Monday, September 24, 2012

Domered...It's Been Awhile....

Get to healing with the M-Zone….But be warned: It’s not what you think this time…

Sundays and Mondays do suck after losing….Sorry, just have to get that out there. That’s probably why I couldn’t be a sports writer…Too much emotion.

I have penned before about Karma, and how it can find you at any time. Good or bad…And how Michigan, and one player who for the last two years, has stolen games from the Domers for all the evil and hypocritical things they have done in the past. Unfortunately, it would appear, that karma has a sense of irony. For all those games he stole from the Domers in the last seconds, Karma saw to it that there would be an ugly penance for a the storied senior, on HIS BIRTHDAY no less, to pay before he was finished with the Domers.

And what’s very odd is that it was there for the taking. Just play with no mistakes. You think he would have figured it out after the first couple of mental oopsies. But, it seemed to get worse. For Denard and the rest of the offense. A snowball effect of shoddy offensive decisions at the worst possible moment. Bad play calls and even worse execution seemed to be the working theme….

When the number of points you score equals the number of turnovers you have in a game, chances are, you aren’t going to win the game. But you more than likely handed it to the other guy on a silver platter. These aren’t sour grapes, but I frankly don’t even feel that bad after this loss due to the fact that it wasn’t a beat down. The Defense should be regarded as the heroes on Saturday. They held the Domer to less than 240 yards of offense. It was a total failure on Michigan’s offense (Denard’s) to execute. While I can forgive 1 or 2 turnovers and the 1 at the end of that 1st half was desperation, it is unthinkable that in 5 straight pass attempts there were 5 interceptions. I don’t know if that is some kind of Michigan record (has to be) but I’m not going to look it up. Yes, Vincent Smith had one to himself on a play that, again, never should have been called.

What was really sad was that Michigan was in this game in the 4th quarter. After all the gaffs, it was still there for the taking. But, alas, Karma just decided that it wasn’t Denard or Michigan’s day.

The B1G season starts in two weeks so we have to live with the miserable taste of this loss in our mouths for double digit days. This was clearly not what anyone was hoping for last Saturday.
The Rest of the Mess

Sparty – EMU: Apparently, Sparty’s offense is a bit of a mystery this year. I almost took Sparty to cover the spread in this game, but then I figure that its EMU and funny things happened when they show up at Spartan stadium. And sure enough, Sparty need 4 entire quarters to put EMU down, but it was closer than the final score would lead you to believe. I now wish Michigan was playing Sparty in the traditional time frame (early October)

Clemson - FSU: Another team that playe well enough to win, but this game was actually extremely competitive. If Jimbo Fisher figures out how not to lose to someone he shouldn’t, I think the Seminoles have a red carpet walk to the ACC championship.

K-State – Oklahoma: Okay…Another Big12 team we don’t have to talk about anymore…I hate to bash Michigan, but in a competition of pre-season over rankings, I have to believe that the Sooners own the title, with Michigan a close second year in and year out….

LMU- Auburn: Damn Auburn for showing up. Chizik decides to coach them up for this game or has LMU finally kicked enough good players off the team that they are beatable?

Oregon – Arizona: Huh…I really figured Rich Rod and company could trade TD’s with these guys….The Ducks Defense must be better than I thought…Duh…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-When I’m not there, I think night games aren’t as cool.
-Too long to wait for the start.
-Looks great under the lights though….
-Maybe because it’s at the Domers?
-Michigan looks confident out of the gate.
-Watched 1st half in a beer tent with a lot of Domer faithful from St. Pats…
-Loved the fact they kept showing a re-cap of last year’s game in the pre-game.
-Kept the Domer fans quiet – sort of….God, they’re an obnoxious group…
-Lots of cheers when Michigan did things right.
-One obnoxious moron felt he had to get back in the MMQ’s face after the first INT…
-Not that I was being that obnoxious…Okay, not more than USUAL…
-Just Domer game obnoxious.
-I left the beer tent at half time.
-Nobody had the courage to call me out and say that I was escaping.
-In fact, I told the crowd that Michigan gets better in the 2nd and there wasn’t anything I saw that COULD NOT BE CORRECTED!
-Just stop throwing the ball to the guys in Gold Helmets.
-That would have been a huge improvement.
-6 turnovers…Really?
-I mean, I get that big games are going to have turnovers.
-Kids get the jitters. They aren’t pros….
-Best thing heard on the radio: Rich Rod had a Pick-up truck QB that he was trying to drive like a Ferrari…Hoke has a Ferrari QB he’s trying to drive like a pick-up…
-That was actually heard by MMQ’s brother…
-Give credit where credit is due.
-Okay…I am not going to let this get me down for the week…
-Damn…It’s a Bye Week…That means two weeks of reading about how much they sucked…

