Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Morning Odds and Ends

Pelini Gate

Bo Pelini again finds himself in more hot water that he’d probably rather not be in, and its all his own doing.  Meaning:  Bo shot his mouth off again over the weekend about something Tommy Frazier (Husker QB that led Nebraska to two national titles in 94-95) tweeted about the defense in the UCLA game.  That response prompted someone to then release a tape of Bo ripping on the “Fair Weather Fans” in unflattering terms that had previously gone un-aired two years prior.  So, it sounds like things are really heating up in Lincoln.  If you’re a Pelini fan, you have to love his passion.  But if you are a defensive minded fan, you probably can’t wait to see him GONE sooner rather than later.  For a full run down,click here for the story.

Wiscy - ASU Gate

Turns out the officiating crew that botched the end of the Wiscy – ASU game has been reprimanded and it’s not the first time (for some).  Apparently, this is the 2nd time for some of the officials that screwed up about two years ago on an onsides kick in Oregon that would have set up an upset for the Ducks.  What’s really amazing is that these guys are allowed to continue refereeing.  Look:  I’m not saying being a ref is an easy job.  On the contrary, its extremely difficult at any level and my hat is off to the guys that stay objective, in the moment and repeatedly make the right call.  In fact, I think it’s a gift and you either have it or you don’t.  It’s pretty apparent to the MMQ that the 2nd time around reprimand for some of these guys is enough to give them the boot.  Sorry, but Collegiate officiating at this point needs to be clean and is just too important for the stakes involved.  Fire ‘em and bring in the next bunch.  The PAC12 is making a mockery of this and needs to take action, more than just “reprimanding” whoever.

South End-Zone Ann Arbor "Bermuda" Triangle

In the domer game when Devin threw that poorly timed interception to Tuitt, the MMQ had a flash back to the Stewart-Westbrook incident in ’92 that I thought occurred in about the same location.  In fact, there is photographic evidence that supports my and a lot of other fans’ observations that there is certainly something strange going on in the South End Zone between the first “I” and the “H” in MICHIGAN.  It's about a 15-20 foot circle of mystery.  And its disturbing.  I tried to recollect other end zone or field locations where equally good or bad things happened, but couldn’t come up with anything specific.  If anyone has any other “coincidences” on the field in specific locations, drop me a line and I will investigate.  Here’s the proof, however, that there is definitely an “Ann Arbor Triangle of Mystery” in the South End Zone.


Beliema Gate

Jen Beliema apparently tweeted “#karma” after the Wiscy – ASU game.  I get that the Beliema’s were probably not the most popular couple in Madison once her husband made the decision to coach at Arkansas.  But that’s life in collegiate football today.  Stay above the fray, Mrs. Beliema.  You won’t like what fan bases can do once they smell blood in the water.  And I’m sure the student body at Madison will be ready with a response once the Razorbacks lose their first game….

Oklahoma State Gate

Okie State is taking the SI reporter, Jason Whitlock has come out and challenged the “questionable” 5-part series on the University shenanigans and taken the Oklahoma Homer Reporter to task.  Frankly, I agree with Whitlock.  Was the method used to challenge and air his grievance inappropriate?  I dunno.  We all live in Twitterverse now.    Lord knows that NO ONE would ever hire the MMQ to do an investigative report on the domers, Sparty or ohio and expect to get an objective report.  Shame on both parties, maybe, and my feeling is to simply let this thing go and chalk it up to experience.  But, alas, I have a feeling that his story has legs and will be with us longer than the Miami investigation phase of “Booster Gate” that still has not seen a penalty handed down.

Just felt like MMQ nation needed to know all this stuff….

That is all.

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