Monday, September 27, 2010

Bowling Over...

A win is a win is a win. What matters more to me at this point is the fact that DenRo isn’t hurt. In fact, after seeing the play and watching him on the sidelines, it strikes me that pulling him out of the game was more of a opportunity to get the other QB’s into the game and get them some snaps. Rich Rod knows he’s going to need them. And frankly, I’m still in a quandary as to why Little Man Tate isn’t starting…Or at least he should be the 2nd string. The kid is a gamer. 12 for 12? Really? And these weren’t simple passes…Yeah, there was an underneath dump or two here and there, but most of those passes were down field throws. So, we’ve gone from “Threetless” to having some real possibilities at the QB position. Not only possibilities, but lets just say if I’m an opposing defensive coordinator, I’m shaking in my boots. Or doing something really bad in my pants, whichever...

Not to mention that the Tailbacks are starting to flex their muscle a little as well. Toussaint and Cox looked strong and are going to run away from some people. I get what Jackson was talking about now...

The defense was serviceable. But with BG’s back up QB in, there were definitely a lot more options available to this “bend don’t break” defensive mentality. We got after these guys on D. And they simply weren’t UMass when it comes right down to it. But, the Big 10 looms and I have a feeling the Defense is going to need to step it up a notch.

Bring on Indiana. I think we're ready for them.

The Rest of the Mess

Big 10 ROMPS! SEC eats its own…ACC is as confused as ever.

Schadenfreude: Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!), if there was anything I could say to rub a little salt in the wound at this point, I’d do it. Oh wait, it’s coming to me:


What was amazing was that the cavalier attitude of some of the Domer fans, about 6 of them, that I happened to be watching the 2nd half of the game with in the St. Pat’s Beer Tent. They were treating the 13-6 score with an attitude of, “Hey, it’s Stanford. Do you know when the last time was we lost to Stanford two times in a row? We’ll have a big 4th quarter and everything will be fine.” I reminded these guys of the two in a row to Navy and they pooh-poohed that as a gimmick offense. I mentioned that the Stanford offense has been destroying people in the 4th quarter and that they liked to “win with cruelty”. They continued to comment that Kelly would finally take the reins off Crist and they’d be in it at the end or in OT. I laughed out loud when Stanford methodically marched down under Luck’s steady hand and pounded it in. I chuckled again when Crist threw the pick 6. I then asked those guys, four of which had walked away at this point to get more beer and drown their sorrows, if they still thought that Kelly was the right guy. No comment from anyone…just looks of bewilderment.

SHORTHORNS vs. UCLA: Really? At home? Oh Texas fan…You are crying right now. And Texas is out of the discussion for any National Title hopes, as it should be.

Alabama-Arkansas: Well, the Hogs covered. But if Mallet doesn’t get stupid with the football, they win. Petrino has to know that one got away from him. And everyone in the SEC now knows that SATAN is beatable. You just need a QB that can sling it…

Boy’s State vs. OSU: I was really, really hoping that OSU would beat these guys and get them out of the top 5. Hopefully the “whatever” performance was enough to take them out of the discussion…

Ole Ball Coach vs. Auburn: Nuts. Here was another bet that looked frickin’ awesome in the 1st half. And then Auburn started shutting down SC’s offense and took control. Oh well, at least I was right in this one for about 50 minutes..

Sparty: Setting up for a “Big Game” in Ann Arbor on October 9th…Can you beat Wisconsin and roll in undefeated? Can Michigan beat Indiana on the road??? Will they both be undefeated?

Gatorland: Rolls over Kentucky…

Dawgs vs. Miss State: Richy Rich just solidified his #1 seat in the Hot Seat and maybe sealed his fate with this fiasco of a game. If you can’t beat Miss State, you’re doomed in the SEC.

The Suckeyes vs.EMU: Destroying a MAC team seemed to be the norm this weekend…

PSU vs. Temple: I almost took Temple in this game and then at the last second, I laid off it. Stupid. Should’ve had gone with my first impression. Joe Pa is in for some Big 10 losses...

Wisky: Most points ever scored by Wisconsin? And that includes the B-Ball team.

Cornhuskers vs. SD State: SD State must be a pretty good team. They beat the Gophers and gave Nebraska everything they could handle.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-DenRo hurt? He’s standing right there! He’s bouncing around for pete’s sake….
-Tate can still play this game.
-Devin is another story. Jury’s out till I see more, which I hope I don’t have to do in the near future.
-Bowling Green’s defense is awful.
-When Michigan’s Offense wants to score, I think it’s going to score. It’s that simple.
-Jimmy Harbaugh knows how to perform on a National Stage. Did you see the facials on that guy?
-Maybe the Domers interview him for a job…Like he’d EVER go there.
-You better not go there Jim…
-But if worse comes to worst, he would look good in Maize and Blue.
-Kelly looks dazed and confused. More dazed than confused I guess.
-They are already calling for his head. “Weis didn’t leave the cupboard bare!”
-Mallet! Don’t throw that pass! That’s why the pros aren’t salivating over him…
-If you’re team is down 35-7, is it really necessary to scream “Go Irish!” when they score a meaningless TD late?
-Because you look like an idiot in the Beer Tent when you do that…I mean a big idiot.
-That’s probably had too much said beer…

The Hot Seat
Julie Bowen wins again in a rout! Week 3 & 4 of the Hot Seat Mascot Challenge goes to Julie and only Katy and Ines picked up any votes. Bianca is still O-fer… Can Julie hold on? Will there be hotter Hot Seat Mascots out there? Time will tell!

For week #5, I'm sticking with the sports reporter-entertainer theme. I noticed Jill Arrington was kind of hot and she might be a good nominee. Seeing as how you should all know who she is and have seen her work. But maybe you haven’t seen all her work like here in Maxim,

Or here in her Daisy Dukes…

Or here on a clandestine sideline shot.

No risqué photos of Jill available, at least to my knowledge. But if you find any…

Week #5 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Richy Rich – 3 in a row in the SEC? Wow..I’m surprised you’re still coach…
2. Zookie – Why he didn’t get the ax last year is beyond me.
3. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy…Might actually have to move him higher…
4. Beamer – Let me tell you something about head coaches that lose to FCS teams
5. Les Miles – If LSU loses 3 games this year, they’ll be screaming to get Satan back to LSU …
6. Dan Hawkins – Colorado can’t be happy going to the Pac 10 with this guy…look at this one as a formality waiting to happen at the end of the season. If Colorado can afford it…

FMQ Betting Results:
Sigh…I did so much better last year…But after reviewing my notes, a lot of last year’s fortune came later in the season. So, I haven’t given up hope yet…

Harbaughs Hellcats vs. Domers: Take the Hellcats and lay the 3 for $80.
WIN: Bank $152

Dawgs at Miss State: I’ll take Georgia and lay the 1.5 for $50
LOSE: Georgia is a mess…

Bowling Green at Michigan: So, take BG and the 27.5 points in the Big House for $40.
Lose: Oops…Well, I was playing the numbers with this one…

South Carolina at Auburn: I’ll take South Carolina and the 2.5 for $30.
LOSE: This game LOOKED GREAT in the 1st half. If only I was in Vegas and could buy insurance…

Satan at Arkansas: I’ll take Arkansas getting 8 at home over Alabama for $20.
WIN: Arkansas did something right. Bank $38.


Three Team Parlay for $20: Stanford/Dawgs/Bowling Green. Pays $120 if it hits.

5 Team Parlay for $5: Pays $100 if it hits.

5 Team Parlay Instant Replay for $5: Everything the same but take Bama instead of Arkansas. Pays $100.

BANK: $773

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