Friday, November 4, 2016

FMQ Week #10

Idle Thoughts From The Week

-Cubbies get the 108 year monkey off their backs!

-But..after 108 years, is that really a monkey or a “starting over at 1?”

-Heartfelt reach-out to all the Cleveland Connection Folks that read the blog….

-After game 4 at 3-1 you had to let yourselves believe a little.

-And at about 11:30 on Wednesday evening, I’m sure you let yourselves believe some more….

-I was!  What a comeback!!

-And the Cubbies just wouldn’t let it happen.

-Still, a great season and a Game 7 for the ages!!!

-At least you got that going for you…which is nice…

-B1G is going to have 6 Friday Night Prime Time games starting next season.

-Michigan will NOT be participating.

-Thank god…

-Can anyone imagine trying to get INTO Ann Arbor on a Friday night?

-Bad move by the B1G.  

-What audience are they gonna’ get?

-I’d actually like to see Friday Night College Ratings…

-Can’t be that good, can they?

-Thursday, I get.

-Friday…Not so much…

-Spartys everywhere still lipping off this week.

-Don’t they know when it’s just time to clam up?

-You’re 2-6.  Show some humility.  Be Humble…

-I’d say classy, but that’s beyond their reach. 

-If I hear one more “Next year you got nothing!  We’ll destroy you!” I might have to hit somebody…

-Look at this!

-It’s a “Bucket List” kind-of-a-thing!

-E-Kitten got some game tickets for Saturday…

-But not just ANY Game Tickets!

-See for yourself!

-Check the fine print….Yep. 

-Way up there in those boxes on about the 40 yard line.

-If I’m lucky, she might let the MMQ sneak in for a half!!!

-I’ll take lots of pics if I get up there – promise!

-Old #7 will be “In the Big House!” Saturday… 

-Rick Leach is the Honorary Captain.

-Always liked Leach. 

-He was “My QB” when I was coming of age.

-I remember wondering what Michigan would do after 4 years of Leach?

-And he became a Tiger, too!

-(Can’t say I cared for the 70’s Porn-Stache that much)

-But I guess everybody in the 70’s had them…

-Is it Saturday yet?


More elimination games this week.  Games that are on the “Must keep an eye on the score” list include: 

Bama @ LSU

Nebraska @ suckeyes

Washington @ California


It’s November.  Most teams are what they are now.  You know if you have a defense, if you’re improving on offense and whether or not you still might be able to surprise some people.  When I think back to the worst losses that I can remember while following Michigan, while there’s been a few in September that have sucked, the painful ones used to happen in November when a below 0.500 Spoilermaker or Golden Gopher team would come in and wreck the season.  There’s plenty of reasons November football is brutal.  The question is:  Can we make some intelligent picks for a change know that?

Last week, Al Czervik gave some good advice I should have followed.  And yes, I know I was betting with my heart on the Maize and Blue, but the numbers supported that pick.  I don’t want to go into sour grape details, but the Wolverines were the superior team and the final score was not indicative of the actual result.  Last week’s results:


I have been in and out of my own little pea brain so much lately trying to figure out how I wanted to bet this week that I figure I need psychological help.  Where else does one go for help regarding football related psychological issues?  Where else, indeed! Celebrating 50 years of snatching the football away from I guy I think we can all identify with from time to time, Charlie Brown….

Lucy VanPelt please help me! 


Navy @ Domers (-7.5)

I was so sure of this bet two weeks ago and then Navy played really bad last week and the Domers looked good (for a half) last week against Miami.  I really don’t think the Domers have the athletes on defense to hand with that Navy Option offense and I like the points with the teaser.  What do you think Lucy?  “Forget about these picks and come and kick the football, Mr. FMQ!”

Take Navy and the 7.5 for $25

Louisville @ BC (+26)

Louisville has been on a downward trajectory and they didn’t look good against Virginia last week.  I’m not sure anything gets fixed on Saturday as the CFP rankings have to have the Cardinals even more depressed regarding what it will take for them to get into the CFP.  Look for an emotionless team in Boston and another team looking to make some noise.  Lucy?  “Of all the FMQ’s in the world, you’re the FMQ-iest…” 

Take BC and the 26 for $50

Wiscy @ Northwestern (+7.5)

Northwestern is, IMHO, the best 4-4 team in the B1G right now.  They gave the suckeyes all that they could handle and they’ve turned the season completely around since losing to Western (not so bad) and the FCS school they lost to (that was bad).  Never the less, Wiscy going into Evanston and having to lay 7.5 is intriguing.  I think the Wildcats keep it closer than that.  Lucy?  “If you don’t get over here and kick this football right now, I’m gonna knock your block off!?

Take Northwestern and the 7.5 for $25

Sparty @ the Illini (+3)

Sparty off an emotional loss and has to go on the road.  An improving Lovie Smith team that is probably going to surprise somebody good this season.  The spread is close, but I really like the Illini at home getting points.  Hello Lucy, what do you think?  “I’m going to be crabby all day until you kick this football!”

Take the Illini and the 3 for $25

Indiana @ Rutgers (+14)

Indiana is due for a big game with lots of offense.  Rutgers is still a mess and the score of last years game is probably still burning in the Hosers memory.  Yep, IU lost last year 55-52.  So, is revenge in the air?  You bet!  What do you think, Lucy?  “You’re a blockhead Mr. FMQ!  KICK THIS FOOTBALL!”

Take Indiana and lay the 14 for $50

Purdon’t @ Fuzzy Rodents (-17)

This game simply scares the hell out of me.  Hazell-less purdon’t has improved a little offensively, but still plays a unicorn defense.  Meaning:  It doesn’t exists.  The Golden Gophers should be able to run the ball and control the game, but can they cover 17?  I think they can….Lucy?  “I’m gonna count to 5 and you better be ready to kick the ball.  1, 2, 3…”

Take the Gophers and lay the 17 for $25

Syracuse @ Clemson (-27)

Clemson hasn’t completely “Clemsoned” yet this season, but they’ve had plenty of near misses.  I smell another one coming Saturday as the Orange roll in as big dogs.  This is the coach that gave the post game speech after the Orange beat Va Tech that was replayed a gazillion times on ESPN.  I like the Orange getting 4 scores to keep it closer than that.  Lucy, can you - “You’re stupidity is appalling!”

Take Syracuse and the 27 for $50

Nebraska @ the suckeyes (-17)

I’ve watched both these teams a lot this season.  I’m not seeing 17 points of separating in this game.  If Nebraska would have caught a break in Madison, they almost beat the cheeseheads.  I think they’re gonna keep it closer than 17 and I’m thinking about the money line in this game.  Lucy, any advice?  “Get over here!”

Take Nebraska and the 17 for $75

Maryland @ Michigan (-31)

Hmmmm.  Michigan back home after an emotional victory (but not THAT emotional) with good weather on the horizon.  Maryland’s run defense ranks in the triple digits.  They’re pass defense is better, but everyone can run on them so they don’t get tested that much.  Guesing that Durkin will try to stop the run, Speight could potentially have a big 1st half.  I like Michigan to cover.  “All Right Lucy…Here I come and I’m gonna kick that football this year!!!!   AAAAAHHHH!!!!” 

Take Michigan and lay the 31 for $50


3 teams pays 6-1

Michigan – Nebraska - Indiana $50

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