Friday, September 7, 2012

Air Force Friday

After starting out with a dismal 3-4 week against the spread, the FMQ has found new life in this week’s spreads and some insight gleaned from checking schedules of both teams that might be looking ahead to next week or are falling down this week from a letdown win or loss over Labor Day.

While it’s always good to be humble, I do believe we have a lot of favorable matchups this week that the boys in Vegas either weren’t thinking clearly on or they have just over looked. And without a lot of steam coming in this week due to it being the first week the NFL kicks off, the spreads haven’t move much. Without wasting any more time as to who I like and why I like them, let’s get to it!

This Week’s Picks:

Ball State (+28) @ Clemson: Call this a let down game (for Clemson) and a slight look ahead game (for Clemson). Clemson is certainly already getting ready for Florida State in 2 weeks and probably isn’t doing a lot of “Game Planning” for Ball State.
Take Ball State and the 28 for $30

Sparty (-20) @ Central: While I initially used the same logic here due to the fact that Sparty just won an emotional opener at home and plays the Domers next week, I really don’t think Central has any of what it takes to slow down Sparty this year. And Sparty knows not to let down to these guys. They’ve learned their lesson the hard way. So, screw insight and
Take Sparty and lay the 20 for $30

USC (-26) @ Syracuse: Northwestern and Syracuse shouldn’t have been as close as it was. That was a huge emotional loss for Syracuse. USC is going to find a rhythm against the Cuse’s relatively weak defense. It wouldn’t surprise me to see USC hang 50 on the Orange….
Take USC and lay the 26 for $50

Vandy (-3) @ Northwestern: I watched both of these teams last week. One team played much better than the other and got a few extra days rest. Call me silly, but I like the SEC smart guys over the B1G Smart guys in this one…
Take Vandy and lay the 3 for $40

Louisiana Monroe (+31) @ Arkansas: This is THE CLASSIC look ahead game AND you have John L. Smith coaching the Razorbacks. Alabama is up next on the docket and if John L has any chance of making the job permanent, he knows he needs to win that one. I think Arkansas runs the ball against LMU and tries to shorten the game making for fewer points and they are not going to show Alabama ANYTHING.
Take Louisiana Monroe and the 31 points for $50

Air Force (+21) @ Michigan: I am sticking to my guns and saying that Michigan won’t cover against this team. I believed it in the season preview and I believe it now. Of course, this is when Michigan usually kicks me in the ass and does something really stupid… like cover….
Take Air Force and the 21 for $30


3 Team Parlay pays 6 to 1.
Take Vandy – LMU – USC for $18.50

Starting Bank: $918.50
Total Bet: $258.5
Bank: $660

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