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Thank You Brady Hoke - Here We Go Again...

Okay – This post is going to cover a lot of topics – and no, the MMQ hasn’t lost his mind…It’s just the way my head works sometimes.

Hopefully you’re having a big lunch at your desk!!!!

Thank You Brady

Let me say this first:  What a breath of fresh air the Hackett Press Conference was.  I really think Hackett is the kind of guy that you “immediately believe” is telling the truth and speaking from the heart.  From the first few minutes of calm nervousness until he started rolling, you got the sense that this guy is going to do what’s right for Michigan and more importantly, he’s going to do it with the Michigan Fan in mind.  And he’s going to do it honestly and above board, in as much as he can do that.

That being said, I believed him when he said that letting Hoke go was an extremely difficult and solemn decision and that Brady was a hero of the program.  Yep, Brady is a hero and if you’ve read any literature, well, you usually know what happens to heroes….He did everything for the program but the one thing that matters:  Win.

One of the more interesting points Hackett made was he wished he would have had more time with Brady and been able to give him the support he needed.  Which, sounded a LOT LIKE a great big ole slap in the face of BranDictator.  Meaning the AD should be somewhat involved in the day to day activities of his coaches, but in a constructive and supportive fashion. 

Another great analogy Hackett had was this:

"I believe the head coach of Michigan football is one of the finest jobs in American sports today," Hackett said. "And we will have great options. The University of Michigan remains one of the top programs in the country. Now, it's true the pendulum has swung into a negative. However, one truth of physics is that when a pendulum is in a negative state, it's always building energy for its eventual move back to a positive arc."

Hackett went on to say some other stuff, but then, frankly, caught the ole MMQ off guard when Hackett perked up at a reporter’s question about finding a Michigan Man to coach Michigan, and Hackett replied, and I quote:  “I want to get rid of the term “Michigan Man”…

Uh….Wait a Minute…Hold On There, Jim...What?

The rest (with the MMQ comments thrown in):

"There are three reasons," Hackett said.
1) "One, we live in a world where no business or anyone would talk about just men in it." 
Well – Yeah.  I mean, even a Michigan faithful female can be considered a “Michigan Man”…Ask Softball Coach Hutchins about that…..
2) "Second, the guy who said that, Bo Schembechler, one of my mentors and heroes, did so when he was being challenged about a coach being recruited somewhere else. And he meant he wanted the person who was at Michigan to be the coach."
Understood.  But never the less, Mr. Hackett, I think Bo was speaking about the integrity and heart of the individual that would be coaching Michigan and FRIEDER WASN’T IT!!!!
3) "And third, here's what it means. If you cut open the soul of people that are 'Michigan Men,' so to speak, you'd first find selflessness. This is the point about how we stand for the team. The second thing is the ability to win, to be competitive, the competitive spirit. In my lifetime, we knew we had to work really hard. It wasn't arrogance. We want to continue the legacy of what's been great from a value standpoint. This place does not need to cut corners to win. You come here, you know you're signing up to be the best in the world without any kind of shenanigans."
Okay.  So, we’re on the same page here.  I’m still going to leave the name of my blog as the “MichiganManMMQ” and not try to find another available label out there.  I still think we can use the term, but we can use it to mean what, frankly, I’ve always thought it meant:  Exactly what Hackett described above.  Excellence at Michigan, with heart, soul and keeping the competitive spirit alive.  
#saveMichiganMan – It’s not Arrogance!!!!

So, Hackett handled the presser pretty well.

The things I’m thankful for about Brady:

  1.  Letting Denard do what Denard did so well, finally, after finding religion in the 4th quarter of “Under the Lights I”
  2. “I think Notre Dame is just a bunch of Chickens….”
  3. “So I told Gibbons to think of Brunettes instead of Blondes….”
  4. “There’s one game Michigan needs to win…we need to beat ohio.”
  5. “This Michigan, for God’s sake….”

The things I’m not gonna’ miss about the Hoke regime:

  1.  “Well….”
  2. “This is a Big Boy business…”
  3. “I’m here to tell you that we had a really great week of practice…”
  4. “What’s a spread punt?”
  5. “I was aware…but not fully aware.”
  6. “That’s on me.  We need to do a better job of coaching….”
  7. “10 men on the field for special teams is unacceptable.  That’s on me.”
  8. “I didn’t see the hit.”

A lot of Michigan players weighed in and Angelique Chengelis did a good job of compiling them into a summary. In short, great guy, father figure, did things the right way….Just didn’t win.

Thanks Brady.  I hope you land on your feet wherever you end up.

Editors Note:  The MMQ forgot to mention one for the Greatest Irony Ever Column:  Rich Rod named Pac12 Coach of the Year!!!   So, maybe it is Michigan??? 

MMPG – Michigan Holds On Over The ‘Cuse!!!

If you didn’t see it, you missed a really good one!  This game had the feel of a “Final 4”, perhaps because Michigan played Syracuse in 2013 in the Final 4!!!  And Michigan pre-vailed again in the re-match.  SPIIIIIKE Albrecht was phenomenal and was dishing the ball like a mad man!  Irvin, LeVert and Doyle all contributed to the hard fought (And POORLY REFFED!!!) victory! IF you didn’t see it, do yourself a favor and go to and check out some highlights!  I really enjoy the ACC – B1G Challenge every season and really enjoy it when the B1G takes ownership of the challenge. 

An Open Letter to the CFP Committee:

As an avid fan of College Football, I see the value of “Wins” in big games, especially when the victory goes to the team that may not have been the favorite to win.  However, if the favored team happens to have a bad game on that particular day, that’s simply part of the game.  And that part of the game needs to be recognized and honored. 

