Friday, September 10, 2010

FMQ - Joe Cool Disses Rudy and The Wagers

TMZ interviewed Big Play Joe Montana who played with “Rudy” Ruettiger more or less DISSED THE ENTIRE THING as a Joke and that Hollywood definitely took some liberties and “embellished” or in this case, made up some fibs when it came to what went down. Don’t believe me? Here’s the link AND the quote.

Montana -- who played on the 1975 Fighting Irish squad with Ruettiger -- appeared on DirecTV's Dan Patrick Show this morning and said of the flick, "It's a movie remember ... not all that's true."After a dismissive sigh, Montana undermined some of the main storylines in the movie saying,

"The crowd wasn’t chanting … nobody threw in their jerseys."

Montana acknowledged that the real Rudy did play in the final home game ... and did get a sack -- but stated that when the players carried Rudy off the field, they were "kinda playin' around ... I won't say as a joke, but playing around."Joe finished, "He worked his butt off to get where he was ... but not any harder than anybody else."

The crowd wasn’t chanting, nobody threw in their jerseys. And the team was simply playing around when they carried Rudy off the field…hardly the inspiration that Hollywood made it out to be…hee-hee.

I just hope that someday, someone makes another true to life sports flick in the theme of Brian’s Song or Something for Joey where there is at least a bit of truth to the inspiration and someone doesn’t have to go to the “Big House in the Sky” in the end…

Anyway, on to this week’s fantasy action. Last week, as I stated in the Monday wrap, the LSU-NC game refs really screwed me and it turns out that the Domer (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) Purdue game also had a questionable call or two go the Domers way… Surprised? Anyway, we’re taking 5 games again this week, sticking with our odd number of games strategy and I’m hoping we go 4 or 5 for 5. However, because we really don’t want any more than about 25-30% of our “bank”, which is at $812.50 in play, we’ll only bet the $212.50. And seeing as how we got burned laying points, I don’t think we’ll do that again, even though it's a good way to bet during Cupcake Week...You just need to pick the right games, as always. I’ll also “sweeten” my best bet of the week with a little extra steam.

Michigan vs. the Domers: I know what you’re thinking – The Domers didn’t show everything that they’ve got when the played the Boilers last Saturday. Hey, I don’t think Michigan showed everything IT’S got in its bag of tricks, either. But – get this: Michigan-Domers opened up on Sunday at 6 points – yes, apparently you could actually get Michigan and 6 at one point on an offshore betting site. When I finally looked, it was 4 on Tuesday and the money has poured in on Michigan, driving the spread down to as low as 3 on Wednesday. It’s snuck back up to 3.5 and I’ve see 4 as well, so the Domers are braving up and putting their money where their mouth is. I grabbed the 4 points on Tuesday when I had the opportunity. Not only that, but I figured with two spread offenses taking each other on, the Over would have been a no brainer…Unfortunately, it’s 52, up from the 27 it opened at. I missed any opportunity as I would have taken the over to about 38…. Take Michigan and the 4 for $50.

Oregon at Tennessee: What’s the fun of betting a little game? Besides, I like Tennessee getting almost 2 touchdowns at home. Yeah, yeah…I heard all about the Ducks 72 points or whatever…against who again? This was another one I jumped on Tuesday when the spread was 13.5 when it opened. The Steam is rolling in on the Cremesicles and the latest is down to 12. In an SEC house that holds 100K+, I’m liking the Orange. Take Tennessee and the 13.5 points for $40.

South Carolina vs. Georgia: I actually had my eye on this game some time in August for a couple of reasons: Georgia’s athletic department and football team is a mess. Georgia has had some off the field “issues” to the point where the won the Fulmer Cup, which is a tally of total arrests for members of your team or coaching staff from the end of the season to the opening kick. Also, the Ole Ball Coach KNOWS how to beat the Dawgs (at least he used to at Florida – he’s 1-7 against them at USC, so, he’s due)…And he’s getting points. Lots of points that have been bet up. Game opened at 2 and is up to 3.5. Go the opposite way of the money. Take South Carolina getting 3.5 for $40.

South Florida at Florida: Skip Holtz is the new Skipper at South Florida…Gatorland looked absolutely awful in their win…In fact, it was downright pathetic. Do you think Skip Holz will have SFU ready? Remember how Skip was a giant killer at East Carolina? SFU is getting 16? I’ll take South Florida and the 16 for $40.

PSU at Alabama: PSU getting points on the road, but not enough in my mind, but I said I wasn't laying points, either. Still, it’s no fun watching a game without a little something on it, so let’s take PSU and the 12 against the Satan’s Warriors for $20….

And just for giggles, let’s throw a three game parlay on Michigan, USC, and USF for the remaining $22.50. That’ll pay 6-1 if it comes home.


Total Wagered: $212.50

Bank: $810.5

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