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The FMQ - Coaching Prediction TIME!!!

Touchdown Tommy Stealing a Page From Peyton

Not that he needs the money mind you, but I have a feeling that TTB and Peyton must have a little side action going on who can make the most outrageous commercial…Peyton is still way in the lead mind you, but with a couple more like this, Touchdown Tommy Brady could be closing in on the title!

Death Not An Option Voting Closed!

I didn’t push it too much because I really wanted to see what would happen.  38 of you voted and it would appear that Florida is the strong favorite (with 18 votes) as the program that Michigan fans would trade its own for, right now.  And PSU was another program (with 12 votes) that had been in the dumpster and looks better than Michigan, right now, at least from the fan’s view point.  Which, wow…I have to take all the baggage with that trade and there are people that would have happily traded all the crap that PSU has been through to get rid of where Michigan stands at this point in time?  That’s severe…and should be given some careful thought.  At least nobody thought Texas would be a good trade…But I could argue that Texas is now in better position than anyone to return to glory. 

So, what is that telling us?  Granted, it’s a small sample size.  But statistically, I’m betting that’s a pretty good cross section of opinions.  And it tells me that the average fan can see good decisions and better promotion of the other institutions’ brands and support for their teams than Michigan has done for the last 5 – 10 years.  That’s saying something about programs that have the same won-loss football record as Michigan.  It’s saying a lot.   

If Florida makes the right hire (That should have been a BIG IF), I believe they can solve quite a few of their offensive woes immediately. The right hire should bring the fans back and voila, problem solved in Gatorland. Penn State got the chance to give an enema to the entire shit-house and flushed it clean, and that seems to be bringing about some positive results in the eyes of some of the fans.  Michigan has gone from one bad coaching hire (or rather, an AD and support staff that didn’t properly support the first coaching hire after Lloyd) to another hire (by a crappier AD) that they supported with the highest paid coordinators in all of college football, and they are still not getting it done on the field.  So I can see the fans concerns…which are the same as mine.  What next?

A SAVIOR is required….but who?

Harbaugh: Enigma Surrounded by Mystery wrapped up in a Riddle

Wojo’s latestDetroit News Column sums up the Harbaugh situation nicely.  I had already written most of mine, but Ifigure I’d link to his as he has a more positive conclusion than the ‘oleMMQ   Angelique Chengelis also tweeted that the one and only Lloyd Carr (Anyone but Les Miles) has verbally thrown his support of bringing Jimmy back to Ann Arbor.  Huh…I really thought Lloyd had left the building a while ago….

All that said:  I’m having some real difficulty seeing Jimmy come back.  But I’m changing my “NEVER” position to “Definite Maybe.”

Why have I been so vehement in my opinion that there was no way Harbaugh was coming back?  For the reasons listed below, mainly, but for many others not mentioned, too.

-The bridge(s) have been burned
-Nasty statements made about the University of Michigan where he once played
-He and Lloyd didn’t/don’t see eye to eye
-His wife “likes San Fran”….whatever…she only spends it, she doesn’t make it…
-And the fact that he was enjoying the NFL life, the time and the luxuries that go with that would keep any sane mind (That was successful in the NFL, mind you) from coming back. 

As far as the first three go….well, maybe time in fact does heal all wounds.  And maybe Michigan LOSING heals them a hell of a lot faster and makes Lloyd Carr’s opinion a non-issue.  So, forget about those for the moment.  I want to address the one that I thought was the real deal breaker:  The NFL lifestyle and the NFL analysts favorite statement:  “Successful Pro-coaches don’t go back to college.”

But when I look at a random list of coaches that have come back from the “Not For Long” organization and see what they did – were they a bust or did they enjoy a level of success in college:

Nick Saban – National Title
Pete Carrol – National Title
Cam Cameron (OC for LSU) – Success….
Charlie Weiss - BUST
Lane Kiffin - ????? (success and bust?)
Steve Spurrier – Success, but no National Title AFTER returning…
Mike Riley –  A little Success….at Oregon State…AND NOW ON TO NEBRASKA!!!
Lou HoltzI DIDN’T KNOW EITHER!  Coached the Jets in 1976…One Season – National Title
Butch Davis – Success?????
Bobby Petrino - ????  Let’s face it-He doesn’t wreck a motorcycle and he’s still at Arkansas and who knows???
Rich Brooks – Success – Kentucky…

It’s amazing how quickly you could conclude then, without even having to look too closely, that if you were successful in college, went to the NFL, and came back…it gives you an edge.  Charlie Weiss is definitely in the head scratching column of, “Huh…it should have worked”.  But for every rule there’s an exception and Charlie puts a point on it, so to speak.  And I’m not sure Charlie ever coached at the collegiate level before he went to the pros (I’m not looking it up but I don’t think he did)…so he didn’t know what he was doing, which was self-evident.  The only problem with this list:  All of the coaches here sort of sucked in the NFL…Except for Weiss.  Go figure.

So, it would seem then that Harbaugh may find the glory he seeks at the collegiate level a whole lot EASIER than it will be to achieve in the NFL.  I’m convinced that if you put together a good program at the collegiate level, you’ve got a better shot at the “Big One” success.  I’m sure that’s a big part of the reason that Urban Meyer decided, “One more time!” at ohio. 

