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Why I hate the Domers....The Hits Just Keep On Coming!!!

I hear from a lot of friends and fans of the blog that I have an “abnormal” hate for the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) and that hate should only be brought out for Sparty and the school from ohio….

Well, let’s see….Brian Kelly goes on record saying that, “Michigan isn’t one of our Big, Traditional Rivalries….”  

And USC is just a silly little school that used to produce okay tailbacks….And PSU is just a small institution that used to know how to make a player into something called a linebacker….and…well, I could go on.  But Brian “Dolt” Kelly needs to check and see if he can hear the own BS that comes out of orifice he calls a mouth on his face on occasion…

Speaking of “Dolts”, get a load of this:

Now, I’m not saying the Domers can’t spell…NOPE-NOPE-NOPE….Not the FMQ.  The MMQ might go so far as to say something like that….So what do the Domers do?  They ARE GOING TO SELL THESE CUPS AT THE HOME GAMES UNTIL THEY ARE SOLD OUT!  The FMQ will go out on a limb here and say that if I had been the head of PR in Domerland (which, by the way…I wonder what color the sky is there?), those cups might have found their way to Belize, along with the Ass Hat that proofed the spelling….You know, when you need to get rid of a problem, Better Call Saul.  And Walter White….

But I’m sure the PR figured, “Hey, one day this will be a collector’s item worth BIG BUCKS on e-bay…And we could say a couple a thousand of them and sell them 10 years from now and turn a profit!” 
And finally, here’s a nice little summary that some Domer Jack-Ass put together in a totally unbiased fashion.  Read it if you dare, but I will state right now that many of the facts are taken out of context and there were multiple reasons (and some of them are still valid) as to why Michigan and the University of Chicago did not want the Domers in the Big 10 early on.

Domer Michigan History Part I
Domer Michigan History Part II
Domer Michigan History Part II

I have offered up numerous incidents of how the current fan base, students and administration have an incredibly poisonous view of the Michigan Wolverines and the B1G in general, even though the events of yesteryear are far behind us.  While it is what makes the rivalry great, it also makes it that much easier to hate ‘em right back.   In fact, when the time comes and I have to meet my maker, if I’m lucky enough, and he asks why I hated the Domers so much and that my hatred may be something that keeps me outside of the pearly gates, well, I guess I will have some serious thinking to do….

But until then, I can hate them with every bone in my body and every blood cell that pumps through my veins…

And yeah…I hate the suckeyes and Sparty, too. 

Just for fun, let’s review some of the series most recent memories…

Timeline – Michigan vs. Domers

1.       Let’s start with the most recent Big Game first:  2011  Under the Lights!  The beauty of winning a game like this in this fashion is it completely and unequivocally rips the hearts (and balls) off the Domer fans that wear the Blue and Gold is when Michigan beats the Domers in the last seconds….heh-heh….kind of like when they used to do that to us years ago with some kickers and field goals….But De-Rob, Gallon and Treezy all made history Under the Lights in the last 1:41 and it was truly magical.  If there is a God, he was there and he was enjoying it.

2.      2010:  Denard Breaks Free!  If there is another game where the Domers figure, “It’s in the bag!” and then, suddenly, almost inexplicably, its not…well, its got to be this game and De-Rob breaking one off for 75 yards in the 4th quarter.   I’ll never forget this as the previous scoring play was a long bomb and NBC took the opportunity to show a rainbow that had appeared at the same moment.  They forgot to note that the rainbow appeared to the NORTH of the stadium….Over MICHIGAN!  Another great point in this game is D-Rob and 500 yards of offense…hee-hee…

3.      2009:  Oh Tate!  While he wasn’t with us that long, once again a frosh QB with a throw to Greg Matthews rips the hearts out of the collective Irish throats and leaves them wondering….”What in the Hell just happened????”

4.      A 2nd 38-0 Game Can’t Be a BAD Thing!  Circa 2007…..While both teams were O-fer on the season, Michigan’s losses were much, much better than the stumbling Irish.  This game wasn’t even close and was probably the final undoing of C-Weis…..Even though he coached another couple of seasons….