More Idle Thoughts From the Weekend

-For the Love of Mike: TIGERS! WIN A GAME, wouldtya’?
-Lions had a comeback for the ages and then screwed it up…
-What were they thinking?
-I’m not entirely sure I’m buying the presser comment that they were trying to draw the Titans offsides.
-If it had worked, well, you’re a risk taking genius.
-Since it didn’t, we didn’t really mean to run that play…
The Hot Seat

A TIE last week between Bar and newcomer Alice Eve!  Which means, after 4 weeks, there are 4 Hot Seat Mascots that have made the finals...What a race!  The Hot Seat Mascot is something that takes up entirely too much of the MMQ’s time. I mean, I have to constantly look at beautiful women and decide whether or not they are Hot Seat Mascot worthy. I know how Hefner must feel…It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it….This week’s mascot was noticed a couple of years ago in Iron Man II by the MMQ and this past summer, she had a major role in The Avengers. Yep, Scarlett Johanson really knows how to wear skin tight leather….And lesser is always better?  I forget how that phrase goes...Anyway....

The order is a changing. John L has to be the number one spot at this point….

1. John L Smith – He’s only on a 10 month contract, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they canned him before then…
2. Derek Dooley: Derek needed a W against Florida. He needed it really bad. I’m not sure he survives another season if the Vols don’t make a bowl.
3. Tedford: Only Hot Seat Coach to lose in Week 1!! But I can’t move him above Kelly.
4. Randy Edsall: Maryland is going to start thinking that with the ACC as screwed up as it is, why aren’t we winning more football games?
5. Brett Beilema – Wiscy. His fans have expectations now. 200 yards of total offense are NOT their expectations.
6. Kevin Wilson: But can Indiana really expect much more? Really?
7. Dabo Sweeney: Either find a defense or find a new job….
8. Mark Richt: Just because he will lose some game he’s not supposed to and the annual “Fire Mark Richt” bandwagon will get a spit polish and a coat of paint…
9. Kelly, Brian: I know…I dropped Brian down a long way…Had to. He went 3-0 vs. B1G. That’s huge in Domer land.
10. Tubberville: Yeah, he’ll have a defense, but those people at Texas Tech are used to FIREWORKS!!!!!
11. Frank Spaziani: BC is a proud school that doesn’t get a lot of attention…
12. Mack Brown: I know, I know. But you didn’t think they would fire Joe Pa, either. Believe the MMQ when I say that his retirement or canning is nearer than you think…
13. Bo Pelini – Cornsucker fans expect to beat their non-conference opponents.


All right, this is just getting down right ridiculous. Two of my “lock” picks were totally the wrong way. And Michigan somehow hits the number. How on earth does Vegas know? I mean, they couldn’t have know that Michigan was going to turn the ball over 6 times? Amirite? Anyone? Amirite?
LSU (-18.5) @ Auburn:
Take LSU and lay the 18.5 for $30
LOSE. LMU Gets a wake up call and the FMQ realizes that it’s still the SEC West

Arizona (+24) @ Oregon
Take Arizona and the 24 for $50.
49-0? Really Dick Rod? You’re still screwing me…LOSE

Kansas State (+14) @ Oklahoma:
Take K-State and the 14 for $30
I can’t believe I almost laid off this game.. I should have bet more. WIN Bank $57

Clemson (+14) @ FSU:
Take Clemson and the 14 for $40
Tigers hang tough. Close enough for money, anyway. BANK $76

Michigan (+7) @ Domers:
Take Michigan and the 7 for $60
They couldn’t have put a ½ point teaser on that game early in the week? LOSE
3 Team Parlay pays 6 to 1.
Michigan – Clemson-Arizona for $20 - LOSE

Starting Bank: $597
Total Win: 133
Bank: $730

I don’t like the way this season’s going…Back to the drawing board.

Early Monday Picks:

Northwestern (-13.5) vs. Indiana
Wiscy (+14) @ Nebraska
Oregon (-28) @ Wazoo

PS: Anyone know how hard it was to write today’s summary without a (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!)…Whew….I feel better.

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