Don’t let the whole fa├žade of “I don’t think about tomorrow” that Harbaugh’s putting out there fool you, either.  He’s carefully manipulating his way to his next gig because it’s clear even to him that the management at the 49ers is fed up and ready for a change.  But, is it better to walk away, get traded to another NFL franchise (that isn’t of your choosing), or get fired and grab the NFL gig (or college gig) that you really want?  There’s ways to do everything.  Jim’s probably one step away from getting the boot due to a cleverly crafted rant against a game official, or his team’s lousy performance, setting him free.  Depending on the outcome of the Niners regular season, of course.

Based on this and some other evidence, not to mention that I’m sure Jimmy’s ego and over-inflated opinion of himself is getting stroked in all the right ways by everyone who wants him to come back…Well, let’s just say I’m starting to let myself believe…a littleWojo is at 40%...I’m not quite that high.  Maybe 20-25%?  Again, I won’t be surprised at all if Jimmy just says no.  Move along.  Michigan and I are done…for the next 10 years at least.

Where does that leave us?  Who knows….All the names are getting bandied about by the usual talking heads.  Gatorland has finally figured out its $7.5M problem with McElwain, which, okay…but that’s a lot to spend for a flash in the pan that has only done it for 2 years…But I guess Foley is a craps player and likes to roll dem bones!!!!

Nebraska took very little risk and went with Mike Riley from OSU, and I’m personally not entirely sure about that hire….And, yes, I will admit that this seems eerily familiar…Solich, a 5 season 9-10 games a year winner gets canned and Nebraska brings in a former pro coach…Callahan.  Who absolutely sucked…and Pelini replaced and now back to Riley, a former pro-coach with an extremely questionable record but a great personality…Isn’t that what they say about someone if you ask them what they look like?

Editor’s Note:  for the record – I can’t stand Colin Cowherd and hate to even put anything out on my blog that he’s opining about. But there’s this (and additional evidence supporting that there may be some truth behind it):

Colin Cowherd is Tweeting on Twitter with a “Source” (one of the coaching vetting - hiring firms) that says Michigan will announce their coach this weekend (And it’s a coach who IS IN FACT COACHING THIS WEEKEND) and it’s not a guy that’s on a board anywhere, but that all the fans will be pleasantly surprised and even excited about.  Soooo excited, that we’ll all say “Of course!  Why didn’t we think of that!”  I’ve got NO IDEA who ANY individual is that would make me think or say that.  Right now, anyone is going to be more of a, “We’ll see!” reaction from me.  IF Cowherd’s source is accurate (And I don’t believe it for a second that he actually has a source that would tell him ANYTHING Legitimate – even if he had one) and IF I had to guess:  Think of Offensive or Defensive Coordinators or possibly….Bedlam?  My “SMART” Money is on a
coordinator and a name that hasn’t been thrown around a lot in this coaching search go around….If in fact we can believe CC….  ”The Nussmeir connection?”  Think about it…..Not saying it would be a terrible hire…But is it the one that gets me to re-new my season tickets?

In any event, Harbaugh, SmartWhoeva’, IMHO there’s no way Michigan (Hackett) can whiff as badly as Nebraska and they probably won’t gamble as much as Florida….Leaving us with….I dunno’…

Championship Week’s Picks!!!

Arizona vs. Oregon (-15.5):  Interesting spread. I had the Ducks at about two TDs in my head based on their average points/game vs. the Wildcats avg. pts/game.  So, I see what Vegas did.  I just wonder if Rich Rod has made the adjustments he needs to make and if Mariota is going to make a final statement to win the Heisman.  I guess it boils down to what you believe about the Ducks and what they can do to a team in the 4th quarter…..but it is the Championship….Crap….

Take Arizona and the 15.5 for $40

Wiscy vs. ohio (+4):  Another interesting spread.  Two teams that will try to play ball control.  One team (Wiscy) that can be Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to their QB….But with an awesome RB that may just treat ohio’s D like swiss cheese.  Michigan had it’s 4th highest point total of the season against ohio.  First start for the 3rd string QB….If I’m a suckeye….I’m nervous.

Take Wiscy and lay the 4 for $60

Georgia Tech vs. FSU (-4):  Every time Paul Johnson is on the verge of getting canned, he goes and rips off a 10 win season – and beats Georgia.  The Yellow-jackets have a quirky offense capable of putting points on the board and keeping the ball away from Famous Jameis.  My guess is the Seminole’s ride just might be over Saturday….But they could still win a close one!  Therefore:

Take Georgia Tech and the 4 for $60

Mizzou vs. Alabama (-14.5):  This spread surprised me a little…I was actually thinking it would be around the 17-21 mark, but I guess Bama doesn’t kick many field goals.  The question is:  Can Pinkell devise a game plan for Matty Mauk that keeps the ball away from the Bama offense and score enough points to keep it close?  I hate to doubt Gary, as he did let me down last year against Auburn.  But, the pressure is on Bama….

Take Mizzou and the 14.5 for $30

Oklahoma St. @ Oklahoma (-21):  Another surprising spread for a rivalry game.  And I know, it’s not a championship….It’s not even a difference maker in the Big 12…but it’s Bedlam, fergodsakes!!!!

I like OKIE STATE getting 21 for $30

Huh….Have you ever looked at your bet sheet and said to yourself, “Jeez….I want to change my mind on EVERYTHING!!!”  I just had one of those moments….


Mizzou – GT-Arizona-Wiscy   $30 pays $400

Bank:   $498

Total Bet:  $250

Bank:             $248

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