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FMQ Week #12

On this Day 10 Years ago….I wrote this.

Angelique C. has a great column today that you should read as well….

Has it really been 10 years???

Moving Right Along!!!

WTF…It’s like a guy can’t take a long weekend around here without the wheels falling completely off the Maize and Blue wagon! 

Michigan loses to sludge-fart Iowa…

A disturbing Trend:  Michigan cannot get a first down in crucial games late (sparty last year and Iowa this year…)

And Speight’s out with a collarbone injury…

Vegas lines on Michigan-Bama jump 8 points on THAT news

Before you all start losing your collective minds, in the words of George Bailey

Just remember that this thing isn’t as black as it appears….

If you recall, the MMQ scouting report in the Pre-Season Classic was calling for O’Korn as the starter.  Some of you may remember that as a sophomore at Houston, O’Korn was the Player of the Year in Conference USA and had the stats to match.  O’Korn get’s Jimmy’s offense and is a step up in mobility from Speight.  Plus experience.   Yeah, there will be starter jitters and it is, unfortunately, Indiana in November.  Recall last season’s 2 OT thriller and multiple other close contests with the Hosers, who still are not yet Bowl eligible and would prefer to lock that up sooner rather than later.

But, I also believe that Harbaugh can coach QB’s and the transition may be pleasantly surprising!

Or Total Chaos.  We’ll see.


Michigan loses and everyone was expecting a drop by the committee, but Michigan maintains 3rd position.  READ:  The Hay is In the Barn.  If you were undefeated through 11 weeks of Football, the committee is going to reward you. The suckeyes move up to the #2 spot pissing off everyone in Louisville and the ACC.  Clemson loses at home, but still maintains the 4th position.  Somehow….


  1. Bama
  2. Suckeyes
  3. Michigan
  4. Clemson
  5. Louisville
  6. Washington

Michigan and the suckeyes will sort things out in Columbus on November 26th.  Bama, we can assume, could lose the Iron Bowl and still be in the SEC title game and at this point, IMHO, has clinched a CFP berth.  The SEC Championship will change nothing at this point. 

Clemson NEEDS to WIN OUT or a door will open for someone.  South Carolina is playing better football.  If Washington can win out, it would appear that the Huskies are in.  But they have to win.  It’s November…Anything can happen.

As a result of some of the latest Committee rankings:  There are plenty of folks that are screaming for an expansion (to 6 or 8 teams) in the CFP and I think I’m really on the fence right now.  Granted, I would love to have all the Conference Champions be represented in the CFP.  You win your conference, you’re deserving, but you MAY NOT BE one of the top 4 or 5 teams in the country (WVU or Oklahoma).  But you’d make the play-off and that would still make the regular season important.

On the other hand, if you want the hottest teams (LSU and USC) in the play-off with 3 losses each (going towards 8 teams in the play-off), you’re starting to slip down the slippery slope to an NFL style system where a team that’s playing better than when the season started has a shot at knocking off someone that’s been playing consistently all year. 

That’s the rub and the trade-off.  Reward the season or find out who’s playing the Best Football RIGHT NOW.

Like I said, I’m on the fence.  Stick with 4 teams.  Reward the Deserving Season and the record.  Go to 8 teams.  Reward the Hottest Team Playing RIGHT NOW.  IMHO:  We’re not ready for a Basketball style tourney with 2 seeds going down to 15 seeds.

Oops….Is my that my “love of sparty losing”  showing again?  0-2 on the hoops season, BTW!!!


Of course, there’s this guy:

At 12:24 p.m. PST on Saturday, six minutes before the Clemson-Pitt game was to kick off, a bettor logged into the William Hill app, offered to gamblers who live in the state, and customized the following parlay moneyline bet:

-Unranked Pitt to beat No. 2 Clemson

-Unranked Iowa to beat No. 3 Michigan

-No. 20 USC to beat No. 4 Washington

The odds, which are automatically added up by the app, spit out at 396 to 1.

By the time the night was done, Pitt beat Clemson 43-42, Iowa beat Michigan 14-13 and USC beat Washington 26-13.

After the games were over, the bettor, Jeff Swartzlander, walked into the Silver Seven sportsbook behind the Las Vegas strip and collected his winnings of $792 on a $2 bet...


Sigh…I need to bet more “winning” parlays.

Opposite week kind of sucked.  I haven’t called “re-load” yet, but I’m getting dangerously close to running out of betting cash.  It’s been a wild and crazy season, and I need to nail a week to stay in business!

Last week’s results – Michigan didn’t help me at all….


So let’s see what we can do with the mess this week. 

Thursday Night Lights!

Louisville @ Houston (+14.5)

I’m calling this the “Don’t Get NO RESPECT!” Game of the Season.  Why?  Louisville is pissed that their only loss is to Clemson (on Clemson’s turf) and they destroyed #24 FSU by 45 points.  Problem is:  Louisville SOS sucks and FSU losing has brought them down.  Houston, on the other hand, sort of fell off everyone’s radar after upsetting Oklahoma but then losing to Navy.  This is Herman’s last chance to audition for a National Audience for whatever school is going to hire him.  I know I shouldn’t, but there was a time when Houston could play Defense. 

Take Houston and the 14.5  for $10

Suckeyes @ Sparty (+21.5)

The “Somebody I Hate Is Gonna’ Lose Bowl” for sparty.  Suckeyes got a huge shot in the arm from the CFP committee that acknowledged their existence and have minimized the PSU loss on the road.  However, Spary was able to soundly defeat Rutgers and maybe has turned a corner, if that’s possible.  I know I’ll probably hate myself for this, but I have a feeling Sparty keeps it closer than 3 scores with the suckeyes looking ahead to next weekend and at peeking at the Michigan/Indiana score.

Take sparty and the 21.5 for $40

Florida @ LSU (-13.5)  ORIGINALLY  - LSU (-3)

When this game was supposed to be played in Week #6, LSU was only a 3 point favorite.  My, oh my, how times have changed in 6 short weeks.  LSU is playing much better and I was taking them and laying the 3 points then….I feel okay about laying 13.5 this weekend. 

Take LSU and lay the 13.5 for $20

Wash State @ Colorado (-4.5)

This seemed like a tricky spread – AT FIRST – but then I looked at a couple of things:  ATS record and Colorado’s ATS record at home where the air is a little thinner up in Boulder.  Yeah, that’s an advantage for Colorado. 

Take the Buffalos and lay the 4.5 for $10

Va Tech @ Domers (-1)

So Vegas thinks this is an ACC coin flip.  I see this as a Fuente statement game of sorts and he wants a pelt on the wall.  The Domers are definitely going through the motions at this point and if Va Tech can play their A-game, I’m not sure it’s this close.

Take Va Tech and the 1 for $10

USC @ UCLA (+12)

UCLA is a team that’s trying to find itself.  Since Utah, USC HAS FOUND itself.  If you were able to catch any of the USC Washington game, you know what I’m talking about.  I know, rivalry.  But this feels different now. 

Take USC and lay the 12 for $40

Indiana @ Michigan (-24)   O/U:  52.5

This game hasn’t been decided by more than the spread above in I don’t know how long.  Where that spread even came from is kind of beyond my comprehension.  Therefore, I’ll be taking the road dog and laying points in this one, but the Over/Under was also intriguing.  Look for that in the parlay. 

Take Indiana and the 24 for $20


USC – Sparty – Indiana:   $40

USC – Indiana - Mich/Indiana OVER:  $40

MLB Note:  Verlander just misses winning the Cy Young Award and he captured a majority of the 1st place votes. 

But Kate Upton’s Tweet takes the cake!!!!

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