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The Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!!!) One Last Time...

Sorry for the lengthy Friday post.  But, history will be made Saturday and the Monday’s post will either be joyous or solemn, depending on your point of view.  I figured I’d better take this one last opportunity to get some domer (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!!!) stuff off my chest as this is it.  First, let’s recall last year’s Under The Lights II:

This is the last time that either Michigan Fanatics or domers will be able to sit and take one last afternoon and evening and dream about beating this much hated rival.  The hatred for the domers runs deep with me.  I think most of you reading this know that.  I do try to put on an objective face when the time comes and I’ve certainly given the domer’s their due when they played for the Mythical National Championship a couple of years ago.  Well, the domers actually didn’t play as much as they just showed up for the festivities and pretended to play…kind of like Manti Teo pretending he had a real girlfriend….

Sometimes it’s too easy.  And Let’s not forget the “Fig Things!”


Chickens and dumb-asses, all rolled into one.  But, adding insult to injury, the domers and suckeys have decided to do a home and home with each other in 2022-2023.  In what world does that make any sense?  When the rivalry with Michigan is so strong and hated?  I guess they got tired of losing 6 out of 8 to Michigan (Kelly has only 1 win in 4 attempts!) an they wanted to lose to the purported “head of the class?” Idiots…And I guess I’m blaming Brandon here, too, for not being a little more on the ball in this whole ordeal…

Why so much hatred for the domers?  I dunno’….But I think it probably goes back to my years in grade school.  Being raised a catholic, I always kind of thought you should have some Christian values as well.  And it was probably at some catholic gathering watching some ass-hat wearing an Irish jersey start mouthing off about the “!#$!%^^ Wolverines and the !@#$%$ University of Michigan.”  And I was like, “Huh….I guess all Irish Catholic people are not necessarily nice people.”  Here’s a perfect example after perusing “Rock’s House” on NDNation for about 10 seconds (some edits by the FMQ due to language, etc.):

We're going to win on Saturday.
We're going to f'ing kick these loathsome skunk weasels back to their infernal hive of scum and villainy in Ann Arbor (I'm holding up my hand and pointing to that hell hole right now as I type).
I don't care what we all think of Kelly's long term prospects, or if he's going to get us a national title. I still don't know the answer. Every time I think he's done, he does something to make me think that the SOB may just f'ing pull it off, and if he does, it will be glorious.
But none of that matters this Saturday.
Hoke sucks huge giant donkey balls, and it's high time we beat him and his team like a rented mule. The games have been close the past few years. F that noise, we're going to open up a can on this clown show come Saturday. We're f'ing due. We're long f'ing over due. We need another one of these games

I try not to get too high or low with ND football any more
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It's bad for my digestion and family relationships. . . . But this week, this week it's different. It's personal. It's goddamn time! F'EM! F'EM ALL!! AND THE GODDAMN WEASELS THEY RIDE IN ON!!!! GG

Stay classy South Bend….
Later on in high school and watching the rivalry get re-united in the late 70’s and early 80’s I figured out that the catholic “fringe fanatics” were exactly that:  Fans of the domers simply because the domers represent the catholic masses and that give every casual national fan (That isn’t a Walmart Wolverine) a chance to root for a college team.  The problem was, like any fanatic fringe, most of the domers you ran into were total jerks and not really representative of the school, but guilty by association none the less. 

I just find it incredibly amusing that one of the main reasons the domers hate Michigan so much is due to the fact that Michigan was instrumental in keeping them out of the conference that they now hate.  It’s like saying, “You can’t be in our club,” and the domers come back saying, “I never wanted to be in your club, anyway!”
Crisler and Leahy tried to renew the rivalry in the 50’s and then Crisler supposedly tried to get the rest of the B1G to boycott the domers.  But Purdue and sparty said they were happy to keep the games going, further establishing the hate for Michigan.  I guess the hate settled deeply for me when I heard Coach Schembechler utter the now famous words, “To HELL with Notre Dame!”  And I think a lot of Michigan fans feel the same way.  Michigan doesn’t need Notre Dame and it’s a blessing that they are walking away…but I would still like an opportunity to pound the snot out of them once a season…

So, we can at least do this one more time as Michigan goes down to the “holier than thou” land of rapists, academic cheaters (one of whom is this year’s re-instated QB by the way!) and coaches that could care less about the safety of their staff (RIP Declan), drunk drivers (3 Beer Floydd) and assorted other “forgivable” player transgressions that only domers can look the other way and say, “Well, they’re still good kids and good people...” 


