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Hoosiers Are Losers - Time for WAR!!!

So, a quick recap of the game on Saturday:



Cold and….COLD!!!!

As a Michigan inhabitant for my entire life, I know better than to not be properly prepared for the cold.  I screwed up.  Ski pants or bibs should have been a must.  I was numb walking into the game and at half-time and it didn’t get any better once Michigan woke up and started scoring. 

The snow was a nice touch and made the Michigan – Indiana game the leading highlight after the fact. 

Did we learn anything?  I learned that I’m beginning to doubt Jimmy Harbaugh and some of the game decisions he makes.  Granted, O’Korn didn’t have a great game.  He played OK, but Michigan needs great game out of him this week down in the Horseshoe.  Harbaugh will need to earn his money this week and pray for slightly better weather in Columbus.  And he needs to find plays that O’Korn can comfortably execute, meaning he might have to pare down the play-book slightly in order to achieve better execution. 

In addition, after Lamar Jackson’s Thursday night flop, Jabrill Peppers had an opportunity that Jimmy and Peppers both squandered, not that Peppers got a chance to touch the ball that many times.   Which, with Speight out and considering all the previous games where Jabrill ran from the QB position when Michigan was up 20 earlier this season, why didn’t Harbaugh use Peppers more on offense?  Sooner or later, he is bound to bust one. Those decisions, Jim.  Those decisions need to improve.

There is going to have to be a lot of improvement in a week if Michigan expects to keep it close in the Shoe.  Maybe I sound a little down right now, but you want to see improvement anywhere heading into suckeye week…

However, the players seem ready.  I’ve read a few articles and they want this game.  Tuesday practice is “full speed” which means it’s the hard day.  Butt and Peppers both had the same message:

Come ready for practice on Tuesday!!!

A GameDay Nod to Western Michigan:  Row the Boat!

Based on the success that PJ Fleck has been having this season, I started doing a little research on this whole, “Row the Boat!” mantra that Fleck uses.  Again, the MMQ didn’t know squat about it 3 months ago.  And I wasn’t alone.  But, there’s more to the story.  Kind of like, “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions!”  What’s it mean?  In Fleck’s own words:


I’m actually impressed.  Is it coachy-speak & gimmicky?  You bet.  But guess what?  Everybody can use a little coachy-speak now and then!  If Fleck want’s to get his mantra everywhere and it motivates people, so be it!!  Ture to his word, the team hands out little oars when they visit the children’s hospitals in the area.  The MMQ will support Coach “Harbaugh Junior” Fleck in his effort to put boat oars in hospitals, classrooms and gymnasiums or where ever people need motivation and I will support it with an Enthusiasm unknown to mankind!

The Rest of the Mess

This just in from the MMPG (Monday Morning Point Guard)

State of Michigan Basketball Standings:

Michigan       4-0

CMU               4-0

Oakland         3-0

MSU               2-2 (and really could have been 1-3 after last night’s Sparty Bob debacle with FGCU in town…)

Va-Tech @ Domers:   Once again, the Domers lose in atypical Domer fashion (they led 17-0 in the 2nd quarter and gave up 14 in the 4th) and go 4-7 on the season with a super-hot USC team up next.  There’s no reason to believe the Domers have a real shot at winning that game and USC is actually playing some of the best football in the country (statistically) over the last 7 games.  4-8 is real.  B. Kelly probably safe, but will start next season out as the Number 1 on the ECOD!!!

Sparty vs. suckeyes:  Sparty tried doing everyone a favor in the B1G, but once again, came up woefully short and decided to go for 2 with 4:30 left in the game.  I’m not sure I completely agree with the decision, but I get the decision.  What I hated, once I saw the play, was the play that was called.  Antoninni stated they had talked about going for 2 all week.  My question is:  That’s the BEST PLAY you could come up with for your 2 point try?  Really????

Louisville @ Houston:  Tom Hermann is proving once again why he’s America’s hottest coach in waiting.  Not only was the Heisman front runner held to miserable numbers, a full strength Houston revealed to us, again, that the Cougars belong and are a very good football team.  See you later, Cardinals and better luck next season! 

Cornsuckers vs. Durks Terps:  Probably the Terps most impressive outing in the last month and the cornsuckers made this one closer than it should have been.  Durkins will continue to be a problem in the B1G East moving forward as the team improves….

Fuzzy Rodents vs the Purple Kitties:  I didn’t bet this game as I had concerns with the Gophers ability to handle Northwestern’s passing game.  Shouldn’t have been that concerned.  The Kitties have flamed out a little on offense the last couple of weeks and the Gophers took care of business. 

Colorado vs Wazzuu:  Colorado maintains its lead in the Pac12 and clinches the south with a victory over Utah.  For a game that wasn’t supposed to be anything, Michigan’s victory over the Buffs continues to look better and better. 

Kansas vs. Texas:  Don’t look now, but Texas just lost to a really, REALLY bad Kansas team for the first time since 1938.  There’s a reason why Charlie is in the number 1 spot on the ECOD.  This does not bode well for him.  And this just in:  Charlie Strong GONE!!!

