Monday, December 8, 2014

It's OVER....Except For the Flea Bag Bowls

Where to begin on this Monday of the first ever CFP?

Should we discuss how either Baylor or TCU got screwed?  (They didn’t)

Should we mention that as Michigan Fans, we received the ultimate slap in the face with ohio making it into the Final 4?  After all, Michigan was in that game with 5 minutes left…

Should I mention that the B1G is sending 10 out of its 16 teams to a bowl…And Michigan AIN’T one of them?

Should I talk about the fact that things out of Ann Arbor with a coaching search going on are quiet….Too Quiet for many. 
Or should I just sort of start ticking them off the list till I’m done?

Why Not?


First, when the CFP was announced and the announcement was “It’s gonna’ be 4 teams”, every football fan said, “How’s THAT going to work?”  Yes, in the past we’ve looked at the winners of two of the “Big 4” bowl games and said, “Gee, wouldn’t it have been great if there could have been ONE MORE GAME between X and Y??  That would be awesome!!!”  So, TPTB decided that 4 teams made logical sense and how hard would it be to pick those 4 teams with a selection committee at the end of the season?

Answer:  A helluva’ a lot hard than anyone suspected

College Football is funny.  Teams build momentum throughout the season and some are capable of carrying that into the bowls.  The committee was supposed to pick the 4 teams that had the resume (wins) to back them up and then also decide, subjectively, if there was someone more deserving than someone else.  Well, we got what we wanted.  And it wasn’t too far off what we all suspected:  The Big12 without a Conference Championship game got hosed. 

After watching ohio decimate the “Fraudgers” (Which, btw, How are all the Gophers and cornsuckers feeling right about now after watching the team that decimated you get DESTROYED by ohio’s 3rd string QB?) the committee, laden with Barry Alvarez and Tom Osborne overtones, according to insider reports, did the only thing they could do:  They took the Big Name Blue Blood from the Biggest MONEY conference there is and gave them the 4th spot. 

And, frankly….It was the right decision.

When figuring out who the best is between TCU, Baylor and ohio on the following: SOS, Winning Margin, Conference Champs, and OVERALL Wins, what is the answer?

Ohio in all cases. 

I know I was banging the Baylor drum for a long time.  But, even the Big12 and Bowlsby screwed up promoting Baylor so badly that it was a nightmare for the committee.  The committee was subjectively looking at TCU beating baby seals saying they were “the best Big12 team”.  Bowlsby and the Big12 should have been pumping Baylor a lot earlier and a lot harder due to the head to head.   But, Bowlsby weaseled out and announced “Co-Champs” in the hopes that somebody(s) would fall out of the top 4 on Championship Weekend.  Not a bad strategy…until it is a bad strategy. 

I do want everyone to think about this:  Would the Big12 be represented if we were dealing with a usual Big12 season with Texas and Oklahoma tied for the Championship?  Would ohio have weaseled its way in then? 

Think about it!!!

In summary, I love the chaos.  And as soon as the SEC or the B1G or one of the Power 5 that matters doesn’t make the Final 4, the CFP will inch its way up and go to 6 teams, with the 3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5 play in at the home field of the better team.  I’m sticking with my original estimate of 3-4 years and this will happen.  Maybe sooner, but doubtful. 

What will be the outrage then?  Well, the fight for the 6th slot, obviously. But those play in games will probably happen at the home fields of the 3rd and 4th ranked teams.  Generating TONS OF REVENUEBoth gate and television.  And the 1 and 2 ranked schools are going to say, “WTF!!!!  We’re Numbers 1 and 2 and we’re not seeing a DIME on our home turf!!!!”  And THEN, the CFP number will quickly grow to 8 teams and four additional games on home turf

Mark the MMQ’s words….It’ll happen.  Follow the money.  And that will bring about the slow and eventual demise of a bloated, antiquated “tradition” of the Flea Bag Bowls….

The Bowls

39 Bowl Games.  No, I can no longer name them all.  Stopped trying a couple of years ago when my daughters would ask.  What I do ABSOLUTELY LOVE about the CFP is that this nonsense should all come to a slow death at some point in the near future.  The final games of this college sport, that is supposed to be about amateurism, has turned into an 78 team/school money grab for 39 cities all over the USA and the Bahamas.  Yes, the Bahamas has a bowl game.  Why not?  I’d go just because it’s different.  Have Fun Chippewas!!!!

Here’s your bowl lineup guide with dates, times and of course, the MMQ Puke Factor!!!  It’s either feast or famine this season with about a dozen worthwhile games to watch and then….whatever…. (Click to make this BIGGER!!!!) 

I do hate the fact that schools have to pay to go in most cases and most of the schools end up losing money, even with the television deals, due to the fact that housing a D1 football team for 10-12 days over the holidays in an exotic locale requires a fairly large budget.  Not to mention that the schools have to guarantee so many sold tix to the greedy and corrupt bowl promoters, etc, etc, etc.

Playoffs on campus are going to open everyone’s eyes as to what this sport could become.  And the Bowls will go the way of the dodo.  Which, I’m okay with.

And Sparty…Would you just relax?  I’ve never seen so much emotion as to whether or not you play in Miami or Dallas.  No, you didn’t get “snubbed”  Delaney and TPTB saw to it that by moving you over to the Cotton, all 10 B1G Eligible teams got a bowl game.  Get over it.  BYU will probably kick your buts anyway…and you really didn’t want to play Georgia Tech, either. 

Biggest Bowl Snub?  Eh…hard to say.  Again, if you’re not on New Year’s day or New Year’s eve….does it really matter?  And if you are, does it matter anymore which one you play in? 

