Monday, October 3, 2011

Gophers in a Hole?

Michigan wins the Jug! Not that it was that much of a contest, but the Jug will stay where it belongs, at least until the next time.
We have seen a LOT of bad Gopher teams in the past. I mean BAADDDDD…..One year in the early 80’s comes to mind when the Gophers showed up at the Big House and I believe they had less than 100 total yards at the end of the game. I would need to research it to confirm, but it was something that ugly. Granted, this was the era before 500-700 yard games were common place. Granted, their Denard was out of the game (which makes you wonder how we would look without a Denard – no, put that thought out of your mind). But from what we saw on Saturday, I think the Gophers decided to have their own kind of throwback game…And it simply wasn’t pretty.

I would love to lay the love on this Michigan Team and say it was all them. But in all seriocity and objectivication (made up words) I have to say that it was more on the Gophers total inability to do much of anything than it was Michigan’s ability to impress, which they did.

If you are an offense kind of guy, you have to love what you’re seeing out there. Half back options and Gardener and DeRob on the field. How about that combo for a defensive coordination nightmare? Not to mention, Vincent Smith is definitely coming into his own as well. Borges might not like what he has to do with his personnel, but at least he’s come to realize that he has a lot of extremely talented personnel to work with.

And frankly, the defense looks better every week. I never thought I would really like watching defense, but over the years you became accustomed to watching really good defenses at Michigan and maybe not appreciating all the little things a really good defense can do (or take away). I’m not ready to go over the top with them yet, but the development is progressing nicely. I love the fact that we’re going after teams vs. waiting for them to come at us. I also like the fact that we make statements early to keep QB’s and offensive coordinators on the other side guessing.

I don’t know what else to say about a 50 some odd point shut-out, with the exception of a phrase I need to steal from someone who texted me:

“I LOVE taking care of business in the Big House!”

The Rest of the Mess

Sparty – Suckeyes: I didn’t know how to bet this one, I just knew that I would have a smile on my face regardless of who lost this one. A couple of you texted and stated that you would have preferred the Suckeyes winning this game with the Leaders – Legend thing and Sparty sitting tied with us. To that I say, whatever. Michigan has been spanked by Sparty and if they are that good, I would prefer to beat the best. No gimmees this season. Revenge is better when it’s served cold and I might be in the market for Sparty tickets in two weeks.

Wiscy vs. Cornsuckers: When Penn State joined the conference, Michigan was a 4-3 team that season and had to play down in Happy Valley (part of the deal with bringing them in and deferring to JoPa’s greatness or something). I remember seeing the Happy Valley People setting roses out at their tailgates as they were undefeated and figured it was over….and ABC was all over it pre-game. Keith Jackson merely said, “Folks, its still Michigan.” Note To Cornsukers: This AIN’T the Big 12, kids. Everybody in this league is pretty good. I just never DREAMED that the Cheeseheads would be that good against you…which has me wondering how good the Cheeseheads really are? And how on earth did they win the Russell Wilson sweepstakes?

Kitty Kats - Zookyville: Jeez, I guess I have to completely remove Zook from the Hot Seat. They managed the end of that game perfectly and the Kitty Kats don’t scare me (as much) as they did pre-season.

Satan’s Warriors vs. Gatorland: Had a feeling about this one. SEC is a nasty place to be a first year head coach. It’s kind of like teaching the new kid on the block who’s boss: Slap him hard and beat him up the first time and he’s yours forever.

Clemson - HOAKIES: Uh, don’t look now, but the perennial ACC underachiever is starting to make some noise. And I think the rest of the ACC is listening. Beamer’s boys simply couldn’t handle the Orange Menace. They are playing like demons possessed!

Texas A&M - Arkansas: SEC welcome party didn’t go so well for A&M. Actually, it was going great until they forgot that a football game lasts for 60 minutes.

Baylor Cubs - K-State: Baylor, Baylor, Baylor….I think we can cross the III off the list for the Heisman.

Auburn vs. The Ole Ball Coach: Everyone rides Kelly like a cheap mule when he gets pissed. Expect a little press on the Ole Ball Coach and whether or not Garcia lives through his next ass kicking. USC (the SEC one) drops out of the top 10 with that mess from Saturday.