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1. Denial and Isolation –Hmmm….Not many teams left to put as new entries into the Denial and Isolation.  Maybe Louisville fans?  They’re not to the 5 Stages, but I think they now have to be wondering how they nearly beat the #4 team in the country at their house (Clemson) and lost so BAD to an unranked team?   
  2. ANGER –Sparty has to be fuming a little when they get so close to upsetting the #2 team in the country and don’t play for OT at home?  I know what I would have done and I’m betting there’s some angry Sparty fans out there thinking the same thing! 
  3. Bargaining –Longhorn Fans…..Yes, you had to give Charlie $10M to get rid of him, and that money could have gone a long way towards assistants, etc. under whoever the new guy is.  But at least you’re looking at the next step.  And there’s a lot of talent on that team.
  4. Depression –LSU Tigers AND Domers  LSU Fans have to be wondering what this season could have been if some of the decisions that were made this year would have been made last year in November or December.  And Domer fans have to be depressed that no matter how bad it gets, it looks like the dysfunctional Kelly is going to be your coach for at least another season. 
  5.  Acceptance – Is it Basketball season yet???


Idle Thoughts from Saturday

-Damn it’s cold…

-Why didn’t I wear Ski Pants?

-I know better than this!

-I don’t even have a warm hat…

-I’m an idiot at times…What was I thinking?

-I think my brain is numb.

-My body hurts

-Oh Shit!  There goes the tailgate tent!!!

-Wind is a bitch…

-Another tailgate tent bites the dust….

-And the game hasn’t even started!

-Why is this a 3:30 game again?

-Michigan can’t get anything going on offense.

-Sludge-fart football.

-Is Hoke back on the sidelines?

-Why isn’t Jabrill playing more QB?

-O’Korn not looking good…


-I will wear every article of clothing I own during the next November home game…

-Mental note to self

-And also written down here so I don’t forget.

-Finally, a score. 

-De’Veon having a big day.

-Great.  Snow.

-I mean – Wow!  It’s REALLY SNOWING!

-That’s helping to warm me up.


-Another score.

-Lines on the field gone. 

-How do they call out of bounds on days like this?

-I guess the replays don’t mean as much…

-Time for WAR!



12 Weeks into the season and the field has firmed up.    

Top 4 teams in the Country

  1.  Bama
  2. Suckeyes
  3. Michigan
  4. Clemson
  5. Wiscy
  6. Washington

So, the committee is setting up for a B1G Showdown in the War quarterfinal and then the B1G Championship Semi-final.  Depending on how the War victim goes down, and I have a funny feeling that there’s still an outside chance that the B1G Championship loser has a shot to get into the CFP, depending on what happens everywhere else (Clemson and Washington losing). 

So winning The Game has become significantly important!!!


The Hot Seat

Week #12’s Hot Seat Mascot.  This week’s Hot Seat Mascot seems very appropriate.  As the weeks get colder, the Hot Seat Mascots need to get hotter, donchathink? 

Week #12 Mascot:   Natalie Lawrence!!!!


We’ll keep track of who’s gone as the season progresses….

  1. Miles and Cameron – LSU Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. 
  2. VanGorder – Domer D-Coordinator. 
  3. Ron Turner – FIU. 
  4. Hazell PURDUE!
  5. Tim DeRuyter – Fresno State. 
  6. Charlie STRONG- Texas.  Charlie’s fat has been fried, but he’s leaving Texas with a whole bunch of money, $10M to be exact.  That’s not the worst feeling in the world, I suppose….How Texas handles this will sway the next guy a whole bunch.  Very interesting to see where Herman falls in this Coaching Carousel….
    Electric Chair of Death Seat!

  1. Kelly and $warbuck$ - The loss Saturday had to be annoying if you are a Domer Fan.  Up by a large margin at home and then your defense cannot stop the hoakies and your offense can’t play keep-away.  If $warbuck$ gets canned, Kelly won’t be far behind. 

The Hot Seat – Guy’s that have Hot Seats but Won’t get Canned, Immediately

  1.  Rich Rod – Arizona.  What a complete and utter disaster Arizona football is this season. 
  2. Todd Graham – Arizona State.  Couple of coaches that should be a lot better than their team records indicate.  Recruiting Arizona should be a piece of cake…
  3. Helfrich – Oregon.  Still here and in charge.
  4. Butch Jones – Cremesicles.  Can’t lose the SEC East when you’re the favorite.  Granted, Florida didn’t do you any favors. 
  5. Kirby Smart – Georgia a mess….He might not get the full 3 years.
  6. ANTONIO, MARK – They won’t fire him and I can see sparty losing the last 2 out of 3.  Potentially all 3 games left!  Yep, I can really see it. 
  7. Grobe – Baylor.  He is an interim so almost not fair to put him on the list….
  8. Mike Riley – beating the Gophers helps…..
  9. Muschamp – still here just because it would be THS without Will! 

Short List of Available or Desirable Head Coaches

  1. Hermann –Where’s he gonna go??
  2. Jimbo Fisher – LSU, another SEC or Texas Job?  ….
  3. Kiffin – Somebody will hire him.  Might as well go for broke…
  4. PJ FleckRowing the Boat….for Purdue?
  5. Willie Taggart  - Oregon????
  6. Les Miles AVAILABLE FOR HIRE – Spent the Weekend in Michigan!!!
  7. Mike Leach – The Pac 12 is taking notice!!!
  8. Dan Holgersen – IS he available?

Side NFL NOTE:  The Lions continue to amaze with tight victories!  Sitting at 6-4 with a home Turkey Day Game on a short week against NFC co-Leader Vikings!  7-4 with a long lay off would be nice!!!

Dak Prescott continues to impress as Dallas wins 9 straight!!!

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