B1G Chances?  Even to poor to come out better than 0.500.  They don’t match up very well in key games.  Could be another season where everyone is bashing the B1G.  But, again, whatever.

The Harbaugh Watch

I normally don’t watch a lot of NFL on Sunday, but I do sit through the Lions and I will occasionally watch the other game as well.  But when I saw that San Fran lost to the lowly Raiders…and Woodson made the final INT, no less…I wondered….yes, I wondered if Bo was sending a message to Jimmy.  I couldn’t help but smile and wondered if Jimmy was smiling just a little inside also. 

The reports are all over the place.  Summary:  College oriented people think Jimmy is going back to Michigan and NFL people are saying “no way”, he’s staying in the NFL, just not San Fran.  Whatever the case, the San Fran days are clearly NUMBERED.  Meaning, for as much as he says he DOESN’T think about his future, Jimmy needs to start noodling on it a little.  And he knows it.

AS far as what I wrote on Friday, again, my apologies.  Cowherd is and will forever remain in the Drew Sharp Ass-Hat Hall of Shame for Reporters that only have a job because they have because no one else will take them. 

But for the record, I think I could live with Kirby Smart as the head coach. 

In the meantime regarding all the other rumors:  I’ve got nothin’…and neither does anyone else.  Webb is less optimistic about Harbaugh, but that could be just issues they need to deal with.  Other rumors are just that, rumors.  And I’m done commenting on rumors. 

For now….

BTN Mt. Rushmore

If you are a watcher of the BTN, you’ve probably seen this.  Go to the BTN and vote.  Here’s my vote for the Michigan Mt. Rush more with, you know, reasons.

I have Woodson over Harmon only because Woodson was the first defensive player to win it.  And everyone remembers who won the Heisman in 1997.  In fact, he’s the top play in the Top 10 Plays as voted on by the Fans….

Obviously, I went the semi-Heisman route, completing my ranking with Anthony (who finished 4th in his somewhat disappointing senior season) and Desmond who won the trophy, but didn’t stay for his Senior Season.  Why not Des in front of Anthony?  You don’t remember 1979?  Okay…I’ll let the coach ‘splain it to you

Yes, I know Desmond had “The Pose”.  And this catch, too…..

So I had to flip a coin.  And that’s why Anthony is third….

The Rest of the Mess

I’m not sure which team laid the biggest egg over the weekend, but the contenders are:  Arizona, Wiscy and Oklahoma are all in the running.  Rich Rod and the Cheeseheads and the conspiracy theories abound on twitter:  Delaney telling Alvarez to tell Wiscy to throw the game so ohio is in the FF.  Didn’t happen, and whatever.  But the interesting screw up is Oklahoma.  Stoops seat was ALREADY WARM and I’m sure that heated it up more.  Not only that, but the Sooners losing had more to do with ohio getting in the Final 4 than the trouncing ohio put on Wiscy.  Yes, that had an impact, but suddenly, both Baylor and TCU had one less “Top 25” Scalp on their resumes.   That was a disaster of a loss for the Big 12.  And takes the MMQ award.

Slappy Fan Grief will return Next Season!!!!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Wow…Rich Rod just not ready for this Defense…
-And Rich Rod teams can usually score.
-So sad….The beginning of chaos didn’t happen…
-Mizzou hanging tough…
-Yes, it was targeting…Tough loss for Mizzou early….
-Bama ground game just too much. 
-God, what is Wiscy doing? 
-At least Georgia Tech giving them a game…
-Wiscy…Are you just laying down?
-Did Barry call in and say don’t even try?
-Well, how bad is the B1G West?
-And how are Nebraska and the Gophers feeling about now?
-That was an embarrassment.
-FSU hangs on.
-Wonder who’s in now?
-TCU beat a baby seal, so big deal.
-Uh-oh….look out.  The Sooners might go down!!!
-Unbelievable!  Stoops is definitely feeling pressure now.
-He may just be fed up there.
-Fans probably are.  
-But who would they get?
-Wonder who Michigan’s going to get?
-Stupid Cowherd.  I will never post another thing that guy says…
-Should have known better.
-But another tweet from different source made it seem so real….
-Anyway…Selection Sunday.
-And Michigan’s worst fears realized:  Urban Legend in FF.
-At least they have to play Bama…
-And they lose….

The Hot Seat

And the Hot Seat Bracket for 2014 is HERE!!!  I know I said I was going to get it out last week, but things got busy.  So, here it is.  And the voting times and dates are noted below:

Event                         Ending Vote Date
First Round               Monday, December 15th
Elite 8                         Friday December 19th
Final 4                        Tuesday, January 6th
Final!                          Monday, January 12th

So you have until next Monday to get the vote out for the Elite 8!!!  Looking forward to seeing those results!!!

Coach Watch

Florida and Nebraska have made their bed.  Michigan, for good or bad, as noted above, is still cipherin’.  I’m anxious, but time can be a good and bad thing in these issues.  We’ll see….

FMQ Will Come Out Wednesday!  Need to Noodle on the Bowls!!!


G Money said...


There are only 14 teams in the BIG TEN. Which probably makes it worse that Michigan is one of teh four teams not going to a bowl this year.

MMQ said...

Sorry about that G!!!! I must be losing my mind and work is getting in the way. But yeah. ThAt makes the sting a little worse.

MMQ said...

Sorry about that G!!!! I must be losing my mind and work is getting in the way. But yeah. ThAt makes the sting a little worse.