Monday, September 20, 2010

Everyone Remain Calm...Panic is Easy, Faith is Tough

I know, I know…It was an ugly win. In fact, I was working out in the yard getting some of my many fall chores completed when I heard that Michigan was struggling and went in and turned on the game. I know, I know, but I have a life and I was planning on catching the 2nd half. So I went in early to see what was going on and you might say that the MMQ turning on the tube was the motivation the team needed to finally kick it into gear. Yes, we scored late and plentifully in the end of the 1st half. And yes, we more or less held on to win in the 2nd half…

Question: Would Lloyd Carr have come out and “struck” like that with less than 2 minutes left in the half or we he have kneeled on it, let UMass going into half time believing, and then tried to rally the troops for the 2nd half? I was thinking that thought as we struck quick and let UMass have it right between the eyes. I thought at that point we were maybe toying with them, but then I watched the defense…There wasn’t any toying going on. They simply ran over us, using a full back and good old fashion blocking to make us look a little silly. Now, the Domers tried to do the same thing and we shut them down. Does that make UMass better? I dunno…but they looked incredibly effective when they wanted to be. So, yes, the defense needs work. But I’ll give UMass some credit. They can run and the QB can pass. There’s a Domer in the office ready to sign him up in South Bend. Of course, that’s not saying a lot, but never the less, the kid can play.

And we can’t kick. And we were flat. And on and on and on…But a W is a W at this point, so I’ll take it and we’ll see what happens against Bowling Green.

The Rest of the Mess

First, a little Schadenfreude: Domers, U Suck…Hee-hee….HAHAHAHAHA!!!! There’s really no more to be said as I believe you have said it all yourselves. Please see any of the rant and rave Domer boards and there have been 24 hours suicide watches issued, fire BK websites are now up, and whatever else you can imagine. Get this, there’s some clown on Rock’s House that stated,

“Fire Kelly and go hire 1 of the following three coaches: Bellichick, Sean Payton, or Jim Caldwell (Those are the Patriots, Saints and Colts) as they have “most recently been to a super bowl and can coach the 5 star talent that the “domers” have”.
Hmm…Didn’t you already try that with Wuzzles? Isn’t it better to have a coach that can recruit and inspire? You are ready to fire Kelly and the boards are lighting up with hate and vitriol towards Kelly, $warbuck$ et al….Heh, heh…Marvelous. Let the decay begin on the inside to the inevitable end of the Kelly era. Morons..They don’t have a clue as to what it takes at this point to win…

Congrats! You deserve that win and deserve it even more with the nutsy call of your head coach. I was very impressed with the do or die of it all in retrospect…Very impressive. And it may have cost you a couple of games with your head coach. I was truly shocked to hear that Dantonio had to go in under the knife at 4:00 AM to get a stint put in because of a heart attack. It’s only a game at the end of the day and Godspeed to his healthy recovery. My guess is he’s either in the booth or on the sideline for the Michigan game on October 9th.

Gatorland vs. Cremesicles: Gatorland prevails in a rather boring game, to be perfectly honest…Cremesicles have a long way to go, as does Gatorland, but neither will be in contention at the end for the SEC East…Jut my humble opinion…

Hogs vs. Dawgs: Richy Rich just move up on the old Hot Seat ranking with that performance. Granted, Arkansas is a good team, but that was a winnable game for Georgia. The new AD can’t be pleased at this point…

The Suckeyes vs. Ohio: State in State crime. I guess Tressel doesn’t like Ohio and he rolled it up on them pretty good.

PSU vs. Kent: Lou Holtz picked this as his “Upset Special”. I think Lou needs to seriously hang it up and get into advertising Depends Oral Undergarments or audition for William Shatner's role in "Shit My Dad Says". Everytime he opens his mouth, shit comes out and I never know what’s going to come out next. Problem is, who will they get to piss off Mark May?

Wisky vs. ASU: I know, I lost this one. ASU found some speed and Wisky looked like they couldn’t get out of there own way. So much for that bet and the Cheeseheads are proven frauds once again….

Harbaugh’s Hellcats vs. Wake: If there’s one team in the country I wouldn’t want to play right now it would be Stanford. Oh, gee, look who’s next on the menu for Jimmy and Company? The Domers! Think he won’t roll it up given the chance? Think again…

Cornhuskers vs. Huskies: Can we finally stop talking about Jake Locker for Heisman? And it’s not because I don’t like the kid…He’s just on a bad team.

