4. Wulff – WSU…He was off the list after a 3-0 start, but then things went south when he started playing good teams…
5. Turner Gill – He should be higher, but I think Kansas gets what’s happening there. Or not.
6. Spaziani – BC – I don’t know if they love him and they are letting him off the hook this season or he’s truly on the seat. There’s no fans to bitch about him…
7. Kelly – Yes, losing to a down USC team gets you back on the list. Didn’t want to do it, the MMQ felt he OWED it to him…
8. Zook – I know, I know….but when you lose to Purdue? Really?

FMQ Betting Results:

Oh boy….I should NEVER jump on anything early any more and I am OFFICIALLY off the EMU crack pipe….Sheesh….I didn’t publish an FMQ so I will only go with what my early picks were from last Monday.   Which are documented in the Monday post, for anyone that’s following the FMQ that closely.

Western (-13) over Eastern ($60)

LOSE…EMU wins the Michigan Cup! (For any MAC fans that care about that kind of thing…)

Texas AM (-20) over Iowa State ($80)

LOSE….What the hell…..This should have been a huge statement game for TA&M…instead, they leave doubt…

Nebraska (-23) over Minnesota ($100)

Whew….At least somebody covered!

Bank $190

Stanford (-20) over Washington ($120)

Oh wait! I almost forgot about Mr. Lucky!!!! I should only bet this team this year. Screw everybody else!

BANK $228

Starting BANK: $1,686

Wagered: $360

NEW BANK: $1,744

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

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