Friday, September 26, 2014

Gopher Friday - The FMQ

Good Morning All! After Wednesday’s rant and the cases against BranDictator and Hoke, it’s always nice to get to a Friday and have a little fun….Even though most of this got penned Thursday evening....

I’m actually starting to enjoy putting the Friday post up more than the Monday or the midweek based on the fact that I don’t have to care about what’s happening in Ann Arbor or what the team that wears the Maize and Blue is actually doing, rather, I don’t have to think about what THEY DID and how to spin it or report it so that Hoke and company don’t look like complete doofuses – which is getting harder and harder to do.… I can just pen about any old odds and ends in the College Football World…

And speaking of writing about anything…Besure to visit for all the really important “Jug” lore…It’s still the oldest trophy in college football….even though nationally it doesn’t mean squat anymore….

This was sent to me by several people and there’s no need to panic…It’s all just a farce by the Daily Currant website…But I would highly suggest that you all check the sources and read to the end of whatever link you happen to be copying…Again, “Just ‘Cause It’s On The Internet….”You know the rest.

I hope it hit EVERYONE that was reading this that it was satire when Hollis agreed to pay the salary….

I haven’t sang the praises of the defense this season as they have actually been pretty good, ranked nationally in the Top 10.  Clark is unstoppable and this is so DAMN FRUSTRATING that we don’t have any kind of offense that can score.  I’m not ready to write the entire season off (I know…Am I a slappy or what?) but I do think there’s a small glimmer of hope that maybe..MAYBE…there’s 6 wins in the remaining 8 games.  So 8-4….Yuck….But the next two losses are losses I don’t want to think about, and either way, Hoke’s goose may already be cooked.  But BranDictator is the goose I want to see go down….Nuts…7-5 and Hoke is for sure gone and maybe BranDictator before him?  Hopefully?

The Italian Stallion (Dantonio) is trying to position the B1G for a play-off berth by resurrecting the discussion that ONLY CONFERENCECHAMPIONS should get a shot at the Final 4. Well, Big D, the MMQ has been on that train ever since a non-conference champion Nebraska somehow played for the National Title and had no business being there in 2002 against an incredibly powerful Miami Team…(Wow – Look at that sentence and think for a minute that 12 years ago Miami and Nebraska played for a National Title – How times have changed.)  And AGAIN I brought out the argument – NO REMATCHES – when we all had to suffer through an SEC re-match….So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that even my worst enemy and I can agree on things…When he actually says something that makes sense.

One of the more interesting match-ups this weekend is Cincinnati and ohio….If the Bearcats can pull off the upset…That’ll be two “little” schools that can claim ownership to The State of ohio and prove that ohio can actually have successful athletic programs…Heh-heh…

Apparently, the collective Brain-Trust in Ann Arbor (and that’s stated with the ‘ole tongue FIRMLY IMPLANTED in the cheek)  has decided on a starter at QB, but only Hoke knows for sure, and made another brilliant statement, that only Hoke can make, to address the issue after the question came up in his Tuesday Presser, to wit:

“Well, you know, we’ll wait until game time with it. We’ve got an idea of what we want to do but for what’s best for us and the program and what we’re trying to get done, and that’d be the same at any other position.” 

Instead of something short, sweet and intelligent sounding: 

“Yes.  But it will be Game Time Announcement.”

Sigh….I got nothin’….

If I had to bet, we’re going to see a lot of MorrisSam Webb also has a “Gut Feeling” and if anyone listens to Sam on 1050 AM, well…Sam’s gut is usually right.  Based on that, expect a lot of mistakes, hand wringing, throwing up in the stands, and experiencing something that will probably feel a lot like death by a 1,000 cuts and then wondering who Morris’ back-up is…I have a feeling it won’t be pretty and we’re in for a long game/season and….an even longer coaching search….

Speaking of Morris, I got some feedback from the Wednesday post and someone wondered why I thought firing 1987 Senior Captain and MVP Jamie Morris was a big deal and why I made it the Number 1 Point, especially after Jamie went behind BranDictator’s back and to the press.  “Any disloyalty like that should be punished and you can’t keep a traitor on the team.”  Look:  I’m stating here and now if Jamie did something, he did it because he thought it was the right thing to do.  IF BranDictator didn’t like it, there was a way to work with Jamie and make sure it didn’t happen again or figure out what Jamie was trying to do and consider the fact that Jamie was working in the best interest of the University and the Team.  Firing Jamie, Jim Harbaugh’s team mate for 3 years and still close friend, has closed the door on ANY POSSIBILITY of getting Jim (or John) Harbaugh back on a Michigan Sideline, while BranDictator is here.  Until BranDictator is Gone, consider the discussion on JH(s) closed! 

