Friday, October 7, 2011

FMQ - On the Road Again!

Somebody Check: Has Hell frozen over?

Michigan 5-0
Lions 4-0
Tigers – Beat Stanks in 5 games….

Is it a great time to be a Detroit Sports fan or what?

Looking to the right on the ‘ole MMQ home page (Down below Miss Octoberfest - Katarina!  BTW, She makes me happy in my pants!) I see that Michigan is in a familiar spot coming out of September: 5-0 with one conference game under our belt. Some are stating that it’s not all that it appears (Hoke included) and it was a last minute victory over the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) and a questionable cast of characters that we took down in our victories. But then, something else struck me: In the last couple of years, there were double digits in the score by our opponents with some of those scores in the 30 point range. Check it out: Only the Domers scored 31 and everyone else has been held to a lot less. A WHOLE lot less….

Is it misleading? Were the offenses we played any good? Well, we held all the offenses that we’ve played below their season scoring average. The bad news? Average yards per game of the teams we beat was not held…In other words, teams could move the ball, they just couldn’t score.

I don’t know what if anything that all means, but I do feel better for some reason going on the road for the first time this season. I also like the fact that Northwestern isn’t exactly shocking the world like we thought they might, although I’m still nervous in this game.

Michigan (-3.5 – Open Today: -7.5) @ Purple Kitty Kats
I know what I said in my pre-season spectacular: This was a play where I would take the Kitty Kats and the points. However, Persa is hobbling and our offense and defense are both way better than I expected under a first year head coach. After we shellacked the Gophers, I jumped on the opening line as I figured it was a gift…
Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $80

Satan's Warriors @ Vanderbilt (+28.5)
Alabama has covered just about everything this year. I don’t see anything changing this week in Tennessee. Yeah, that half point bothers me, but I don't like the Commodes here enough to change my mind...
Take Alabama and lay the 28.5 for $50

Stanford @ Colorado (+27 Open Today: +29.5)
What is Vegas looking at exactly when they look at Stanford? I mean, I fully expected to have to think about this spread as I figured it would open in the 30’s with Mr. Lucky having to catch two TD’s to cover. I saw 27 and thought, “Another Gift!” Let’s just say until he screws me, the MMQ and Mr. Lucky are joined at the hip pocket.
Take Stanford and lay the 27 for $70

OSU @ Nebraska (-11)
I’m not entirely sure which team is more pathetic here….Which is what makes betting this mess so difficult. I believe Nebraska is a lot better than the 14 they scored against Wiscy. Unfortunately, the only thing tOhio has going for them is their defense.
PASS…Dammit….I might have to think about this some more…

EMU @ Toledo (-21)
EMU didn’t cover the spread last week, as we all know, because English ran the ball 56 TIMES! They only ran 62 plays, or something like that. I think they might open it up a little more this week and I don’t expect that Toledo will be as dominating as a full fledged BCS school.
Take EMU and the points for $30

Boston College @ Clemson (-20.5)
Yeah, I’m jumping on this bandwagon. But I’m betting it because BC lost to Duke and Wake Forest and Northwestern and they must REALLY, REALLY suck…
Take Clemson and lay the 20.5 for $40

Oklahoma (Open: -9 Today: -10.5) @ Texas
Well, I did THINK about jumping on Oklahoma here and the move says I was right. But I didn’t make the play and now I have a decision to make: Is Texas a mirage or are they really better? Stoops knows that he needs to make a big statement here as the FSU victory doesn’t look as good anymore with the Seminoles losing to Clemson. And the Laters Defense is way good…
Pass…..I hate rivalry games with double digit spreads…But if I had to bet, I take the Laters.


3 team: 6 to 1
4 Team: 10 to 1
Three Team:  Michigan – Stanford – Alabama - $40

Four Team: EMU – Michigan - Stanford – Alabama - $20

Starting BANK: $1,203
NEW BANK: $873

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

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