To deny a team, with an identical record that BEAT THE BETTER TEAM, as you perceive it, a chance to play for the national title is not only wrong, but I would ask you:  Why even play the games at all?  Why not just let teams run plays at each other for 60 minutes every week, track the stats (and not the score) and then take the 4 best “stats” teams at the end of the year and put them in the play-off?

Committee:  Please do not make the first CFP a comical farce by stating that “TCU is the better team” because they have better statistics, better common team wins, whatever. 


And frankly, that should be all that matters.

Thanks for your time,


This isn’t the Conference Championship you’re looking for. 

I had to go back and look up the last time Michigan won a Big Championship outright.  By the way, I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating:  I love the Bentley Library.  So much stuff out there to just kill an afternoon sifting through…

So, it was 2003….Which I kind of remember as being a weird season and I may be a little fuzzy on the details, but I think that was an off year for ohio and Michigan had locked up the B1G before the Game, if I’m not mistaken.  I would need to look that up to be 100% sure, but I think that was the case.

Since then…nada. Yes, there was the 2006 “Sniffage” but there are no moral victories and Henne and company should have beat ohio that season and played for the MNC.  And since the Horror of 2007…well, the darkness has lingered.  Okay, 2011, which, yeah….I’m glad that happened for that group of kids and I wished they could have clinched a B1G title. 

I once wrote about what would take longer:  Michigan winning a National Title again in Hoops or sparty vying for a B1G Title in Football.   Sparty won that one even though Michigan made a NCAA Championship Final Game….Here’s another one:  What will happen first.  Michigan wins a B1G Title or the MMQ loses his ever lovin’ mind because of all this? 

I’d say it’s 50-50 at this point….

Speaking of The Coaching Search(es)

Here’s the Coaching Matrix I put together earlier in the season.  I’m finding this to be a very handy reference and will continue to use it.  So, I’ve highlighted the coaches who’ve been canned in red and shifted some colors on some of the Green to yellow, some of the white to yellow, and some of the yellow to Green.

That leaves us with this….Along with everyone else that’s searching for a name to put in those red boxes out there. 

Assuming you’d only gamble on yellow coaches (and also assuming that Green coaches simply AREN’T LEAVING A GOOD THING WHEN THEY HAVE IT!  - Mullen excluded from that statement), it’s kind of a narrow list.  When I pulled up my short list from earlier in the season, it was this:

Cam Cameron (Odds:  75-1)

Scott Schafer (Odds:  150-1)

Jim Harbaugh (Odds:  200-1) This one is weird.  I’m going to have to dedicate an entire post to Harbaugh based on some things I’ve seen on Twitter and some stuff that’s been eavesdropped.  I’ll say this:  The odds on Jimmy being the next Head Coach at Michigan may NOT be as long as I think they are.  Which…okay, don’t get excited yet.

Kevin Wilson (Odds:  300-1  I should raise the odds as IU just re-upped his contract)

Kyle Whittingahm (Odds:  500-1  I’m changing the odds on Kyle  200-1  maybe even 150-1)

Greg Schiano (Odds:  ????-1)  I hate that I have this name on here…but so be it.

I guess you could add some names here and not look like a complete idiot, because I really don’t have a clue as to what this AD is thinking at this point:

Dan Mullen (150-1):  Dan’s nobody’s fool.  He even said it:  10 wins at any other school is a season to remember.   At MSU it’s a season to forget and say what could have been…He’ll probably take the right offer.  But Nebraska is going to be going after someone, also.  Frost?????

Brett Beliema (400-1):  Why?  I dunno….Maybe he’s had enough of the SEC…

Jim Tressel (DON’T LAUGH….Stupider things have happened….500-1)

Jim McElwain (Colorado State – 500-1) Did you know this guy has a $7.5M buyout?  AT CSU????

Butch Jones (300-1):  Maybe the Ferris State grad and Michigan Native’s dream job, even though he didn’t go to Uof M?   Tennessee buyout tricky and they are probably going to bust their butts to keep him there….

Bo Pelini (400-1):  Come on…I know it’s not realistic, hence the odds….But he’s out there….and he’s proven he can win 9 games a season….

Really Stupid Names….

Bob Stoops, Les Miles

There…I put them down, but neither one is happening.

So, where does that leave Michigan?  I’m not sure.  But my guess is they will be getting 2nd or 3rd picks after Nebraska (who’s probably looking at Oregon OC Frost) and Florida (Who knows???  I’m surprised they haven’t made a move already – That was yesterday.  McElwain and Foley have spoken.  No puff of white smoke yet from Gatorland’s chimney). 

Here’s something to keep in mind in this search:  Michigan has now brought in commits that are not “spread” guys.  I’m not saying they can’t play the spread or an up-tempo offense, it’s just that Hoke was clearly trying to do something he’d never really been successful at elsewhere- running power football a-la Stanford.  But, Stanford is Stanford.  Now, if you bring in someone that’s more spread oriented, which like all of college football is today, well, it’s not back to the drawing board, but it’s rebuilding time….again.  And when Michigan hired Hoke, I pleaded and begged that he would keep Rich Rod’s offense somewhat intact and just fix the Damn Defense…But no….Hoke immediately told Borges to tear up the play book and start his own offensive scheme…


I don’t know where we’re going….But I sure know where we’ve been….Here we go again….

(I love ‘80s “Hair Bands”….Guilty Pleasure…Sue Me!)

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