Monday, September 9, 2013

Gardner Gets a LOT of TD's to the Gallon!!!

GOOOOOOOOOD MONDAY MORNING!  It’s another beautiful bright, sunshiny day here in the great state of Michigan!  (Even though its not actually sunshining today!)

 It’s Monday after a Domer (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) Victory and the MMQ is still smiling!  What is there to smile about?  Oh, Lets Count the Ways!

  1.  Gardner throws for 4 TD’s and rushes the "Lights" Out!
  2. Gallon catches 3 TD’s in a single game - and that’s a pretty elite group to be in at Michigan….And he didn’t do it against a nobody, either.
  3. 98 to 21…Legend to Legend!  That’s kind of cool….
  4. The Stats Sheet above is old but I couldn't find an updated version....Attendance is now 115,109.  The LARGEST EVER crowd to watch a college football game….
  5. The Defense holding the Domers to 23 points.  That wasn’t supposed to happen – The Domers were supposed to score at will on our depleted D….
  6. Gardner wearing 98.  Mixed feelings….More on that in a minute
  7. Kelly….Will have the Starring role in a  new movie called, “50 Shades of Purple”  The movie will explore the masochistic relationship between a coach and his underperforming QB….
  8. Fitz T….Finding a running game when we needed him.
  9. Gardner driving for a score when we REALLY needed him!
  10. It was a Big Game….
  11. Actually, IT WAS A REALLY BIG GAME!

So last first.  Why was it a REALLY, REALLY BIG GAME?  Well, Mr. Parsons was able to locate a “Really Big Flask” by Googling “Really Big Flask” and we now have the original Big Game and the “REALLY, REALLY BIG GAME!”  But I think the reason it was a Big Game is pretty obvious.  Bragging rights over the Domers for the next however many years that they couldn’t win the last one in the Big House.  Michigan establishing itself and launching into the Top 15.  But most importantly, we beat the hypocrites that were all rubbing their rosaries with 10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and God once again said, “There’s a lot of other stuff to pray for.  Quit bothering me with this crap.  Oh by the way, I can’t stand your coach, either”

 However, God did give the Domers a small ray of hope when Gardner had what can only be explained as a “WTF” moment for every fan in the Big House and threw an incredibly poor throw away pass at the wrong time to the wrong guy. 

That hush you heard if you were watching on TV wasn’t the fault of the volume control on your set…The only other time I’ve heard that stadium that quiet was when Stewart threw a ball to Westbrook and I believe it was almost in THE EXACT SAME SPOT in the End Zone….Talk about the wrong kind of chills running up and down your spine.  The MMQ was thinking I picked a helluva 4th quarter to quit drinking ….And yes, the domers started to believe that all the rosary rubbing was going to pay off.  However, after Michigan’s offense went 3 and out on the ensuing drive, the Michigan D rose to the occasion and held the Domers to a Figgie.  I’m not saying that was the defensive stand of the game, but it certainly felt a lot better being up 4 then being tied at that point.  Taylor and Countess led what can only be described as an “Inspired” defense and more or less said
”Nope – Not tonight.” 

 And then there was the next drive.  It had everything.  If the Defense rose to the occasion on the prior domer drive, well, the offense answered on their next drive.  Fuhgedabout the pass interference calls “saving” Michigan.  They were legit.  The domers were cheating all night and finally got called on it.  Gallon was frustrating everyone the Domers threw at him. 

Hail to the Victors….Hail, Indeed.

 To say that the stadium was loud during the defensive stands, on the scores, and when it was finally in the bag would be a bit of a slight to the definition of “Loud”.  Ear Shattering would be more appropriate. 


 I love the Legend thing…I really do.  I think it gives us a chance to honor players from prior generations and hearing Mark Harmon talk about Ole 98 really choked me up.  But, at the same time, they put 98 on a kid that has only played in 7 games to this point.  Not saying he’s not worthy, just sayin’….that’s all.  And what about Devin’s number and Devin trying to make his own Legend?  Let’s face it, he’s had more numbers at Michigan (7-12-98) than any other player that I can think of.  So, is that fair? 

 Truly mixed feelings for the MMQ on that level.

 But, beating the Domers….What a feeling.  And of course getting to watch the brave fans dared to enter the big house wearing the Green-Blue-Gold-White…Whatever…come out after the game was oh so sweet…..

 The next test?  Hard to say…Akron shouldn’t be much of a test and UConn is proving to be a non-starter.  The Gophers are in a continuous struggle….PSU on October 5th could be the next foreseeable hurdle.

The Rest of the Mess

 Sparty vs. FSU:  Got to see some of this game on the BTN highlights and a repeat.  Sparty D once again outscored the offense.  I’m not sure that’s a great way to win football games.  Sparty needs to find a QB and figure out something better on offense besides whatever it is they are running…

 Texas vs. BYU:  Mack Brown has not only moved up on the Hot Seat List, but he has now hired the former Defensive coordinator that oversaw the worst 3 years of defense at Michigan – Greg Robinson.  I’m not sure which is more unbelievable….600 yards given up to BYU and a lot of it on the ground or the hire….

 Georgia vs Cocks:  Well, the Ole Ball Coach took one on the chin from the School he loves to abuse.  But the SEC East is still up for grabs and it’s early.  Best thing to come out of this game is another 1 loss SEC team early in the season.  I want to see a lot more of those which leads me to

Florida vs. Miami:  Hee-hee….Miami and Showers gets the last laugh in this one after Florida spent the week yakking about how this was no longer a rivalry for them…kind of like that Kelly idiot at the Domers….

