Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spiraling Out of Control...Deeper Into The Abyss

I was going to hold off posting until tomorrow, but so much has happened in the last 12 hours that I’m going to put one up today.  And I had no idea what to title it...So, you get what you get....

The Press Conference

The Monday Presser was downright embarrassing to the point that it made my stomach hurt from the pain that Brady must be enduring.  I almost want to just stand up and announce to the world that, 

“Brady – you’re gone.  It’s not salvageable at this point.  Let it go, man.  Just tell the truth and it will set you free.”  

Hoke was trying to make us believe that there was no concussion (that he knew of, even 48 hours after the fact) and worse, THAT HE HADN’T spoken to Dave Brandon over what has become a National News Story in that same time span.  And he also tried to make us believe that he hadn’t spoken to anyone on the medical staff and that they would be making a separate statement.  The statement part, I believed.  I believe he had been told by “someone” that there would be a medical statement.  So, there’s that.

And speaking of BranDictator, I’ve never seen him meet a microphone or a camera that he didn’t like.  So where is he helping on the spin control?  Shouldn’t this be an AD’s area of expertise?

They didn’t speak?  NOT AT ALL? NOT EVEN A “TEXT” that would be very easy to get using the FOIA? 

BS Flag!!!


And if THAT IS IN FACT THE ACTUAL STORY… I can fire Brandon for gross incompetence, too, for being a “hands off and not involved AD in what has become a shit-storm of an issue surrounding your football program” and your athletic department in general.

The Statement

Now we have the fact that the Athletic Depart released a statement at 1:00AM on Tuesday only confirms that BranDictator wasn’t getting his way with the medical staff and they firmly stood their ground.  

Which was: After three evaluations, there is a very good reason to believe that Morris suffered from a “probable” concussion.  My guess is that the BranDictator fought to have that word in there to at least have some wiggle room.

I’m appalled, frankly.  That Brandon would let Hoke go to the press conference and not even update him and I’m appalled that, for whatever reason, the mainstream media isn’t SEEING THE OBVIOUS MANIPULATION OF BRADY HOKE BY THE HEAD PUPPET MASTER!!!!  Yes, Brady is essentially the captain on Game Day and for that he will need to answer.  But, again, I think his fate was sealed long before the Morris hit.  

What we’re seeing now is a Chicken-Shit AD trying to figure out if he can save his own ass by putting it all on everyone else.  We’ve seen this act before…Fire anyone and everyone THAT ISN’T ME! 

And you know what really ground my gears last night?  As I was getting info via Twitter, Dave Brandon (or someone who has control over his account) actually tweeted, and I’m not making this up:  at 1:12 AM congratulating the Field Hockey Team and two individuals for making it into the Michigan Hall of Honor….REALLY????

I had to tweet back at him:  Dave, first lesson in Spin control:  Better to remain quiet and thought a fool than to tweet and remove all doubt….

I’m still sick…My stomach hurts because as Brian over at mgoblog stated…This isn’t Michigan.

And it’s certainly not the Michigan I know.  What is happening at 1000 SSS? 

The Fallout

So, we know that three would be recruits, one a 4 start defensive linemen have de-committed.  And it my opinion, that's the beginning.  Sam Webb sounded awfully low on 1050 AM this morning.  Like he knows a lot more than he's letting on....It's going to get worse...

It's probably going to get so bad...Again.

So, what are we going to do?

The Petition


That’s the link.  Log In and sign if you want to put your money where your mouth is. 

I’ve done some small part to support the students and this effort.  Petition Signee #3268.  I’m sure that little act will get me put on a secret list…somewhere.  If I could make the 6:00 PM rally in Ann Arbor, I would be there in full game regalia, with my torch and pitchfork, insisting we march to 1000 SSS and demand that BranDictator come out of hiding and stand up for his actions.  

Strangely, I have to admit…Signing this, though I know it won’t do much good, made me feel somewhat better.  Weird….And it was interesting that in the 5 minutes it took me to log in and sign, 300 more signatures had been collected.  I know things are easier and faster in the digital age, but still…that’s a lot of signatures in 5 minutes! 

My nephew and now student messaged me and said that at 12:30, or about the time this goes to post, that he had signed and was #4157!  

Can we get to 10,00 before midnight?

The Boycott

I am seriously considering the #Boycottmaryland.  It’ll probably be well timed.  Instead of taking the opportunity to honor the seniors, like we should, people will not show up.  Late November game with a possibility of bad weather.  I’d almost rather go, honor the seniors, and then Walk out after the National Anthem.  At least this way, I would have honored the players and the Band. 

I dunno’…and Michigan isn’t giving me the answers I really, really want to hear. 

Where Does This Go Next?

I wish I knew.  Still no word from President Schlissel, who as far as I can tell still hasn’t even figured out where the stadium is yet on campus.  Sooner or later, someone will man up and ask him for a comment or to do an interview about all of this.  And sooner or later, he will have to answer the question or do said interview.  So, that’s coming.
But, in some sort of surreal scenario, I could see this happening:

In order for Michigan to bat 1.000 here, a statement from the President’s office confirming that Dave Brandon is a great AD and there was really no other way to handle this unfortunate circumstance would be Diarrhea-Icing on the Crap-Cake.  Yep, that would be just Ducky…Peachy….And so Michigan-like.  Put up tons of walls and do something that clearly nobody associated with this University wants.  And it’s possibly quite easy to picture:  Brandon advising the new President in his best “I just want to do what’s best for Michigan” voice and advise that his dismissal would result in millions of lost donations  - And Brandon certainly doesn’t want that to happen.  And neither does the New Prez.  But Mr. President, I could really use the show of support from you…Oh God….

IF that were to happen…a statement of support from the new Prez…If that were to happen…



Msuperfan said...

MMQ - I LOVE your idea of attending the Maryland game, but returning to the tailgate area after the National Anthem (remember to sign the 4th verse)

Of course, it will be very hard to get that organized. How much does those plane pulled banners cost? How about "EMPTY BIG HOUSE = Bran-GONE" banner? Let me know if contributions are needed.

Msuperfan said...

Sorry - how much DO those.....

MMQ said...

Superfan - Excellent Idea and I think there's actually noise about someone doing something for the Night Game vs. Penn State. I will definitely keep that iformation up to date and pass it along as I hear more.