Friday, September 19, 2014

FMQ - Yoots Friday....

A lot has happened this week and it’s difficult to pick a place to start.

Let’s start with this:  The Big 10 and how it feels right now…Wolverine fans drinking heavily to avoid the further pain we all know is coming….brutus is beating his head against the wall after losing at home to a team that then lost to Eastern/southern/ northern Carolina (Arrrrgh….Love me some Pirates!)  Northwestern fans pulling their hair out and who’s coach when asked if he understood the fan’s angry and disappointed reaction to the 0-3 record responded with a “dance around the issue answer”.  Oh wait, no he didn’t!

It’s that kind of brutal honesty with the press that I wish some other coaches would display, especially around Ann Arbor.  Yeah, we suck.  But we’re working on it and I know we can fix it.  Because, this, this and this.  That’s kind of refreshing and why it makes it hard to even begin to hate a guy like Fitzgerald.  And if he could stop bleeding purple long enough to wear the Maize and Blue, I’d take him in a heart beat.

Tom Brady’s Resume.  Looks like he was prepared in the event that he didn’t get drafted!  And as Tom admitted himself, after the 5th round came and went, he figure his resume was going to come in handy. 

Uh, Tom....About that gap from 1999 to 2014...

What is it about the NFL that simply doesn’t give guys like Touchdown Tommy a chance (until they do get a shot) vs. guys like Joey Harrington, Chuck Long and Andre Ware (who we pretty much all know were NOT NFL caliber QB’s) and makes those names into instant, overnight millionaires?  Yeah…If I’m an NFL owner, I’m questioning the system and the wisdom of drafting a QB high and not only knowing that I’m going to be forced to pay the guy, but I’ve got to play him pretty quickly as well.  Otherwise, I’ve got so much cap money tied up in a non-playing offensive player that I’m giving up on the season…Screwed up system, if you ask me.  I think there’s gotta be a better way…I’m just not sure what that way is.  Gotta be a lot of QB's out there that could perform in the NFL but don't get a shot...what a shame...

I’d love to chime in on the Jameis W thing…but what more can really be said?  It was dumb, FSU chickened out of a real punishment vs. a shot at the National Title, and nothing has really changed in Tallahassee. 

K-State kind of screwed up and while there are no moral victories, you really wish they would have capitalized on some of those red zone trips against Auburn to simply take one more SEC team out of the mix….

Tomorrow is a big day for the University of Michigan.  If they win, it will be what they were supposed to do (Even though the MMQ Pre-Season Spectacular has Michigan LOSING THIS GAME!) as they are now only a 3.5 point favorite over what opened up as a 7 point line….That’s a lot of movement on a college game….And that makes the FMQ nervous…

Speaking of nervous, I almost had an O-Fer last week…But one game was right.  Meaning, that it’s time for “OPPOSITE WEEK!!!”  In other words, whatever I “Think” I should do, Ima’ gonna’ do the exact opposite and not look back.  If I’d done that last week, I would have been 6-1 vs. 1-6.

Let’s get on to the Picks!

Iowa @ Pitt (-7):  First instinct:  lay the 7 and take a strong looking Pitt team to crush Iowa.  Iowa seems to be a disaster in all aspects of the game…but opposite week, so

Take Iowa and the 7 for $30

Miami (not Ohio) @ Nebraska (-7):  Here, I’m really tempted to take the Hurricanes and the points because the Cornsuckers nearly lost to McNeese State and I’m losing confidence in Pelini…Opposite Week:

Take Nebraska and lay the 7 for $20

Clemson (+21) @ FSU:  Even before Jameis got laid off for the 1st half (See, I’m thinking it’s going to come out that JW is on a payroll somewhere) I was thinking that The ‘Noles were going to cover this easy…But (Do you see where this is going?) 

Take Clemson and the 21 for $30

Gatorland @ Satan’s Warriors:  Hmmm…I had a feeling about this game earlier in the week, changed my mind, and changed it again.  Now I’m not ever sure which way I was leaning in the first place.  But I do believe Gators can keep it close…oops, Opposite Week:

Take Satan’s Warriors and lay the 14 for $40

Laters @ Mounaineers (+7):  Any time a team is getting points at home in a conference game is usually a time I will say, “Yeah, gimme some points and the home dog!”  But, this game is weird and Oklahoma has been 3-0 ATS this year….I simply can’t go opposite week here….But I know I’m going to pay for this…

Take the Laters and lay the 7 for $20

Sparty (-45) vs. Hurons:  I have to bet this game because there’s too many Sparty’s and Huron Graduates that read the post.  Yeah, I’m taking the Snyder approach here and honoring the Hurons by referring to the old nick name and not the new one…Call it Throw Back Friday…And because I think Sparty wins this walking away…The Hurons cover, I hope, because “opposite week”…

Take the Hurons and the 45 for $20

Yoots @ Michigan (-3.5):  This line has moved more than a Gypsy Caravan during deer camp in Northern Michigan…If Gypsy caravans visited deer camps in Michigan…Still, I think I like the Yoots getting points because when a line moves that much, the wise guys know something…Aw, Crap on a Cracker….opposite week…

Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $40

Starting Bank:           $823
Total Bet:                   $200

Bank:                          $623

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