Friday, September 24, 2010

Bowling Green - Let's Win a Week

Okay – we have $833 in the bank, meaning we’re down for the season. But I think we’ve finally reached a point where we can correctly handicap some teams and look at the attitudes and prevailing trends to determine who will do what to whom and by how many on Saturday. Let’s bet up to 30% of our bank in order to recover our position, or $250. We missed a great game last night, but in all honesty, I thought Pitt would give Miami a much better game at home than they did. True colors are starting to show themselves....Let's get to it:
In the order that I REALLY like the games this week:

Harbaughs Hellcats vs. Domers: This game opened at 2.5 and I thought it was a gift and grabbed the 3 that I could get on Monday. It’s now up to 5... Why Harbaugh’s Hellcats? I’ve been asked. Well, their primary color is red. And their head coach isn’t particularly nice. If you want to know why I like Stanford, read this article and quotes from Jimmy, er, Satan II.

"One of our mottos is, 'We're going to win with character but we're also going to win with cruelty,'" he said.

Wow…I know he could be a mean cuss at Michigan, but it’s gotten even better (worse?) since he became a coach. Yes, I know the Domers have had some “bad” luck in their last two games…Stanford has some good “Luck”, even though his receivers are banged up…Pac10 Speed vs. a Slow Domer Defense. Domer O? What Domer O? Crist hasn’t proven himself yet and Jimmy H. knows a thing or two about rattling opposing QB’s….So, not only do I think Stanford wins big in Domerland, but Harbaugh might get a ladder and spray paint a red “S” on the Golden Dome and tag a couple of Domer coeds post game, just to say he nailed the Domers really good. Take the Hellcats and lay the 3 for $80.

Dawgs at Miss State:
Richy Rich isn’t going to lose them all and the 1.5 points on this game seems light considering Georgia almost beat the Hogs at home and probably would have had anyone in the Dawg's defensive secondary actually played the ball. My guess is they have at least tried to correct that problem this week…I’ll take Georgia and lay the 1.5 for $50.

Bowling Green at Michigan: Michigan’s D is ranked 100th among BCS teams…Not good….This game opened at 23 and I considered grabbing BG and the points then, but then I remembered how the line moved up last week with UMass and waited…Glad I did. I’ve got BG getting 27.5 on Wednesday and I grabbed that. But is this one of those up-down things for Michigan where UMass was a lote better than I think and a 1-2 BG is going to come in and lay down or were going to be a whole lot better than I think Defensively? I mean, we're probably going to score 40 or more...Right? And I everyone has been able to hang at least 20 on us...So it's really a 7.5 point game. Does Michigan win the 4th quarter with a meaningless TD that covers or does BG stay tough? Until Michigan covers a big spread, I'll take the points. So, take BG and the 27.5 points in the Big House for $40.

South Carolina at Auburn: The Ole Ball Coach is getting points again. Auburn really let me down against Clemson, but they did win an emotional game in OT... But I’m not entirely sure how good that Auburn team is. I like it when I can get Spurrier and points. I seem to be the only one that likes this pick as SEC knowledgeable people always like the SEC home team...Which doesn't make sense when you look at the next game...Whatever... I’ll take South Carolina and the 2.5 for $30.

Satan at Arkansas: This line opened at 6.5 and has moved up to 8. I’m not entirely sure Satan’s Warriors, at least on Defense, have had a legitimate test yet. SEC night game on the road for Bama. Ryan Mallet wants to be a Heisman candidate – At the same time, his head has to be HUGE after the Georgia win and being interviewed by last year’s Hot Seat Mascot Erin Andrews this week…So, can he handle it? It's make or break time...Petrino is coming into his own down there – 3rd year into his own – I like 3rd year head coaches... Satan is going to lose sooner or later and a 27 game SEC winning streak is a long time. But Bama did destroy this team 1 year ago, 35-7….I’m betting Arkansas has a clearer memory of that game than Satan…Can you say revenge? They might not win, but I'll bet the keep it close... I’ll take Arkansas getting 8 at home for $20.


Three Team Parlay for $20: Stanford/Dawgs/Bowling Green. Pays $120 if it hits.

5 Team Parlay for $5: Pays $100 if it hits.

5 Team Parlay Instant Replay for $5: Everything the same but take Bama instead of Arkansas. Pays $100.

BEST BETS: Stanford/Dawgs/Bowling Green

Worst: Arkansas...

Wagers: $250

Bank: $583

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