Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bammered....So to Speak

Yikes….I’m Officially Scared.

For those that can’t wait to get to the Hot Seat Mascot spirit lifter, Yost over at the M-Zone has already posted a healing photo for anyone that needs it before reading this

After watching way too many repeats of last year’s games where Michigan literally made teams look silly (See Nebraska, Northwestern and some of the ohio Game) I was looking forward to this season with a sense of, “Hey, these coaches are smart! They’re pouring over what we did last season that worked, adding a wrinkle or two here and there and getting these kids ready to play.” I never in a million years dreamed I would have to live through the Domer game (again) where Michigan would try all the same crap (on offense) that didn’t work last year.

But alas, they did.

So what, exactly, makes a coach think he can get a workable offense by continuing to try to put square pegs in round holes? That’s what I felt like I was watching. I’m not taking anything away from the SEC and almost started this post with the thought that, “OK, I get it. The SEC is just plain good and the talent level is way above everyone else.” But I didn’t because I don’t believe that the kids on that field Saturday wearing the Maize and Blue were given the best opportunities to showcase their talents and do what they do best.

Maybe that’s sour grapes talking…I dunno. I do know that Michigan can play better than that and they just didn’t look ready. But this is what really keeps me awake at night: What if this is the team we see all season?

I scared you now, didn’t I?

Best takeaways from the game: Only 1 major injury.

Worst takeaways from the game: That injury happened to Blake Countess and he’s done for the season with a torn ACL…

Now I’m really bummed….

But, in all reality, this loss was not unexpected and it will give the coaches an opportunity to coach this group up. But the coaches need to take a long hard look at themselves as well and decide what they want this group to be: a Bowl Team that other teams are scared to play or a team with a great offensive system and lousy results…

The Rest of the Mess

Vandy – Cocks: I really believe Vandy got ripped off in the last two minutes of this game when it was clear that pass interference was not called on the Gamecocks on 4th down. You have to let them play, yes. But you have to let them play somewhat fairly as well….The Ole Ball Coach escapes with a W…

Sparty – Boy’s State: Well, the FMQ called this one and for a minute I really thought Boy’s State had turned a corner and there was a potential for Sparty to suffer a humiliating defeat at home…However, Le’Veon Bell is not only the real deal, he’s 240 pounds of un-recruited real deal that bulldozes the competition. I don’t think I saw the first guy to Bell bring him down all night. That’s scary….
Domers - JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS - One of the Service Academies they Should beat: Okay – so Navy REALLY sucks this year and the Domers won in Ireland where they should win. I think we’ll see a better test of the Domers this week in South Bend.
PSU - Ohio: That’s Ohio U. Now, the Bobcats are pretty good and the pre-season hype on them was that if they somehow managed to beat PSU, they could potentially run the table. So, before we all go throwing another shovel full of dirt on the PSU program, they were beat by a decent team. Here’s to hoping the kids that stayed can win a few more…

Hokies - Bumble Bees: Wow…Great game and a great way to wrap up the weekend. Beamer’s Boys find a way to pull it out and that’s the kind of game that you can build some momentum….I don’t feel like a Michigan repeat with the Hokies right now would be a good thing…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-I hate Nick Saban…Really, I do.
-Heismann hopes are all but gone for a lot of hopefuls…
-DeRob is one of them…
-Unless he somehow turns into Superman for the rest of the season….
-Last guy to win the Heismann on a team with a losing record: Hornung in 1956 from you know where.
-Okay, in case you didn’t know: The Domers. Season record: 2-8
- Let’s see, Jeremy Gallon played okay.
-I think Gardner is going to catch a lot of passes - in the B1G.
-Against Bama? They are like playing a semi-pro team…
-Thank God for Kovacs….
-Were the officials against us?
-I don’t know when the game lost me, but somewhere when the Bama score said 31 was an approximate, “I give up…”
-But, yes, as was texted, it would have been a great comeback.
-At this rate, we won’t go 0.500.
-The B1G is too good this year.
-And I don’t want a waiver from the NCAA to get to a bowl game.
-Michigan should never do that….
-Obligatory Uniform Comment: Why? I mean, really, WHY?
-Isn’t tradition enough for some people?
-Michigan is giving 21 against Air Force.
-I think I will take the academy and the points this week….
-Maybe opening with a cream puff isn’t such a bad idea….
-One word for that: APP STATE
-Okay, that’s two words…
More Idle Thoughts from the Weekend
-Tigers – Don’t look now! 1 GB first place Chicago….
- I wish the Tigers could score a couple of runs when Verlander is pitching…Sheesh…
-Lions: I going to say 9-7. Jus’ cuz….I can.
-But 10-6 wouldn’t surprise me with their schedule.
-Why bring up the Lions? I dunno…Just thinking they have to be getting close…
The Hot Seat

