Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Huskies Un-Impressive…Are the Wolverines That Good?


After an off-season that hardly felt like an off-season, we’re back to being the MMQ!
Thank God! I couldn’t handle the pace of this off-season….

Hail to the Victors! It’s Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine!

While the first cheer is normal after a Michigan game, the 2nd one is usually reserved for a very special win….However, we didn’t get many opportunities last season to get to the 2nd one, so I’m taking advantage of this victory to type the words.

Did Michigan look good, live and in person from A-squared? Well, they certainly looked a lot better than what they had turned into during the Big 10 season last year….And they looked extremely fast. But, after the celebrations, jubilations and emotions – by the way, that was all before kick-off – I’m not ready to say that this group of Wolverines have given me the slappy confidence I need to claim that they can go undefeated.

Am I trying to get out of my prediction? Nope. I still believe this team can win 10 regular season games and 1 post season game. I’m sticking to that until I see something that convinces me otherwise.

UConn may have been a little over rated or we caught them in a first game out of sync situation - the wind certainly helped the defensive cause. And I guarantee that the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) won’t be dropping a safety back and will probably have 8 men in the box looking to stop Denard. But, you can say that I was happy for that team and especially the Rod. They deserved it after all the crap they’ve been through and maybe they can keep the ole momentum train rolling….

The Tail Gate Notebook: I must admit here, that even though a middle of the road Big East team would not normally be worthy of Big Game consideration, with all of the fan fare, multiple tail gate guests and friends in attendance, we polished off one bottle of Big Game - PRE GAME…So, THE TAILGATE CROWD is in full swing and is ready for the SEASON! Thanks to everyone for attending and making it a great pre-game!

The Rest of the Mess

SEC vs. Cupcakes: Yes, they all won. No, there wasn’t an interesting game played by any of them…Well, there was one and I’ll comment on that next.

LMU vs. Tar Foots: You know, Les Miles University football coach Les Miles has to be skating on thin ice. The SEC respects no one outside of the SEC and technically probably respects opposing leagues in this order: Pac 10, Big 10, Big 12, ACC, Big East….So, when you play a highly ranked ACC opponent, you expect that the game “Might be close”, but you don’t expect the ACC opponent will win. Especially when that team had to sit 9 starters on defense…..Les had the offense playing in a shell and I’m not sure LMU is going to get through the season without about 4 losses based on Saturday’s performance. I DO HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM with the officiating in that particular game, on one particular play – the On Sides kick at the end of the game. How in the !#$#$%% does the replay guy not see the NCU player hitting the LSU player BEFORE THE BALL GETS THERE? That cost me a bet and I’ll never forget it.

SPARTY vs. WMU: Didn’t see it, but heard that Sparty is rushing the ball well…Defense was a little suspect, however…

DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS) vs. Purdon’t: Sounded like this game was actually closer than it was, also. How does Vegas know? Really…I’m not kidding. I couldn’t have put an 11 point spread on this game on my best day and yet somehow Vegas knows….

Boy’s State vs. HOKIES: Are you kidding me? Brent Musberger (RALLLPH!) has literally named Boy’s State the National Champions…I also got the feeling that Brent would service Chip Peterson in any way Chris desired if Chris happens to lean in that direction...I know, it's supposed to be a family blog...I have an extremely difficult time listening to Brent any more…Herbstreit was even trying to offset some of that Brent over the edge crap by saying the Hokies were a good team in their own right. I can’t wait until Brent either hangs it up or they find someone that can do the play by play better than him…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday (and Sunday and Monday)

