Wednesday, November 23, 2016

FMQ Week #13

So, based on all the E-mail and texts that I’ve received in the last couple of days (Really wish you folks would all learn how the comment section on the Blog works), some of you seem to want to believe that:

  1.  Michigan doesn’t have a chance in the Horseshoe this Saturday against the suckeyes.  You believe for some reason that Michigan isn’t going to show up….
  2. Jimmy has “gone conservative” in the last couple of games and will be outcoached by UM (That’s Urban Meyer)
  3. Michigan’s defense isn’t as good as it once was and Iowa and Indiana have “exposed” us.
  4. Another loss against the suckeyes with a team “this good” will be too painful to bear
  5. QB situation is hopeless...
  6. And uh….Peppers is over rated.

Gotta say – that last one hurt.

Is that about everything?  Anyone want to add anything else to “This is the Titanic and why did I buy this ticket?” storyline?   I’ll wait while you think about it…In the meantime:

PSA:  Gameday has extended Saturday’s broadcast from Columbus an additional 2 hours and will start at 7:00 AM

This will be the first time since 1986 and the “Guarantee Game” that Harbaugh has set foot in the horseshoe.

And it’s kindofa Big GAME!!!  An all or nothing game…Kind of game people research and write books about.  And I’m willing to bet that every Michigan player on the current roster has seen this YouTube Clip  (Your Current Head Coach):

(The Balls on this Guy!!!!)

Okay.  Everybody take a deep breath.  This is what Michigan – osu is SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT!  When, if EVER, have you gone into Ann Arbor or turned on the tube at Noon on the 3rd and now 4th Saturday of November and felt “confident’ that Michigan had this one “in the bag?”    Again, I’ll wait…yes, okay that 1986 thing.  But that was Jimmy.  The rest of us weren’t as confident in Apartment 4 and elsewhere in the Michigan Community!!!  That I remember…

I’ve been watching for the better part of 40 years, and I can maybe name….2 or 3 times where I thought, yep – winning is a foregone conclusion.  1976 I recall that osu wasn’t that good and Ricky Leach was killing teams, with the exception of the Spoilermakers that had ruined an otherwise perfect season.  1991 and the Desmond “Pose” was a season where the osu wasn’t very good and I felt pretty confident in a Michigan victory…and maybe that 2011 game with Desmond when Fickell was head coach, but I was still nervous.  Oh, sure, there have been times when I thought Michigan was going to get the living daylights beat out of them…and they did.  But they’re have also been other times when Michigan was supposed to lose…and they didn’t!   I can recall a couple for you right here:

1993:  the osu came into the Big House undefeated and on their way to a national title.  Michigan DOMINATED both sides of the ball and osu was humiliated off the field after a 28-0 drubbing….

1995:  Michigan was 8-3.  Couldn’t run the ball. Cooper brought in the number 2 team in the country into Ann Arbor. Tshminga Biakabatuka and an offensive line that had quietly improved all season controlled the trenches and Touchdown Tim ran for 313 yards in a Michigan Victory

1996:  Michigan went down to the horseshoe and Dreisbach gets hurt in the 1st half.  Brian Griese comes in and plays LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW, because, really, for him there wasn’t.  He was a senior and hadn’t made a decision to come back to Michigan, not yet. 

This week, this feeling….is the feeling you live for all year.  This one week of agonizing, suspenseful, wonderful anticipation to watch this battle that means something.  And it is meaningful to people.  If you know people that don’t get it or would rather do something else on Saturday,

A. You don’t need those kind of people in your lives this week and

B. You can’t explain to them why you’re wired this way.  You just are. 

You can’t explain why your mind is elsewhere this week when you’re in the office.  Why you just wish it was Saturday already… Identifying with your school and hating your rival possesses you at some point in your youth and doesn’t let go.   But the feeling, if you get it, is one that I personally wouldn’t trade for the world.  The nervousness, the twinges, heart palpitations….maybe I should see a doctor.

A couple of seasons ago I was signing the end of the MMQ’s with “Enjoying the Ride”.  Because, really, that’s that this entire thing is.  One big ride.  We’re climbing the hill this week on one of the best Rollercoaster Rides in the world and we’re about to be sent on a 4 hour up and down event that will have us talking for another 364 days.  Until we do it again!!!


I really hate to play what-if scenarios, but if you’ve been following along at home even a little, you know this scenario exists:  Somehow….osu could win Saturday, PSU goes to the Championship, loses to Wiscy and a 1-loss osu gets into the CFP over a 2 loss Champion Wiscy because osu would drop to 4 and Wiscy wouldn’t be able to crack the top 4, even with a victory over PSU?  Or are they both in?  This of course assumes that Clemson and Washington win out…Another weird scenario:  Somehow, Michigan can win Saturday, lose the re-match to Wiscy in the B1G Championship and now be even with Wiscy (1-1) but having a worse loss (Iowa) than the suckeyes (PSU) even though they beat the suckeyes head up.  Everyone is 10-2.  Wiscy is 1-2 against Mich and osu.  Does Wiscy goes as B1G Champ, and does Michigan get the nod over head to head against suckeyes?