Here we are! The first 2012 Hot Seat Mascot vote! I really didn’t think the Hot Seat Mascot would be something I would continue to do after Rich Rod got canned…I really thought this was below the reading level of the fans of the MMQ. However, after talking to several fans over the weekend, I was surprised to hear that it’s become one of their favorite parts of the blog! Imagine that…Having to vote on a bunch of scantily clad women in the hopes of seeing her photo adorn the side of our little ole blog and that be a popular thing. Must be the kids that are enjoying it….

The Pre-Season Mascot nominee, Ms. Jessica Dorrel is going to have to go up against another Delilah that brought down a notable sports figure: Brett Favre. Jenn Sterger worked in the Jets organization in more than one role, or so it would seem. Long story short, er, well, I guess it was Brett’s long story or something that he “sexted” to Jenn and she went to management. Maybe she had seen better? Whatever the case: Here’s your Week #1 Hot Seat Mascot – Jenn Sterger.

Hot Seat Rank

1. Kelly, Brian: Until someone, anyone unseats him or he beats Michigan, he has to be number 1.
2. Tedford: Only Hot Seat Coach to lose in Week 1!! But I can’t move him above Kelly.
3. Derek Dooley: No way he survives another bowl-less year…Much less another year of sub 0.500 SEC ball…
4. Mack Brown: I know, I know. But you didn’t think they would fire Joe Pa, either. Believe the MMQ when I say that his retirement or canning is nearer than you think…
5. Randy Edsall: Maryland is going to start thinking that with the ACC as screwed up as it is, why aren’t we winning more football games?
6. Kevin Wilson: But can Indiana really expect much more? Really?
7. Mark Richt: Just because he will lose some game he’s not supposed to and the annual “Fire Mark Richt” bandwagon will get a spit polish and a coat of paint…
8. Dabo Sweeney: Either find a defense or find a new job….
9. Frank Spaziani: BC is a proud school that doesn’t get a lot of attention…
10. Tubberville: Yeah, he’ll have a defense, but those people at Texas Tech are used to FIREWORKS!!!!!

FMQ Betting Results:

Well, it wasn’t the best starting week ever, but it CERTAINLY wasn’t the worst ever, either. We’re down after week 1, but it could have been a lot worse. I’ve seen some teams and have a better idea who will and won’t cover this season. A quick review of the action over the weekend:

South Carolina @ Vandy (+7): Take Vandy and the points for $40.
I loved this result even though a Vandy win would have been better.
WIN! Bank $76

Navy (+17) vs. Notre Dame (In IRELAND): Take Navy and the points for $50.
Okay, Domers. Screw me here. But, this doesn’t do anything for Kelly’s Hot Seat: LOSE

Clemson Tigers @ Auburn (+3.5): Take Auburn and the 3.5 for $70
Huh, I really thought Auburn playing in Georgia would be better. LOSE

Arkansas State @ Oregon (-35): Take the Ducks and lay the 35 for $35
I’m done laying points. Seriously.

Marshall @ West Virginia (-24): Take WVU and lay the 24 for $35.
Okay, I love laying points when the team does what they are supposed to do.
WIN $66.5

Boy’s State @ MSU (-7): Take Boy’s State and the 7 for $40.
I love getting points…Two things can happen – the team can win or cover and it’s good for me!
Win: Bank $76

Alabama vs. Michigan (+14) (JerryWorld): Take Michigan and the points for $30.
Ugh…I hate having to look at the FMQ when Michigan loses AND they don’t cover. LOSE

Starting BANK: $700
TOTAL WIN: $218.50
NEW BANK: $918.50

Monday Morning Takes (Taking the first team listed):

Ball State (+28) @ Clemson
Sparty (-23.5) @ Central
USC (-27) @ Syracuse
Air Force (+21) @ Michigan

Wagers and other games announced on Friday…

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ


Paul V. Lioon said...

Hey did you Note that Yost is a Year Behind The MMQ? The 'healing photo' is British model Lucy Pinder...Wait she was a HOT SEAT MASCOT NOMINEE last year! :-)

MMQ said...

YOUR'RE RIGHT! I didn't even catch that! Excellent observation Paul!