Mr. Lucky vs. Mr. Hot Seat #1: I’m not betting against Mr. Lucky until someone convinces me that he doesn’t look at the pre-game spreads and decides that he’s going to cover them.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Wow, the Gophers are bad
-Secondary looks a lot like the “Those Who Cannot” secondary last couple of years.
-De Rob is simply a fun guy to watch.
-If I was an opposing fan, I simply couldn’t deny it. I might not LIKE it, but I couldn’t deny it.
-That’s what I don’t get with all the Heisman talk. It’s supposed to be awarded to the most exciting player in College Football.
-Woodson won by being exciting. Plain and simple.
-This year, it really seems like it’s boiling down to a stat race.
-Which, okay. Then call it that.
-Because for pure excitement, the highlights for all the candidates aren’t even close.
-Did we need all this trickery for the Gophers?
-I get starting out the B1G on the right foot, but it’s the Gophers…
-I chuckle to myself whenever I say, “GOPHER!” in my head…Thanks Bill Murray…
-Speaking of Gophers, I would hate to be a fan right now.
-The upside is hard to see…Kind of like the last 3 years being a Michigan fan.
-Sparty is playing Tressel Ball against Fickell.
-I have no idea what game Fickell is playing.
-Stated that I laid off betting the Sparty-Suckeye game in a local establishment on Saturday where I was watching.
-Overheard another bettor saying he “bet the house” on the Suckeyes? I of course asked, “Why on Earth would you do that?”
-Response: “When was the last time a team from Michigan won in Columbus?”
-I just shook my head. It ain’t the same Columbus.
-I wonder how long it will take for some people to realize that.
-And the hammer comes down on the Suckeyes this month.
-I’m not sure what I want to happen to the Suckeyes at this point.
-But whatever it is, I’m sure I won’t be satisfied.
-Alabama is scary good. Why did we schedule them again?
-There’s always a chance…That’s why they play them, right?
-Is Michigan a dark horse for the Legends or the front runner?
-When you figure it out, let the MMQ know.
-Cause I really wanna’ know….Really.

More Idle Thoughts from the Weekend

-NBA lockout? Who cares.
-Speaking of which, my youngest fancies herself to be a chess player. And she’s getting better, not that I’m exactly stiff competition.
-But one thing she is getting – Looking at the board and knowing when she’s beat. Even before I think it’s over.
-We’ll figure it out together sometimes, just to be sure. That’s what you do.
-NBA players haven’t quite figured that out yet. Guess they should have stayed in school a little longer.
-They don’t want to take a two year pay cut. But guess what? You don’t play and it’s a pay cut.
-They also haven’t realized one simple thing: At the end of the day, they’re still employees.
-Latest rumor or web hoax:  Scab players.  But get this:  Co-ed with the WNBA...
-Would that be classic or what?
-Lions are 4-0? Really? REALLY?
-I would have bet a LOT of money that they WOULDN’T have been 4-0.
-Hence the problem with betting.
-Cardiac Kats are killing me. I mean, they have to get ahead of someone this season. Besides the Chiefs, anyway…
-Tigers anyone? Is this now a “home field advantage” with three left to play and two at the CoPa?
-I’m glad Verlander’s getting another shot at home. I think he pitches better at the CoPa.
-I should look that one up.
-Monday Night Football tickets going for $200 at F-Field…
-Hmmm…I went to a Monday night game back in the 90’s when Oakland was in town…
-It was a good time. That sounds reasonable.
-Tuesday sucks at work, however.

The Hot Seat

All right, so the masses have spoken. You don’t want to see older Grandma’s in the Hot Seat Mascot voting. I get it. Emma Stone is our first repeat winner and we still have 4 finalists for the 2011 Hot Seat Mascot voting.

But, I have a funny feeling we might, MIGHT (just maybe?) be looking at a strong candidate for the rest of the year. Submitted by a loyal reader, I have to admit that she is kind of one of my favorites already.  Something about blondes with large tracks of land... Best known as a model and bit part actress, she seeeeems like the perfect candidate to Ring in Octoberfest!  Because she was a St. Pauli’s girl…and a fine one at that! So, without further ado: Katarina VanDerham!


GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico –
Hot Seat Rank

1. Neuheisel - He’s still got a job?
2. Houston Nutt – Moving on Up!!
3. The Ole Ball Coach…..
4. Fickell, or as the OSU blogs (the mean ones) are referring to him, Fecal (as in material).

FMQ Betting Results:

3 out of 5 and a push or this would have been a HUGE week. Only one big blemish, and I won’t let that happen again.

Michigan (-19.5) vs. Minnesota
Take Michigan and lay the 19.5 for $40
WIN: Not even I saw this coming…But I figured we would cover. BANK: $76

Alabama @ Gatorland (+3.5)
Take Alabama and lay the 3.5 for $70
Satan’s Warriors found an offense…Bank $133

Stanford @ UCLA (+20.5)
Take Stanford and lay the 20.5 for $80
This was a typo in the FMQ that has since been corrected. Believe me, I don’t know a game where Mr. Lucky won’t be laying points. WIN Bank: $152

Nebraska @ Wiscy (-10.5)
Take Nebraska and 10.5 for $30
Sheesh, what an Wiscy that good? LOSE….

EMU (-8) @ Akron.
Take the Eagles and lay the 8 for $60
First time the Hurons have let me down….I HATE TIES! The house wins and we LOSE…

Three Team EMU – Stanford – Alabama - $30
Four Team: EMU – Stanford – Alabama – Michigan - $20

Starting BANK: $852


NEW BANK: $1,203

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

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