Cornsuckers vs Wildcats: Iowa couldn’t take care of Pac 10 business, even though they made a nice run near the end. If you stayed up that late – GUILTY!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-We need a defense. What I wouldn’t give for a defense.
-But we looked decent against the Domers except for those three or four plays.
-Then again, I guess that’s all it takes.
-Kovacs should’ve got the game ball from Saturday. Walk on to scholarship and he plays like a warrior possessed…
-DenRo is DenRo. But Shaw looked all right, also.
-UMass is big on the offensive line. Jeez, they ought to be able to run the ball.
-Reminded me a little of Wisconsin…
-Mallet is the QB I would want if I’m a pro scout.
-But I know I went on record saying he had a million dollar arm and a 10 cent brain…So that might be part of the problem.
-Does the SEC even think about staying inside the rule book or is it kind of like NASCAR: If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’…..
-Sparty looks ready. Fans look ready. Kelly looked nervous and he also looked like he was trying to hide it.
-Beauty of Domers-Sparty: As my brother in law says, “Somebody I hate is going to lose!”
-Are U KIDDING ME? REALLY? A fake at home when the field goal sends it to a 2nd OT? WOW…Nice Call..
-If you haven’t heard, the play was called “Little Giants”…From the movie I guess?
-But honestly, I was pulling for Sparty. It’s the Domer ill will that has me truly rooting against them now. If Kelly only wins 5, do they can him after 1 year?
-Did I mention I wouldn’t want to play Stanford right now? Pac 10 showdown coming between them and Oregon. And Jimmy knows how to beat Oregon.
-Is Harbaugh the next head coach “somewhere big”? I mean, it is Stanford and they are pretty big…
-But I mean big as a football school. Would he coach the SEC? I don’t think so…but maybe…never say never I guess…

The Hot Seat
Julie Bowen wins the Week 3 of the Hot Seat Mascot Challenge! You overwhelmingly voted Julie in on the 3rd week with Katy hanging around to pick up a couple. I also like Julie and I’m excited to see if she can keep it up for the season…
And thanks to all of you that e-mailed me photos of Ines Sainz. It’s like I hadn’t seen her at all last week in the news or anything. Seriously, I think Rush Limbaugh had the best line when he talked about her being “booty-liscious” and that she was using her ample “Ass-sets” to her advantage. And as Rush stated, she wasn’t even the offended party after the Jets incident! It was some other news “person” that took offense to the way she was being treated. Ines simply took it in stride. Like, “Hey, I’m a good looking chick, I know it, and yes, I get an abnormal amount of attention to the point of guys acting like idiots around me.” See, she gets it. What’s everyone else in this PC world missing? Well, your MMQ didn’t miss her here.

Or here…

Or even here…

Wait a minute: Is that thing real or does she have those “butt” pads tucked in there?

Surprised, however, that no “au naturel” photos of Ines have been discovered….

Notice how we don’t have a swim suit shot from the back? Is this a conspiracy? Anyone? Regardless…Still hot!

So, here’s your week #1 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Mark Richt – Losing two in a row makes you the number 1 guy…
2. Zookie – Why he didn’t get the ax last year is beyond me.
3. Les Miles – If LSU loses 3 games this year, they’ll be screaming to get Satan back to LSU …
4. Beamer – Let me tell you something about head coaches that lose to FCS teams
5. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy…Might actually have to move him higher…

FMQ Betting Results:
Tennessee +14 at Home vs. Florida: Looks like I was right here – they pegged the spread, meaning anyone that bet this game lost….

UMass at Michigan (-21): Michigan laying 21 against UMass for $20….
LOSE: Okay, so maybe I should have looked closer at UMass before laying the points.

Domers at MSU (-3): Take MSU and lay the 3 for $40
PUSH: Yes, another one where Vegas somehow knows SOMETHING!

ASU at Wisconsin (-13.5): Take Wisconsin and lay the 13.5 for $60
LOSE: Oops…I thought Wisky was way better than they actually are…

Harbaugh’s Hellcats (-17) vs. Wake Up: I’ll take Stanford and lay the 17 against Wake Forest for $70.
WIN: Whew…At least we didn’t go O-fer. Bank $133.

Clemson at Auburn (-7): I’ll take Auburn and lay the 7 for $70.
LOSE: Are you kidding me? How many of these things can go against me?

Parlays (Otherwise known as Sucker Bets):

3 Team parlay of Wisconsin, Auburn and Stanford for $15. That pays 6 to 1 if it hits and we’ll pocket $81.

Take all 5 for the balance of $6.50. That’ll pay 20-1 if it comes home and will pay $117.

Bank: $833

I’ll do some better noodling this week…It seems the ACC is still the conference to bet against.

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