Thursday, August 30, 2012


Here it IS! Finally, after all the hype and pre-season garbage that we have to tolerate, we’re going to finally be able to watch a football game. Footballs in the air, linebackers crushing tailbacks, and just some good old fashioned football that means something…

And, the FMQ has been secretly looking at the first week’s spreads for awhile now, watching the movement very carefully. I honestly believe the first tri-mester of college football is where you can really get ahead and hopefully stay ahead if you pick right and look at the games the way the bookies look at the games. Lots of steam coming in on powerhouses that needs to be offset by big point spreads given to the perceived “Little Guys”….And we all know how that App State Horror thing turned out…

So, as a refresher, we’ll put about 20% of our cash to work on an odd number of games) in an effort to come out on top. 10% vig comes out of the winnings and ties of course, go to the house.

Let’s look at this week’s slate of games:

South Carolina @ Vandy (+7): I’m not sure South Carolina is that good and Vandy isn’t that bad. This was a team last year that gave the SEC headaches. Methinks the Ole’ Ball Coach might have one on Thursday Night!
Take Vandy and the points for $40.

Navy (+17) vs. Notre Dame (In IRELAND): Look, Navy is tough. Notre Dame gave up a home game for this opportunity….I’m thinking the Domers struggle with Navy, but come out victorious…Just not by 17 points.
Take Navy and the points for $50.

Clemson Tigers @ Auburn (+3.5): Please, someone, anyone, ‘splain this to me: A Clemson team that is coming off a humiliating Orange Bowl loss without their leading receiver is giving points to Auburn IN THE OPENING GAME ON THE ROAD? This might be the gimme of the week:
Take Auburn and the 3.5 for $70

Hawaii @ USC (-40): I said I would be laying big points on USC this year, but DAMN….That’s a lot of points. 6 touchdowns of separation in the first game? Do I believe it? I can’t…
Not yet. PASS

Arkansas State @ Oregon (-35): Chip Kelly’s system, on the other hand, cannot be stopped and doesn’t have a neutral gear once a certain score has been achieved. The Ducks just keep coming at you…I hate to not have a favorite pick so early in the season, so
Take the Ducks and lay the 35 for $35

Marshall @ West Virginia (-24): Again, I’m thinking about how WVU just took Clemson to the outhouse and abused the you know what out of them in the Orange Bowl. I’m not saying that WVU can score 70 again, but I think they can beat Marshall by 24.
Take WVU and lay the 24 for $35.

Boy’s State @ MSU (-7): Hmmmm…This game is interesting to me.  At first, I figured with Kellen Moore gone, Sparty would win this walking away.  In fact, I had about a 2 touchdown spread on this one.  But then the line came out.   If Sparty has TRULY arrived, they should beat Boy’s State handily at home…But methinks that Vegas believes that if you give Boy's State enough time to prepare..well, anything is possible. Chris Petersen has had an entire offseason to figure out how to beat these guys. Boy’s State wants to prove themselves all over again. And something tells me they will do it - or at least cover....
Take Boy’s State and the 7 for $40.

Alabama vs. Michigan (+14) (JerryWorld): Well, here we are. On a personal note: Whichever way you lean on Michigan, I think the College Football World would be a much better place if the Wolverines somehow found a way to win this game. After listening to all the talk radio crap and watched everyone anoint Alabama as “Unbeatable – The Best Ever”, I think it’s time somebody righted the ship….Again, that’s the MMQ talking. Clearly, the folks at OSU have no such intention of rooting for the Wolverines..Sadly…As an avid reader pointed out: “There should never be a situation where it’s appropriate to joke about what happened at PSU.”

This line has moved and the steam is coming in on Alabama. I once heard a very famous bookie state, “Who’s everybody betting on? I’ll take the other guy…” Those are the words I’m living by here.  It might be the slappy talking, but I think Michigan keeps this a little closer than most people think…
Take Michigan and the points for $30.

No parlays this week till we see how everyone is doing…..

Starting Bank: $1,000
Total Bet: $300
Bank: $700

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