5.      2006:  The Mighty Quinn GOES DOWN!  This had to be one of the most lopsided blow-outs of the series, with the Domers FAVORED at home by a TD.  I remember studying the players and games prior and I had NO IDEA where Vegas was getting that number from.  I honestly believed that the wise-guys were looking at last year’s 2005 Wolverines when setting the line….2006 was different.  And this game was the statement of that difference!  Super Mario had 3 TD’s on the day from Chad Henne and all talk of “Quinn for Heismann” ended.

6.      38-0 … 2003 Style!  This was another single digit spread game at the Big House and I wasn’t entirely sure where that spread had come from, either.  Again, after reviewing the initial games, both teams had strengths and weaknesses.  But Lloyd fixed his a LOT quicker than Losingham could even begin to identify his…..

7.      1997  21-14.  This win was sweet and it was a lot closer than the score indicated.  The Domers had shots in the North End Zone late in the game…Three shots if I’m not mistaken and the 1997 defense led by Charles Woodson, Glenn Steele, jones, Ray and others took command of that game and came into their own.  The Domers can point to this game as the beginning of their end for the next decade….
So, yeah, I hate the Domers. 

But I LOVE IT when we beat them!

On to this week’s picks!  I’m going all over the place this week due to the fact that spreads are HUGE and I’m still not sure where things stand for all teams.   One game does not make statistical databases.  So, seeing as how we’re in the green, let’s spread it around and see what happens.  This goes against our initial premise of a slow grind….But hey, I’m playing with house money now!

OSU (-27.5) vs. SDSU:  I watched part of the Buffalo – ohio game and while the suckeyes didn’t look bad, they made a lot of silly mistakes.   I hate to do it, but my guess is Urban Legend fixes that in short time and the suckeyes come out rolling in this one….
Take the suckeyes and lay the 27.5 for $75

Okie State (-26) vs. Texas San Antonio Somebody….:  Look, Okie State’s DEFENSE might be able to come out and hang 26 on this team.  I have a feeling that the Cowboys go for style points this week. 
Take Okie State and lay the 26 for $75

USC @ Georgia (-3):  I can’t fully understand how a team that got shellacked by a team the prior year (35-7) is somehow this season a 3 point favorite at home.  I mean, I get it’s a revenge game….But still….So what does Vegas know again that I don’t?  I’m so tempted to take the Gamecocks here and the 3….so I will PASS

Oregon (-22) @ Virginia:  I actually went, “REALLY?????” when I saw this spread and kind of did a double take.  I mean, this is Oregon at Virginia.  Oregon who was a Stat Monster last year and went double digits against the number…..Yeah, If I'm a Duck, I’m liking me some Cavalier Meat on Saturday….
Take the Quack Attack and lay the 22 for $75

Western Kentucky (+12) @ Tennessee:  I haven’t picked on the cremesicles yet this year, but Bobby Petrino has already beat 1 SEC team and my guess is he isn’t going to let this SEC team get that far out in front of him.  I like the Hilltoppers and the points in this one.
Take WKU and the 12 for $40

Cincinnati (-7) @ Illinois:  Wow…A B1G team getting points at home from a Beast team?  Is that even possible?  While Tubberville’s Bearcats DESTROYED Purdue last week, I want to believe the Illini aren’t the pushovers that the Boilermakers are….Therefore
Take the Illini and the 7 for $25

Navy @ IU (-12.5) :  This spread made me sit up a little in my seat when I saw it.  First, I didn’t realize that IU was returning 19 starters.  2nd, any team that hangs 75 points on someone is going to get the FMQ’s attention and more than likely a little cash thrown their way come the next game.  So, that being said,
Take the Hoosiers and lay the 12.5 for $25

Domers @ Michigan (-3.5):  I normally love Michigan as the dog in this one, but alas, they are the favorite.  However, I’m pretty sure that’s how the team is looking at themselves, as the dog,  this year in this game.  After last year’s South Bend fiasco and 6 turnovers (let’s not forget 5 INT’s in a row), all Michigan has to do is make sure they hang on to the damn ball and they will have a chance….I’m not sure the Domer defense is that good and Rees is, well…..Rees. 
Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $40

PARLAY!  6 to 1 Payout if it comes home!
Okie State – suckeyes – Ducks for $40
Starting BANK:     $1232.50
BET:                        $395
BANK:                    $837.50

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