Monday, August 16, 2010

So Much For a Non-Reporting Monday - NCAA, Wingless Helmet, Estate Auction

First - NCAA

There has been little if any real "news" coming out of Seattle and the NCAA hearings. Suffice it to say, no news is good news and I believe that in light of "USC Gate" and other agent--player related issues at Florida, Alabama and North Carolina, the NCAA wants to put the issue of practice gate behind them and focus on real cheating for a change.

My guess is that not much in addition to what Michigan has already self imposed is going to come out of this. If anything, based on earlier statements by David Brandon, maybe the NCAA re-writes the practice times rules to make them simpler and easier to understand. If they go the opposite way and try to "re-regulate", meaning, they write more rules and force a higher level of compliance, you may see Univeristies start to push back and tell them to go to hell....Just my thoughts...

Second - The Wingless Helmet is reporting via the Big 10 Network football analysts that were invited to practice that Tate Forcier isn't wearing a winged helmet. There are several players that are not wearing winged helmets and no explanation was given. However, Brian points out that it could have something to do with the Rich Rod statement, and I'm paraphrasing, that "anyone not in condition and out of shape will not wear the winged helmet out of the tunnel for the first game against UConn." So, is Tate being penalized? It would appear yes. Also, these guys had nothing but praise for Robinson and Gardener, but Tate wasn't mentioned a whole lot. Take it for what it's worth. But don't be surprised if you're starting QB on Labor Day is Robinson.

Third - An Interesting Auction

Another loyal reader forwarded this on. I am surprised that the estate and heirs would be willing to let this stuff go. I can only imagine that there is some pretty good swag in a collection like this. Granted, it might not go cheap and an auction will always up the price on some otherwise benign, but might be considered "cool" to own stuff. So, if you're collection needs a little sprucing up, you may want to check this out.

It's this Wednesday night, August 18th, from 6-8 PM. Two hours only. Click here for the link to Unfortunately, I couldn't get the slide show to come up, if it exists. But this does look really cool.

Is it September yet????

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