If Charlie Strong keeps throwing kids off the team (he’s up to 9 dismissed, for those keeping score at home), he’s going to lose some credibility, and may run the risk of losing the locker room….  Not everyone can be “THAT BAD” and not working to the level that Strong thinks they need to be working.  And where are these basket cases going?  I wonder if Hoke is following their status and asking questions?  Just ‘cause they aren’t good enough for Texas…Everyone deserves a 2nd shot, I guess is what I’m saying.

This Week’s Picks!

I really hate it when “Opposite Week” ends up working out better than “being right week”, but I guess that’s what handicapping is all about.  We’ll do mix this week and follow our gut more than our head…

Arkansas (+9) @ TA&M:  I have a feeling that Bielema might just surprise some people in the SEC West this season.  I’m not buying completely into TAM yet…But I can surely see the Hogs keeping this closer than 9.
Take Arkansas and the 9 for $30

Domers @ Syracuse (+10):  This has traditionally been a tough place for opposing teams to play and the Dome may be packed and LOUD for this one.  I’m taking a flyer on the ‘Cuse just cause….
Take Syracuse and the 10 for $20

Cincinnati (+16.5) @ ohio:  It’s going to be a war and Tommy Two-tone knows a thing or two about getting angry!!!  The now infamous "SLAP!!"

I like the Bearcats and the points and yes, I will be rooting for the outright upset! 
Take Cincinnati and the 16.5 for $30

TCU (-32) @ SMU:  SMU is a greek tragedy..If there was anyway I could see SMU keeping it close…I would take the points.  But, alas…I can’t…
Take TCU and lay the 32 for $40

Wyoming (+31) @ Sparty:    Sparty hosed me with Eastern…Mea-Culpa.  I would like to say that Wyoming will cover…I believe they covered, yeah, I think they can cover in East Lansing. 
Take the Cowboys and the 31 for $20

Minnesota (+11.5) @ Michigan:  Wow…Looking at the ole Spreadsheet I see that I’ve only gotten Michigan right once this year…And I’ve gone both ways…Taking and laying points.  So, they are an 11.5 point favorite at home and haven’t scored an offensive TD against anyone of importance…Is that going to change Saturday?  Till you prove it…I’m taking the points.
Take the Gophers and the 11.5 for $30


Arkansas – Cinci - TCU $30 pays 6 to 1…

Starting Bank:           $889
Total Bet:                   $200

Bank:                          $689


Msuperfan said...


Msuperfan said...

From the Desk of the original M Superfan:
Prior to penning this statement I logged on to MGOBLUE to see if Hoke had done the right thing, but alas....NO. So, Whereas it is a fact that Hoke's best season was thanks to Rich Rodreguez's team, whereas the performance of M football has declined in almost a game by game linear fashion (factoring in the quality of the competition), whereas the more time the players spend on his team the worse they perform; I plead for the immediate dismissal of Brady Hoke. In fact, if he had any charachter and truely loved M football he would resign and apologize for what he has done to the program.
In the meantime, the degradation to our Great traditions MUST be stopped NOW! Therefore I submitt that the use of the Winged helmet be banned until the team wins 3 consecutive games by 8 points or more unless one of those victories was over a top 15 team. I also submit that this team is making an absolute mockery of The Victors. Thus, The Victors should only be played at the conclusion of a victory until a reasonable level of competitiveness is achieved (3 wins as above). Until then, the band should revert to what was used prior to Elbel's inspiration. If the football team wants to hear The Victors, let them earn it, or they can attend a basketball or Hockey game:)
Hey M ticket holders; you should have all immediately departed as soon as the debacle at the end of the 3rd quarter occurred. That stadium should have been devoid of M fans with 15:00 to go; what a powerfull statement that would have been.
I am neither dis-loyal, nor a fair weather fan, but neither am I a CHUMP! At this point, I submit that the disloyalty is on the part of brandone and hokei, as their massive incompetence is destroying M football.
P.S. The temperary helmet must be something so bland and ugly that no one would every want to keep it. There must be no way to interpret the helmet change as some sort of Oregon styling excercise.