It’s only Friday morning and as of right now, the 5 withheld players are still out, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the domers come out today, oh, around 6 PM and re-instate them all for this game.  That’s the domer MO as of late. is running down the top 5 victories in the recent series. I of course won't get today's or tomorrow's, but they are listed in the side bar under Michigan Football News as well...

I vaguely remember watching this game on the tube.  But I think I spent most of it outside listening to Ufer make the call while doing some yard work. 

!’m trying to remember what I was doing on this day and I believe it might have had something to do with a wedding, if I’m not mistaken and I’m not sure I saw the end of the game, but I vaguely remember attending a reception wearing my Michigan Jersey under a suit coat.  Anyone been married 20 years this fall that’s a reader that can remember this?  I can’t remember who’s wedding it was!!!

I remember this game and this spread (Michigan was a 7 point dog) and I remember the Monday following this game….And you can take a walk down memory lane here by clicking this MMQ link.  I have to admit, it’s one of my favorites and the MMQ was really “on” for this one! 

As I recall, once about every 5-7 years, Michigan simply knocks the ever-living gold and green (or blue) snot out of the domers.  And this was a year where I simply couldn’t figure out where the spread was coming from.  Yes, Michigan was coming off an injury plagued 2005 season.  But if you had watched the teams coming into that game, well, you knew that Vegas had not been paying attention.  Burgess and the defense ended this game before it ever really got going.  And the 2006 Defense came of age. And this was the 2nd highest margin of victory ever in South Bend….Hee-hee…

I won’t be able to post the last two “Big domer Games”, but I have been tweeting them on Twitter, if you’re interested.  Follow me at:

Let’s get on to the Picks!

BYU @ Texas (+1):  Wow….Charlie Strong keeps kicking players off the team like he has a PEZ dispenser full of back-ups.  He booted BOTH his offensive tackles this week.  I don’t know what’s going on in the 40 Acres, but I think I have to take BYU in this one.
Take BYU and lay the 1 for $30

Va Tech @ ohio (-11):  This one is tricky and I almost passed on it. But, I thought that there was maybe some value in taking the De-Testicled Turkeys and the points in the shoe…Sooner or later, a Frosh QB might hurt you…not saying the suckeyes lose, just saying the Hoakies might keep it close.
Take V-Tech and the 11 for $20

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24):  Again, the first week I said I wasn’t going to lay any points on big spread games…Unless I was absolutely sure about it.  My gut is telling me the Laters need a big win to stay in the CFP discussion and they aren’t going to hold back…anything. 
Take Oklahoma and lay the 24 for $50

WKU (+6.5) @ Illinois:  I saw this spread on Monday and immediately circled it on my sheet.  The line has moved down to 5 (meaning a lot of wise-guys like the Hilltoppers) and I do to. 

Take WKU and the 6.5 for $50

Sparty(+12) @ the Quack Attack:  This game scares the beejeezus (and 3 out of the 6 of you that voted for the top game of the week!) out of me.  I want to take Sparty and the points, and then I look things up like Oregon’s win rate ATS at home and see that it’s in the 80% range.  And I remember how much money the Ducks have made me when I lay the points, regardless of who they are playing.  My Gut (and maybe a little B1G Heart!) says Sparty filets the Ducks, while my head says Ducks topple Sparty just like Xerxes in that movie “300”.  Which one to believe?  Is it really the new Sparty or is it SOS?  Heads…ducks…Tails…Sparty…Here we go:
Take the Ducks and lay the 12 for $20

Michigan (+4.5) @ domers:  Michigan, in a tie for the top game of the week, opened up a 4.5 point dog (which I thought was a gift – I was thinking “Even” or pick ‘em) and the line has moved down to 3 to 3.5!  With as much steam as the Irish generate on their own in Vegas (I read somewhere that only Alabama generates more “neutral” betting) that means there’s a lot of money getting dumped on the Wolverines.  And I think Michigan is due for one of those blow-outs.  Logically speaking, I just don’t see how the domers shut down Funchess and the receiving corps of Michigan without half the starting secondary that’s been benched for academic violation…..
Take Michigan and the 4.5 for $60

Parlay!  3 way pays 6 to 1
Michigan – WKU – Oklahoma for $20

Starting Bank:           $1,028
Total Bet:                   $240
Bank:                          $788

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