Washington State vs. USC:  Speaking of Hot Seats, Lane Kiffin’s just got a whole lot warmer….When you are at USC, you CANNOT LOSE to the “W” Schools….That’s written down somewhere, I think….

Purple Kitty Kats vs. Syracuse:  The Purple Kitties cruise to a fairly easy win over what was supposed to be a big test for them in Syracuse.  Look out…Northwestern could be undefeated for quite awhile at this point….
SDSU vs ohio:  While not a remarkable game in any way, Braxton Miller went down.  And while that shouldn’t affect ANY of the near term games for the suckeyes, I’d really like to see him back before the end of the season…just the competitor in me….
Idle Thoughts From Saturday

 -GRIDLOCK!  Not……We even arrived a little late at the tailgate and got our corner spot…
-Big Game was flowing!

-The Tailgate Chef looked to be in mid season form!

-I hate not being able to watch any of Game Day or any of the other games when I go to a game…
-Believe me, I’m not saying being in Ann Arbor is a bad experience.
-Quite the contrary.  It was an awesome game and an awesome time!
- Just something about being in my own basement with my remote in my hand….
-Is that wrong?
-I had another obligation that forced me to be up at 5:30 AM on Saturday…
-So not only was it a Big Game…It was a frickin’ LONG DAY..
-Stadium looks awesome under the lights…
-No Shadows
-Colors really pop on the green carpet….
-Jets were awesome pre-game.
-But I guess Michigan paid for it and I now know where some of that PSL money is going..
-I “Maized Out!” for the first time ever…
-I can’t believe I didn’t wear the home Blue….But hey, I don’t want to be one of those old curmudgeon alumni that can’t change…
-Gallon’s incredible catch and ensuing TD run!
-Half time was really cool….They should show more halftime show’s on TV….The junkies can flip to another station for updates and scores around the league…
-Gardner is having a day…Thank God…Oh no, wait – I meant, “THANK YOU FIELDING H. YOST!” – Ufer
-He was watching from somewhere, of that I’m sure.
-And he had to be in the same agony that we are all in when Devin threw that pick 6…
-Amazingly, the crowd hung in there….
-Could it be that everyone KNOWS that the 4th quarter in a Michigan – Domer game isn’t over till the clock literally says 0:00?

The Hot Seat

 Once again, after two weeks of games, there are some coaches that are going to be feeling the heat from their fan bases and their administrations.  Two big jumps this week…but more on that in a minute.

 I was looking around for a Hot Seat Mascot this week and stumbled across this candidate.  I vaguely remembered seeing her on “The Big Break”.  Yes, I sometimes watch the Golf Channel.  Sue me.  Without further ado, the Hot Seat Mascot nominee for week # 2:  Blair O’Neal!  She’s a PGA tour golfer…And she’s HOT!

Once again…Shake ups “R” us on the Hot Seat Ranking…

Hot Seat Rank

  1. Mack Brown:  Loses to BYU and cans his Defensive Coordinator to hire…GERG?  Seriously…If I’m a Texas Fan, I don’t know what I’m madder about….
  2. Lane Kiffin:  Losing to Wazoo just might be a fire-able offense at USC..
  3. Ferentz:  I can’t believe the Iowa fan base isn’t screaming louder for his head…
  4. Pelini:  Husker Nation HAS TO BE GETTING TIRED of these close games…AND NO DEFENSE!
  5. Weiss:  Why not?  
  6. Mullens:  You can’t lose the opener at MSU and not get some heat….
  7. Beamer….Yes, you played the number 1 team…but you lost the way you USED to beat Number 1 teams….
  8. Muschamp:  Gatorland has to be pissed off at this…You don’t lose to the ACC if you’re an SEC team….
  9. Brian Kelly:  Hee-hee….HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!
  10. Stoops – Kentucky….You can’t lose to Petrino in that game….and that badly…
 FMQ Betting Results:

 Okay, so we got off to a great start and this week we suffered some small losses, but we were $14 to the good when it was all said and done.  The picture is getting a lot clearer with respect to who to LAY points with and who to TAKE points with.  I might have jumped the gun a little early on some teams, but next week will be interesting.

OSU (-27.5) vs. SDSU:  I looked like a genius on this one…
Take the suckeyes and lay the 27.5 for $75
WIN!  Bank $142.50

Okie State (-26) vs. Texas San Antonio Somebody….:  Here…Not so much….
Take Okie State and lay the 26 for $75

Oregon (-22) @ Virginia:  GENIUS again!  I love it when a plan partially comes together…
Take the Quack Attack and lay the 22 for $75
WIN!  Bank $142.50

Western Kentucky (+12) @ Tennessee:  OOOOPS!  Idiot again…..
Take WKU and the 12 for $40

Cincinnati (-7) @ Illinois:  GENIUSSSSS!   I’m brilliant!
Take the Illini and the 7 for $25
WIN! Bank  $47.50

Navy @ IU (-12.5) :  Idiot…..Again….
Take the Hoosiers and lay the 12.5 for $25

Domers @ Michigan (-3.5):  Wile E. Coyote….Super Genius!
Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $40
WIN!  Bank $76

Okie State – suckeyes – Ducks for $40
Damn Okie State….That’s the last time I bet them….Maybe…

Starting BANK:             $837.50
TOTAL WIN:               $408.50
BANK:                           $1246

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