Friday, September 3, 2010

FMQ - 200 POSTS!

Friday Morning Quarterback! This is the MMQ's alter ego when all predictions, prognostications, and general slappiness are at their height! And with a record of 0-0, I feel pretty damn good on this opening season Friday! So, I figured, What the Hell....We need a post!

First and foremost, we are reaching some pretty serious milestones here at the MMQ...For those of you keeping score at home that read regularly, we have reached a pinnacle of sorts when it comes to the number of posts. Yes, sports fans, the MMQ has reached 200! And, believe it or not, the MMQ has received nearly 5,000 viewings...I think it's the same 6 of you that keep clicking away on this blog, but who cares! I can't believe I have wasted this much time posting, and you probably wish you could get each and every 10 minutes or so back that you've spent reading this crap....Too bad, so sad...It's gone, but hopefully it's brought a laugh or two along the way. I mean, life is about the journey, right? Let's enjoy the ride!

Stuff you need to see today:

Check out M-Victors for what makes a Michigan Man....I wish I could figure out how to embed video so you don't have to jump around, but this 1 minute 21 second clip at the Mott Children's Hospital Charity Golf Outing is worth the time....

Frank the Tank's take on the Big ten Divsion helps make sense of why Wisky got the shaft...When they really came out smelling like a rose and will probably be the first team to flip flop during the next expansion 10 years from now...

There's a great interview of Desmond Howard over at on life as an announcer and the new Allstate Mayhem Football Challenge....Check it out and let's get an MMQ reader that can win a TV or better yet, Bowl Tix!

Introducing the FMQ!

Okay, I make predictions because I like to. It also has a little something to do with the fact that I'm a natural born risk taker, whether that's good or bad is not for me to determine. I've had some bad breaks in life, just like everyone else. However, sometimes stuff works out really well, also. And all of that experience has made me wiser over the years...So I just know that I need to gamble and it soothes a part of me inside. That's why I play poker. It makes sense to me. The numbers, the emotions, the people. You get to think, read people, and make judgements by assessing risk-reward scenarios to any given situation.

Which is why were going to start the FMQ - Friday Morning Quarterback - for your college football gambling needs. I get fantasy football in the NFL. I don't and I have never participated in a fantasy league. Just too many people that have it all figured out....Therefore, my edge is reduced. Therefore, we're going to look at the college games, figure out some edge on the spreads, and start with a fantasy account at an offshore betting casino. We're going to start with $1,000 in our account and we'll keep a record of our successes (and failures) as we go. We'll figure in a 10% vig on the wins to make it even more realistic.

I wish I'd of had this brainfart yesterday as I liked South Carolina and the Ole' Ball Coach giving the points to Southern Miss....But, opportunities can be made up faster than losses....

Basic Strategy. To keep our risk minimized, we're only going to put about 1/3 of our bankroll in play during any given week, unless there's something I really like. In addition, I am always going to try to bet an odd number of games in order to realize a 3-2 or 2-1 scenario, where you have a win that will cover the vig and your goal is to go 3-0, 4-1 or ideally, 5-0. That's the risk minimization, if you will, but you pay a premium to minimize that risk...

So, the games I like this Cupcake week (we'll do five games as there's 5 I found that I like - I still wish I had done this yesterday as the USC game looked great to me..):

LSU vs. North Carolina: Why this game still has LSU only giving 7 is beyond me with the world crumbling around North Carolina's program...Look for Les to make a statement...Take LSU and give the 7 for $75.

PSU vs. Youngstown State: PSU is giving 39 and usually destroys teams like this in the early season...Take PSU and lay the 39 for $50.

Purdue at Notre Dame: Purdue's getting 11 and this game hasn't been more than TD spread in 6 years. Yes, I know BK knows how to score points...So does Purdue...Take Purdue getting the 11 points for $50.

Tennessee vs. Tenn Martin: Tennessee is giving 38...Another SEC cupcake blowout coming with a new coach that wants to flex his offensive muscle..Take the Cremesicles and lay the 38 for $50..

And finally, UConn at Michigan: Michigan giving 2.5 at home...I seriously believe that Michigan is going to EXPLODE points tomorrow...Take Michigan giving the 2.5 in the rededication ceremony for $75.

Best Bet: LSU

Total Wagered: $300

Bank: $700

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