Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Baseball Break, The CFP Rankings and baylor

Baseball Break:

Cubbies and Cleveland:  Let’s play 1, shall we?

There’s nothing like a Game 7!  I don’t care the sport.  If it’s Game 7 of The Brownie’s Tiddly-Winks Championship, I’m watching!

Back to College Football!

The CFP Rankings are Here!  The CFP Rankings are Here!


We’re somebody now!!  Things are going to start happening to us now!


So, that’s out there.  Yes, Texas A&M is a bit of a surprise.  As is Wiscy being in the 8 slot and osu over Louisville (disrespect for the ACC?) and Florida (who’s played NOBODY) being in the 11 slot is BS.  I guess we knew that the committee wasn’t going to go too far off the coaches rankings page, but leaving Washington out due to SOS issues when they’re “perfect” in order to bring in a 1-loss A&M squad that had they’re shot at the best (and lost) doesn’t seem quite right to me.

But hey, that’s why we wanted and now have a committee.  Get the best 4 teams in.  All I can ask is are the members who AREN’T former coaches (named Alvarez) that are sitting and debating in this room being heard?  Because I don’t care who you are or what conference you’re in, undefeated and still perfect should stand for something…and if you think A&M is that GOOD, why isn’t the same group talking about how POOR Clemson has looked this season and how they technically have a loss to NC State if the NC State kicker hadn’t nutted up and dick tripped over that 33 yarder?

Whatever…Just Win Baby!

So what’s worrying the Ole MMQ this AM?  (There’s always SOMETHNG to worry about) Like when they sit you down on your first day of Michigan Engineering School and say look to your left and right and one of those guys isn’t going to be here at the end of November.

I get that teams are going to lose – probability guarantees it. I believe that we’ll have 2 or 3 teams that are now in the Top 4 with 1 loss before the end of November.  And I also believe that a team in the Top 10 will find it’s way into the final 4.  All easy predictions to make…

Because it’s happened each season since we’ve had the CFB Play-off.

FACT:  Since the existence of the CFP, the first ranking has never been the final ranking, and at least 2 teams (usually 3) from the first ranking are NOT in the final ranking.

Gulp.  Happy now?

Sorry – I “Blogs” so I gots to tell it like it is…

Speaking of Which

I never do this and I don’t think I’ve ever been as wrong as I am this time.  About a month ago in a COTW, I called out the Title IX Director Crawford from Baylor as being a woman motivated by money, greed and her own career when she walked away from Baylor University stating that she couldn’t do her job.  I stated then that Baylor has to have cleaned up its act by now based on how bad the news and the press has been since 2013.  Wow, was I ever off the mark there…

After watching the 60 minutes Sports report on the Baylor Controversy that aired last night on Showtime, I humbly and sincerely offer Mrs. Crawford a very heartfelt apology.  Here’s a link to an article.


Baylor is supposed to be a Christian institution.  This 60 minutes report shows that Baylor is controlled by the biggest bunch of hypocrites to ever hide behind “Religion” and the Baylor University name.  Not only should the Baylor sports program be dissolved, I’m not sure how the University survives this.  If you watch this and have daughters, I guarantee that you’d never, EVER let them attend Baylor University.

It’s now very clear to me that the entire culture of Baylor, where

  1. Drinking is banned on campus
  2. Partying on campus is forbidden and
  3. They have a dress code,

is very much a “Blame the Victim, Protect our Boys” culture.  It’s in the Heart of Texas and Baylor just doesn’t seem to see women as individuals with rights.  It was sickening to hear that all the investigations started out with questions to the alleged victims that were of the “What were you wearing?  Why were you at the party?  And were you drinking?” 

Here’s a CBS news clip of the preview of the 60 minutes Sports report.

Crawford was not only credible, you could tell she was hurting for having had to go through what she went through at Baylor.  She was recruited by Baylor (fergodsakes) to clean up the mess, and then once she got there, she was subjected to all the same shenanigans that Baylor was pulling on the victims.

All in the name of the great, religious institution of Baylor.  If Reagan Ramsower, senior Vice President in charge of campus safety, still has a job this morning, he shouldn’t have it by the afternoon.  Here’s the Ramsower clip where he’s trying to explain how the VICE PRESIDENT OF CAMPUS SAFETY WAS UNAWARE THAT A POLICE REPORT ABOUT AN ALLEGED RAPE BY A FOOTBALL PLAYER EXISTED for over a year without his knowledge!!!


A 5 year old could tell Ramsower was lying and covering up the fact that HE KNEW there was a charge against Baylor’s All Big Xii tight end, and he continued to play for the entire season.  It was sickening, in the worst way.  Protect the players and the brand, and protect an undefeated season. 

Even the board of regents (Who, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why they haven’t run Ramsower out on a rail) that agreed to be interviewed didn’t seem to get the simple fact that you’ve had gang rapes on campus and haven’t done a damn thing about it.  Not only that, but the local cop shop under Baylor’s control seems to care less about the law and does exactly what Baylor tells them to do.  I hate to draw comparisons, but it seems like the same crap goes on with law enforcement in a little town called South Bend.

Again, I’m curious to see what my other favorite institution, the NCAA, does in light of this report now that it’s really out there and we can all judge for ourselves who’s right and who’s wrong.  Clearly, there’s a complete “lack” of institutional control.  Or, rather, the Institutional Control that’s IN PLACE and is STILL IN PLACE will never surrender that control or power in the name of justice.

Baylor has some serious soul searching to do. 

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