Head just ashplode…

So, this happened last night:

  1. Bama
  2. Suckeyes
  3. Michigan
  4. Clemson
  5. Wiscy
  6. Washington

Michigan and the suckeyes will sort things out in Columbus Saturday (JUST WIN BABY!!!).  Bama, we can assume, could lose the Iron Bowl and still be in the SEC title game and at this point, and IMHO, has clinched a CFP berth.  The SEC Championship will change nothing at this point.  Bama might drop to 4, but I believe they’re in.

Clemson NEEDS to WIN OUT or a door will open for someone.  South Carolina is playing better football.  If Washington can win out, it would appear that the Huskies are in.  But they have to win.  It’s November…Anything can happen.  Colorado, PSU and others lurking in the 4-10 spots…


Finally!  A decent Week!!

That’s impressive by anyone’s standards and the only team that really let me down was LSU.  Yes, Michigan and Indiana could have scored some more and helped me with that 2nd parlay, but winning one is sweet!!!   The results:


Let’s see if we can have another great week heading into Championship Week!


LSU @ Texas A&M (+6.5)

This is a tough pick.  Two schools playing for their coaches respective careers.  Coach O is probably more in need of a victory than Sumlin, but that Aggie fan base is getting pissed with each season ending swoon the Aggies seem to fall into…I guess I feel like LSU and Coach O are going to want it more…

Take LSU and lay the 6.5 for $25


Washington @ Wazzu (+6.5)

I really didn’t know who to pick in the Apple Cup.  I think the Huskies are the better team, but WSU is 4-2 ATS at home.  This would normally be a pass, but It’s Rivalry Week!!   Grow a set…. 

Take Washington State and the 6.5  for $25

Nebraska @ Iowa (-3)

The Battle for the Corn…Hmm.  I was picking this one way earlier in the week and I figured that Nebraska had an edge, but then I realized it’s at Kinnick.  On Friday.  The day after Thanksgiving.  The Hawkeye fans won’t even have had a chance to sober up from turkey day.  Nebraska should keep it close, but again, it’s Kinnick.

Take Iowa and lay the 3 for $25


Virginia @ Va Tech (-18.5)

Traditionally, Va Tech and Beamer Ball struggled with this game and the underdog was always an easy pick that made money.  Now, I’m not so sure.  I think Fuente has this team playing a little different and therefore, the outcome might be different.  Nah, I’m staying with tradition! 

Take Virginia and the 18.5 for $20

Minnesota @ Wiscy (-14.5)

That is a REALLY BIG Spread for this game, that I had at about 10.  Wiscy is good, but the Gophers will give them all they want, I think.  This is a Gopher team that’s been up and down and fluky on the road, but Wiscy is close enough to home that it shouldn’t matter. 

Take the Gophers and the 14.5 for $25

Domers @ USC (-17.5)

This game took a step in the wrong direction this week for the Domers.  Allegations of cheating and the “VACATING” of wins (21 to be exact) has domer nation pissed.  Kelly’s been more worried about losing victories and his legacy than about USC.  USC is playing great football right now…This one’s a Gimme….

Take USC and lay the 17.5 for $50

Auburn @ Alabama (-17)

Bama has clinched.  The kids know it.  Auburn wants this game more than Bama, but Bama will show up.  I just can’t resist taking 17 points in this one, but I might get Turkey Trotted hard….

Take Auburn and the 17 for $40

Michigan @ The OSU (-6.5)   O/U: 45.5

Well, here we are. For all the marbles.  I know which way my heart is going and the cranium has stated I need to do the exact opposite.  But rivalry week and a scrappy team led by a smart coach is heading into Columbus and might just surprise some buckeyes. 

Take Michigan and the 6.5 for $25

Take the UNDER for $50


USC-Virginia - Auburn:   $40

Michigan – USC Mich/OSU Under:  $40


Msuperfan said...

WOW! Looks like the 55 minutes that I put in last year to figure out how to comment is still paying off! We'll see if anyone can see this? All of the things that you wrote about how great this week is would apply just fine if not for the LAST DECADE OF FOOTBALL HELL (ESPECIALLY AS PERTAINS TO THE suckeyes) that we have experienced. So many things that we thought we knew have been damaged or outright destroyed during this period. I believe that we are on the road to resuming our proper place, but I AM TIRED OF WAITING! In my lifetime, osu has never been in the lowly place that we have been. Even during the glorious 90's when Cooper (God bless him) could not beat us if our hoops team had been sent out, they had a better overall record and were perpetually in the national conversation. Even in 97 it was just a one possession victory! Even after getting slapped with probation they don't have a down year. Thus, we MUST dominate them for many seasons to undue this. We can't make them suck, but we can become superior, and we MUST!

MMQ said...

Super fan,

You above all people know how I feel about this game. And Ibfor sure feel your pain,anxiety, and anticipation for Saturday. But again, this is exactly what it's all about!!!