-I love the Big House…So does Ashley (MMQ’s oldest daughter that attended the game with me).
-“Dad, IS THAT PLANE GOING TO LAND IN HERE?” After the flyby…She’s used to watching the water planes on the lake doing a low fly by before they bring it in for a landing…
-Brock Mealer walking into that stadium is a top 5 in emotional moments that I’ve had inside those walls…Maybe even a top 3…
-It’s louder. When Brock walked out, I knew instantly that it’s louder.
-What? Bill Martin’s name is forever embedded into the Michigan Stadium concrete? WHY? WHY???
-I like the band music amplified. At least we can hear them up in the cheap seats…
-Denard is frickin’ fast….I would not want to face that kid as a defensive coordinator.
-But he can’t run and get tackled that many times in the Big 10…He won’t survive..
-Denard’s down…Time for Tate?
-Wait a minute…Devon Gardner’s in? IS Tate hurt?
-And Devon is SLOW – at least after watching Robinson….
-Nope – Tate's just assigned to the 3rd string…Hang in there Tate, this team is going to need you at some point.
-The defense is serviceable, I just don’t want to play a really good QB with really good wideouts. -Uh-oh…Domers are next on the schedule.
-But I’ll bet we can score on most defenses we face this year.
-Les Miles will be in deep Doo-Doo before the end of this season….
-If he already isn’t…
-Cheeseheads looked good against UNLV…At least the part I saw.
-If Boy’s State has played their toughest game and won and also manages to go undefeated, we need something better than a vote or a poll to decide a National Champion.
-That's the earliest I've gone on record stating that I HATE THE BCS!
-If Brent made the comment one more time that Boy’s State was trying to schedule anyone – Nebraska, SEC, Michigan – etc., I was going to throw something through my TV..
-Of course Boy's State will schedule anyone … But the risk reward for anyone else is simply too high!
-Get it Brent?

The Hot Seat
Well, it’s finally that time of the season when we can add another mascot to the Hot Seat Mascot voting poll on the side bar. Your vote counts and the staff, er…the selection committee at the MMQ will continue to search for viable contenders that are deemed worthy of Hot Seat Mascot contention!

This summer, I did a little project when I put some pavers down in my driveway. I thought I could complete it in a couple of weeks…heh, heh. Turns out it’s a bigger job than I thought. However, when searching for a gravel supplier (a little place in Milford called “Beuachamp’s” that’s about 10 miles from my house) I came across a name that was totally new to me, but at least worthy of a weekly nomination! Bianca Beauchamp, born in Montreal, Canada in October of 1977, otherwise known as, and I quote, “a self proclaimed fetish model that never met a latex outfit her cleavage didn’t love!”

Yikes – This is almost intimidating…But still Hot!

Latex almost looks like it's sprayed on...doncha' think?

No latex...but not bad, either!

And this is one I threw in there because she's wearing a yellow suit in support of the Maize and Blue!
So, here’s your week #1 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Les Miles – If LSU loses 3 games this year, they’ll be screaming to get Satan back to LSU.
2. Zookie – Can't lose to a down Missourri team.
3. Jimmy Harbaugh – But not for the reason’s you think. Yes, upsetting USC buys you a couple of years, but the message boards for Stanford think Jimmy runs his mouth too much….
4. Rich Rod. He’s there until he’s not…But that could happen sooner rather than later, unless the MMQ’s predictions come true.
5. Mark Richt – Georgia needs a New Year’s Day Bowl. And his AD got himself canned driving under the influence. New AD’s like to can head coaches that aren’t doing well and bring in their own guy.

FMQ Betting Results:

LSU vs. North Carolina: Take LSU and give the 7 for $75.
PUSH: Damn refs screwed me here. And in Vegas, a push is a loss.
PSU vs. Youngstown State: Take PSU and lay the 39 for $50.
LOSE: PSU’s D sucked and they didn’t roll up the points like I thought they would…
Purdue at Notre Dame: Take Purdue getting the 11 points for $50.
PUSH: Grrr…I’m starting to hate the lines already. HOW DO THEY KNOW?
Tennessee vs. Tenn Martin: Take the Cremesicles and lay the 38 for $50.
WIN: Tennessee hangs 50 unanswered on Tenn Martin. Win 50 less 10% for the vig. Bank $45
And finally, UConn at Michigan: Take Michigan giving the 2.5 in the rededication ceremony for $75.
WIN: Should have stuck with my instincts on this game and bet a whole lot more…Bear with me as the season gets rolling. We’ll do better. Win $75 less 10%. Bank $67.5
Bank: $1023

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