Friday, October 28, 2011

FMQ –Will This Be the Week?

Well, with the MMQ’s amazing prognostication, we are incredibly close to our goal of doubling up our starting bank. With 5 games left in the season, not to mention Playoffs and Bowls, that’s not too bad.

It kind of makes you wonder if it’s dumb luck or actual ability. Mr. Lucky and Stanford’s run should be some kind of record. Wiscy has been kind and cooperative, not to mention the Michigan picks have been more or less on target.

This week’s games are all a bit of a mystery and I could make statistical and revenge arguments in either direction. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Still, we’re here to gamble, we’ve got a cushion, so let’s wisely choose this week and see where we end up!

Spoilermakers @ Michigan (-14)
Michigan off a bye is usually worth taking, but I really didn’t like last week’s upset of the Illini by the Spoilers…Then I saw a replay of the game. The Illini just plain DIDN’T show up. I’ll take the Amazing Blue looking for an offensive rebound and defensive adjustments from the Sparty Debacle... They Blue may surprise some people this week.
Take Michigan and lay the 14 for $80
Sparty (+4) @ Nebraska
I did a double take when I saw this spread as I figured Sparty would be favored…I mean, Wiscy did SPANK Nebraska, at home, right? And Sparty beat Wiscy, so ergo - SPARTY'S A WITCH!  Yeah, that kind of logic is what kills you this time of year. However, Sparty impressed me vs. Wiscy. But they play well at home and not so great on the road. I do think the Wiscy victory is bigger than a lot of people think and we might see a re-match of those two teams in the Big 10 Championship.  Even if they can’t pull off the upset on the road at Nebraska, I like Sparty to at least keep it closer than 4…
Take Sparty and the 4 for $60

Stanford @ USC (+7.5)
So, suddenly, the Domers hand USC a victory and everyone thinks that USC is a touchdown away from Mr. Lucky and the Cards? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!
Take Stanford and lay the 7.5 for $150

WSU @ Oregon (-34.5)
Let me get this straight: Hot Seat Coach, lousy defense and a team that has rolled up an average margin of victory of close to 40 points the last 4 times they played?
I’ll take Oregon and lay the 34.5 points for $100

Navy (+22) @ Domers
This is a sucker pick with Navy getting 22…It’s a teaser play when they dangle that extra point out there. But the ole FMQ is here to tell you: Domers hopes and dreams have been crushed…There will be no BCS game. They are now playing for pride and might just be looking ahead to Mr. Lucky. Navy has lost close games all year and they know how to beat the Domers. Still, I could look like an idiot on this one, but
I’ll take Navy and the 22 for $120


One parlay this week as the picks all have me a little concerned.


3 team: 6 to 1

Three Team: Stan-Ore-Navy for $40

Starting BANK:             $1,744
NEW BANK:                 $1,194

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

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